20 obvious signs she is developing feelings for you (complete list)

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How do you tell if someone is getting feelings for you?

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while now, things seem to be going well, and you’re dying to know if she feels the same.

Perhaps you’re still getting to know each other as friends, you get along great, and you want to know how she really feels about you. Is your crush reciprocated?

This article will share 20 strong signs she is developing feelings.

20 obvious signs she is developing feelings for you (complete list)

1) She wants to spend more time with you than before

As feelings grow, so does the amount of time we want to spend with someone.

If she’s spending more and more time with you, it probably means that she’s starting to feel something for you.

Life is all about priorities.

Choosing to hang out with you means she is saying no to something else.

So the more she chooses you over other things, the more of a priority you clearly are.

The thing to watch out for is an increase in the time you spend together. It’s this that shows a growing bond that is heading in the right direction.

2) She makes an effort

This sign might sound a bit vague at first, so it probably needs more of an explanation.

Hands down the biggest indicator of feelings is the amount of effort we make.

The more energy we invest in someone, the stronger our feelings are for them. That means she is proactive in your relationship. It’s not all driven by you.

She doesn’t expect you to always text first, you to always check in on her, and you to arrange every meet-up.

It’s easier to be interested in someone when you don’t need to make an effort, as they do all the chasing.

But if the feelings are real for her, the effort will be more balanced between you both.

You will sense that she is developing feelings because she will make you feel an important part of her life through the effort she makes.

3) She’s always asking where you are or what you’re doing

It’s not that she is necessarily keeping tabs on you. She just genuinely wants to know where you are and what you’re doing, because she cares.

When you start to get familiar with one another’s schedules, it’s one of those signs that things are getting deeper.

You are on her mind, so she is curious about what you’re up to.

She cares enough to want to know what you’re doing when she isn’t around.

If she’s texting you just to see where you’re at, you can assume that she has already caught feelings for you.

4) You notice her eyes looking at you in a different way

We tend to look at people differently when we like them in “that way”.

We stare longer, our eyes light up, and we even get this puppy dog kind of look.

It may seem like her eyes sparkle, and your eye contact becomes more intense whenever you’re together.

They say that our eyes are windows to the soul for a very good reason. When it comes to attraction, eyes give a lot away.

Much like touch, eye contact releases in us oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the cuddle hormone or love hormone.

If you’re already at the stage where you gaze into each other’s eyes for a prolonged period of time, then it’s safe to say she has feelings for you.

This is an intimate thing to do and shows a particular level of comfort between you both.

5) She responds to your body language

Maybe you are intentionally giving off strong signs of attraction. Even if you’re not, you will be doing so subconsciously.

A lot of communication between people is non-verbal.

We read one another intuitively.

If she is responding to the signs you are giving off in your body language, then it shows you she cares.

6) She gets jealous when you talk to other girls

Even though extreme jealousy can be a relationship red flag, in small doses it’s a totally natural response.

In fact, if someone never feels the pangs of jealousy, they are either the most secure person in the world, or they’re just not that into you.

That’s because underneath jealousy lies insecurity, vulnerability, and attraction. All of which is a sign that someone has feelings for you.

As we become attached, we tend to become more protective over the object of our desire. We don’t want anybody else to take them from us.

So if she displays some signs of jealousy around other women, it is also a sign that she likes you.

7) She tries to get to know you in more detail

Developing feelings for someone involves more than simply enjoying being around them. For things to run deeper, she needs to take a real interest in you and your life.

That means asking you lots of questions about what you like and dislike, about your thoughts and opinions, and about your ideas and feelings.

If she is developing emotions for you she will want to know as much about you as possible, especially if she sees herself having a future with you.

She will take an interest in what you like and do.

For example, if you play guitar in a band, she may ask you all sorts of questions about it. She may tell you she’d love to see you play and ask you if you will play her a song.

In short, she will try to get more involved in your life and show you that she is taking an interest.

8) She’s touchy-feely with you in an affectionate way

When you first start dating or hanging out, you probably felt more awkward and nervous around each other.

But as you spend more time together, you learn how to relax and feel comfortable in one another’s company.

Physical contact may start in small ways, like gently touching your arm or play fighting. Just finding excuses to reach out and touch you.

This is a sign of attraction. But as the feelings grow deeper, the touch will most likely become more intimate.

That doesn’t mean in a sexual way. But affectionate touch is important to intimacy and can be a strong sign of growing emotions.

She may feel more comfortable cuddling up next to you on the couch or holding hands in the street. She might rest her head against your shoulder.

These are all sweet physical signs of feelings developing.

9) She starts talking about your future together

If you are already a couple, you can tell her feelings are growing when she starts to make plans with you.

This tells you where her head is at. It shows she has started to think about your future together, which means that she can envisage herself sharing her life with you.

You’ll notice that she talks about her ideas and hopes for the future, with the assumption that you’ll still be together.

Perhaps it is the places you might go to or the things you’ll do together.

It shows that she cares enough about you to think that the connection you have will be a long-term thing.

You don’t make plans very far in advance when you are just casually dating, so it’s a clear sign of deeper feelings.

10) She texts you all the time

Sometimes we try to play it cool for a while and not bombard a love interest with constant communication.

But as things progress, and when her feelings start to grow, you may notice she messages you all the time.

She probably doesn’t even have anything specific she needs to say. It’s a morning text just to wish you a good day, and a goodnight text to tell you to sleep well.

She may message you to see what you’re doing, or just to chat.

When your feelings develop for someone, they often become your go-to person to reach out to when anything (big or small) happens.

If her name is always near the top of your text message list, then it’s a safe bet that you care about each other and so you chat all the time.

11) She’s giggly around you

It doesn’t necessarily have to manifest in giggling, but this sign is more generally whether she exudes excitement and happiness around you.

Because if she does, it shows that you have fun together.

If she teases you, is playful around you and her mood is very jovial, then you’ve got a great chance at a lasting relationship.

This is because laughter and joy are contagious. People tend to want to be around those who bring them joy.

Particularly if she laughs at your jokes, this can be flirty behavior. It’s a way of giving someone our attention and saying that we are impressed by them.

It also shows that you two are clicking and connecting. And when that happens, deeper feelings usually follow.

So if she’s laughing and joking around with you, then there’s a good chance that she feels the same as you.

12) She opens up to you about personal things

Emotional intimacy is a big sign of a close connection.

Most of us don’t just open up to anyone. It takes a certain level of trust and a level of comfort to share certain things.

Even something as simple as feeling safe enough to cry in front of you is a really big deal. It means she feels like she can show her vulnerable side around you.

That’s why if she is opening up to you and sharing personal information, it can be a clear sign of the deeper feelings she has for you.

She may even tell you something like: “I feel like you really understand what I’m going through.” Or “You make me feel better when no one else will”.

These are powerful statements that show that she cares deeply about you.

13) She sends you interesting articles and funny memes

Not all the signs on this list that she is developing feelings seem such a big deal, but it is the deeper meaning behind the action that says a lot.

This is the case for forwarding interesting articles to you that she has read, or sending you amusing memes on social media.

On the surface, you might not think much of it. But it shows that:

a) You are on her mind. When she sees something that is entertaining, fascinating or funny, you are the person she thinks of to send it to.

b) She is bringing you into her world. She is making an effort to share with you the things she enjoys, whether they are light-hearted or serious.

Both of these things are strong signs you’re getting closer.

14) She still gets flustered, embarrassed, or nervous around you

If it’s very much still early days in your connection, her getting a bit awkward around you can be a giveaway of her feelings.

If she has a crush on you, she is likely to be hyper-aware of herself whenever you are around.

Sometimes this can come out in ways that mean she acts a bit flustered, embarrassed, or even nervous in your presence.

Perhaps she goes red and her cheeks flush, she might start to act all coy, or she could even start to get a bit tongue-tied and not know what to say.

This only happens when we care about someone and are attracted to them.

So if she seems a little shy or uncomfortable around you, it is one of those signs that she probably likes you too.

15) She introduces you to her people

If she starts introducing you to her friends, family members or colleagues, then you can assume she likes you.

We don’t usually start to merge lives with someone until feelings are involved.

So this means she is comfortable enough to share what you two have with others, and that she sees it going somewhere.

If she invites you to hang out with her friendship group, it isn’t necessarily a big deal. But it does mean that she trusts you enough to do this.

It shows that she feels safe enough to open up parts of her life to you.

16) She can’t stop smiling

Smiling is just a natural response when we are happy, having fun, and enjoying someone’s company.

When you like someone you obviously want to smile to show that to them. But often you can’t even help yourself, it’s an automatic reaction.

She is responding to how she feels when she is around you.

17) She praises you and gives you compliments

We all use compliments to charm people.

We know that saying nice things is a good way to show somebody that we like them. After all, a little bit of flattery goes a long way.

But when we start to develop feelings for someone we also tend to see them in a more positive light.

We notice the small details they do well, and we appreciate them more.

If she is always offering you compliments, this is because she wants to let you know that she thinks you’re great.

18) She is responsive to your effort

I mentioned early on in this article how important showing effort is to indicate just how much someone is into us.

So not only will she be proactive in her interest towards you, she will respond to any efforts you make.

Recipricorcy is a strong indication of attraction.

That means she won’t leave your messages on read for hours on end, she won’t cancel dates last minute or ask you if she can let you know her plans nearer the time.

When you make moves to show her just how interested you are, she will be responsive to your effort and energy.

19) You have lingering hugs

I always say that the deeper the connection, the longer the hug.

Lingering hugs are exclusively reserved for people we feel most comfortable and close to.

The closer she gets to you physically, the more comfortable she is around you.

And when that intimate touch starts to grow between you, it usually comes along with growing affection too.

20) She asks your opinion

Asking for opinions is a sign of respect and trust.

She is giving her permission for you to share your thoughts with her.

It might be about little things like:

“How does this look?” or “Do you prefer the red or the black dress?”

But it might also be bigger topics like what to do about a problem she has at work or with a friend.

Regardless of the situation, when she asks for your opinion she is showing you that she values you.

To conclude: Want to finally take things to the next level?

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