15 massive signs she wants to kiss you NOW!

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Have you been going out with this cute girl for a while and you are wondering if she wants to kiss you?

Please do not beat yourself up, as there are obvious signs that she wants to kiss you.

Even if it is your first date with her, you can pay attention to a variety of indicators to know if she wants to kiss you.

Kissing someone for the first time makes us nervous for fear of being turned down.

It is even much more challenging for ladies as they do not want to make the first move. Thus, do not just sit and wait for her to tell you verbally she wants a kiss. Instead, be sharp and observe the following:

15 obvious signs that she wants to kiss you

1) Licking or biting her lips nervously

Have you seen this sign before, and not sure if it means anything?

Well, it is one of the obvious signs she wants a kiss. Probably she has been thinking of kissing you, but she does not know how to tell you.

However, please do not be too hasty to kiss her yet as she might be nervous about something she said or other things.

The best thing is to understand her behavior. When she is shy, thinking hard, or nervous, what body language does she show? If licking her lips is not one of them, then it can only mean one thing, she wants to kiss you.

2) Moving closer to your face

Are you enjoying a quiet night out with this girl when she suddenly starts inching closer to you?

She might be thinking about kissing you — more so if she is moving closer to your face. But before you get overly excited, it is essential to consider it might mean whole lots of other things.

The only way to tell what this body language means at that point is to find answers to these three questions.

  • Is her seat uncomfortable?
  • Am I not audible enough?
  • Is she cold?

If the answer to these questions is NO, then it could only mean one thing, she wants to kiss you.

3) Striking her hair

It is an obvious sign that when a girl wants a kiss, she will keep on striking her hair and exposing her neck.

Does your girl do that while on a date with her?

If yes and you have not kissed her yet, next time, take your chances. The act of exposing her neck is a flirtatious way of telling you that she wants you to be romantic with her.

However, before getting too excited, ensure that she is not striking her hair to prevent it from getting into her food or drink, or it might be a habit.

You can politely ask if there is something wrong with the hair and if no, it might be she wants to expose her neck for you. Also, observe how she does it and how often.

Is it in slow motion, and do her fingers come running down through her partially exposed neck? If yes, and she does it often during the date, it is a clear indication she is ready for that kiss.

4) A goodbye hug

Have you been hanging out with her and it is time to part? You might be wondering whether to kiss her or not.

Avoid being too hasty as you do not want to ruin your perfect date with her. Instead, go for that hug and take a moment to experience the rest.

If she gives you a close, warm hug for few minutes and then runs her hand smoothly downward and upward in slow motion is a great sign she wants a kiss. It is an indication that a hug is not enough and she wants more.

However, if she hugs you quickly and then pulls back in seconds, it’s a red flag. She is not ready for that kiss yet.

5) Invites you to her house after a date

After a date, does she invite you to her house instead of going to other places?

This indicates that she is comfortable with you and wants to share her personal life with you. She might find an excuse for inviting you over, like to watch a movie or grab some snacks.

Letting you into her inner space is a great sign she is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

Therefore, there are slim chances of turning down your kiss, and instead, she might reciprocate. She wants that kiss but she is waiting for you to make the physical move.

6) Prolonging the date

Prolonging the date can be another sign she wants to kiss you.

How do you know she is prolonging the date because she is yet to get a kiss? There is no single way but below are some indicators.

Is your date over, and instead of dropping her off with a cab, she opt you walk her home? She wants to spend more time with you because she is yet to get that kiss.

Or when you drop her off with your car, does she not get off immediately even after arriving home? Instead, she initiates a conversation that keeps her longer in your car.

The truth is she is buying more time with you to get a chance to kiss her.

She is afraid of initiating the physical contact but instead giving you all those signs. It is up to you to read her non-verbal cues and act on them accordingly.

7) Dilated pupils

If you notice your girl’s pupils are dilated, it is a good indication she is sexually attracted to you during your date.

While it is one of the hardest signs to detect, it is advisable to pay attention to her eyes.  Do not look stupid for not noticing the signals she is giving you.

While pupils can be dilated for other reasons, the most prominent one is sexual attraction.

When she looks at you and likes what she sees, her feeling will be communicated through her eyes. It is a subconscious signal that she is not aware of and it is your job to detect and act upon it.

8) Allows holding hands

Holding hands is a universal rule.

When she holds your hand, she wants that kiss. If you take her hand and hold back, do not kiss her.

If she takes your hand, it is a good sign, and it might be your luckiest day. Lastly, if she comfortably holds your hand as you walk together, it’s a green light. Go ahead and kiss her.

Initiating and maintaining physical contact is an excellent way of knowing that your date is sexually attracted to you. They are not just interested in being in the friend’s zone.

9) Avoids eye contact

A woman who has feelings for you will avoid direct eye contact with you. It is unheard of — where a lady with whom you are just friends blushing while with her. It is one of the flirtatious signs that a guy needs be on the lookout for.

However, it is essential to differentiate between being shy and flirtatious.

Is your lady friend generally shy? If so, this might not be an obvious sign of arousal.

In such cases, you need to check other signals. But if not, then it can only mean she is into you and it is your job to move to the next level.

10) Squeezing you while hugging

How hard does she squeeze her body against yours while you hug?

Does she stand there motionless? Does she squeeze a little or does she squeeze hard? If she does the last squeeze, she likes you more than friends.

Trust me: when a lady presses her body, especially her boobs, against you hard, she is waiting for that kiss. She wants more than just a kiss.

She is aware that her boobs pressing against your chest drives you crazy and that she is intentionally doing it. If she does this, go right ahead and give it to her passionately.

11) Rushing for a quick touch-up

Does she rush to the washroom for a quick touch-up even after the date is over?

Maybe you are wondering why she is worried about her face while the date is over.

Do not play dumb — she wants to look great for you. Psychologically, she expects you to kiss her and she wants to be looking her best when that happens.

However, it would be best if you considered her plans after the date. If she is going somewhere else, the odds are she is not doing it for you.

However, if the plan is to go back home, the odds she is doing it for you are very high. If that is the case, raise your game and go for that kiss.

12) Glancing at your face while not looking

Does she glance at your face while you’re not looking?

It does not precisely mean she wants a kiss immediately but it is a flirtatious sign that she is into you.

It is evident for both genders to steal a glance while their partner is not looking. They do not want to be noticed they are looking. They are protecting their ego from being bruised after rejection.

If you notice this sign and other flirtatious ones, it is a done deal.

She is looking forward to receiving a kiss from you. It is time you seal the deal and go for that kiss. The chances of being rejected are very slim.

13) She appears to be comfortable around you

Have you started to notice that the lady you are seeing is getting comfortable around you?

Well, this is a positive sign.

How often does she touch you and press your arms around her? It is regularly a sign she is opening up to you and is ready to take the risk. She might even be allowing you to rest your arm on her shoulder.

She is getting past awkwardness and is ready for something more than just friendship.

While she is giving you all these signs, it is your job to read and interpret them correctly and act on them, and if you notice this sign, go ahead and give her a warm kiss.

14) Freshness focused

If a girl is looking forward to getting a kiss at the end of the date, it is obvious she is cautious of her breath. She wants to be ready and create an impressive first-time impression.

If you notice she keeps putting on lip gloss, takes a breath mint, or asks you for gum, they are signs that she wants a kiss.

Does she offer to share her gum with you? Do not flick out that you have bad breath.

The chances are she is just expressing that she is ready for the next step though indirectly. While this sign might be hard to notice or even be misinterpreted, it is essential to pay keen attention.

If you happen to see your girl doing so, don’t hesitate to give her that passionate kiss she dreams of.

15) Gauge how she reacts to your touch

How does she react when you touch her hands or arms?

If she pulls away, that is a negative sign, and when trying to kiss her, chances are slim that she will go for it. It merely means she is still uncomfortable around you and not ready to share her personal space with you.

However, if she blushes or smiles, it is a sign she is comfortable with you and there are higher chances she will reciprocate your kiss.

Please pay close attention to these signals and react to them appropriately. Nothing is disappointing, like a guy failing to meet a girl’s expectations just because they ignored non-verbal cues.

How to make your first kiss special

Now that you have read the signs and are sure she wants a kiss, how do you make it memorable?

The first kiss into a relationship ought to be unique as it is what one remembers most throughout the relationship.

Are you nervous and not sure how to make your first kiss with her memorable? There no single defined way to do that, but some tips can guarantee a great kiss.

Seven tips to make your first kiss special

1) Check your breath

Bad breath can be a big turn-off and disappointment to your other significant half.

Imagine smelling like an onion in front of her? She will not only turn you down but you will be left embarrassed. If you have good breath, she will remember that as part of the kiss.

Before the meeting, ensure you brush your teeth perfectly, and while with her, you can pop some peppermints to be on the safe side.

2) Take her to a quiet place

Avoid noisy public places as there are lots of distractions.

In a calm place, it is easier to connect and increase the urge to want each other. You want to experience and feel the moment, and no better place than a quiet private location.

A private does not have to be your house or a room; it can be in the park or at the river banks. If you take her to these places late evening, there is minimal movement, if any, thus, creating a sense of safety and confidence while kissing.

It can be awkward kissing her while still worried that other people are watching. This is not how you want to break the news to your friends and relatives that you are in a relationship.

3) Timing

A kiss is a significant aspect concerning the nature of your relationship. Thus, for it to be unique, timing has to be perfect.

You have to read the non-verbal cues she gives to you and be sure she is ready for the kiss before initiating one.

4) Avoid talking in between

This is a moment that ought to be experienced not talked about.

Allow yourselves to feel each other and establish a strong connection. Let your love for her be expressed through action. It is one thing to tell someone you love them and another to show them.

This is a moment of more action and fewer words.

What happens when you talk in between? You ruin the possibility of establishing a bond; you might bite her lips and also prevent her from feeling and experiencing the moment.

5) Take it slowly

Avoid rushing into things. Instead, establish some anxiety before kissing.

Let her feel that desire to kiss and then do it slowly and passionately. This will establish a strong emotional connection between the two of you.

6) Hold her neck and caress her back

These are areas that strengthen your emotional connection. However, avoid stretching to her buttocks if you do not want to flick her out.

Touching her buttocks is an indication you want to sleep with her which is not a good idea for the first time in a relationship with her.

In other words, avoid touching areas that might make her feel uncomfortable and create awkwardness. Maintain respecting boundaries, and she will always remember and appreciate that.

7) Pullback after few minutes

To maintain sexual tension, avoiding giving it all at once. Instead, you can go for multiple short kisses. Also, if your girl is not giving too much, respect that and maintain what she wants.

Five signs she liked your kisses

After confirming she wants to kiss you and going ahead to implement all the tips for making your moment special, you are probably left wondering if she liked your kisses.

The truth is, that it is not easy to know whether she liked it or not. However, the following signs can tell you whether you are a good kisser or not.

1) She does not pull away while kissing

This is one of the sure signs you are not bad at kissing.

So when you kissed her, did she want more and more, or did she pull away? If she pulls away, that is a red light and chances are high that she is not satisfied with your kissing. However, it could also mean she is not ready to get too attached for fear of being hurt.

In cases she pulls away and gives you a lecture about kissing, it is a sign of dissatisfactory.

2) She is excited about a second kiss

Did you kiss her last time and now she cannot wait to be kissed again?

It is an excellent sign that you are a great kisser and she cannot get enough of your kisses.

After the date, she cannot stop texting how she looks forward to kissing you again. This is a sure bet you are top-notch in that sector.

3) She is into it

How actively engaged is she during the kissing?

You do not have to wait until you finished kissing to know whether she liked it or not. If while kissing, she reciprocates passionately, it is a sign she is enjoying the moment with you because you are giving it to her the way she likes it.

If you want to know whether she likes your kisses, this is an undeniable sign to look for. Pay attention while kissing and you will learn many things.

4) She admits it to your face

If you are a good kisser, there are high chances she will tell you. However, she might comment on it indirectly and it is your job to interpret.

For instance, after the kiss, she says, “Wow! That was good” or comment that it was a great adventure. All these are signs you are a good kisser and she is trying to appreciate you.

5) She smiles and blushes away

After kissing, if she smiles and blushes away it is a sign she liked the kiss.

More so, if she continues biting her lips while leaning towards you, that is because she enjoyed it. A smile is a sign of satisfaction, but she cannot express it in words and the only thing she can do is smile timidly.

Kissing is a significant aspect that determines the direction your relationship is likely to take.

Suppose you are going out with a lady and unsure whether she is ready for a kiss. Stop the guesswork and observe some of these signs as they are a great indicator of whether she wants to kiss you.

Also, if you want to know how much she appreciates your kissing, some tips can help you do that.

I hope this article has provided answers to some of your questions about kissing, tips to ensure a perfect kiss, and how to know if you are a great kisser.

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