If you find yourself falling for a girl, it can be hard to know if she is feeling the same way.

There’s so many ways to communicate with each other that it’s still surprising to find that people struggle to be honest about their feelings.

It seems the more ways we have to talk to someone, the less we actually talk to them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are into a girl and want to know if she’s into you too, check out these 41 signs that she is picking up what you’re putting down.

If you can’t find some of these actions in her behavior, she’s probably not that into you.

1) She lingers in your area.

Even after her friends have moved on down the line, she is hanging back and wanting to talk to you.

She’ll ask questions and suggest another drink. Or, she’ll just sit quietly and wait for you to talk to her.

2) She wants to know more.

She’ll probe for more information when you offer her information about yourself, and she’ll ask lots of questions.

She’ll want to know about your life, friends, work, hobbies, favorite everything, and more.

3) She laughs at your terrible jokes.

You know these are bad jokes but she’s laughing, so you can rest assured that she’s into you.

You might think you are a drag, but if she is laughing at your stupid jokes and thinks your joke about missing Christmas dinner is hilarious, then it’s safe to assume she likes you.

Nobody else laughs at your jokes, so it’s a surefire way to tell if the girl likes you for real.

4) She keeps locking eyes with you.

If you keep catching her looking at it, then it’s a no brainer. Unless, of course, you have something on your face.

Then, take that opportunity to make a joke and get her number.

5) She pays attention to you.

She’ll listen and pay attention to what you are saying. She doesn’t interrupt and is enjoying you being the center of attention.

6) She won’t stop smiling.

She just likes looking at you and that makes her happy. If she is smiling a lot, don’t let it weird you out. It means she likes you. Or, you know, you have something on your face.

What catches a lot of guys off guard is that she is smiling away at you and you are too busy to notice, so then it just feels weird when you say to her, “what are you smiling about?”

And the whole vibe gets killed. Look up and see her beautiful smile to know if she is into you.

7) She seems relaxed around you.

She’ll just chill out when you are around and doesn’t feel like she needs to be anything but herself. You dig that about her and she knows it.

8) She wants to know if you have a girlfriend.

Women aren’t subtle these days so don’t be surprised if she just comes right out and asks if you have a girlfriend.

9) She tells you something personal.

If a woman gives up some personal information shortly after meeting her, she’s into you.

Don’t take it for granted. Offer something up in return.

10) She’s present and accounted for when you are around.

She’s not looking over your shoulder or talking to her friends. You’ve got her full attention.

11) She’s pretty active on your social media.

She’s always commenting and liking your posts and sharing things with via direct message.

Private jokes and things that mean something to her are a sure sign she’s into you.

12) She’s teasing you and picking on you.

We might as well be in grade school again, but sometimes, that’s how it goes. If she’s teasing you about a mustard stain on your shirt, it probably means she likes you.

13) She keeps dropping hints to hang out one-on-one.

She’s free Saturday afternoon and has said it three times already. Take the hint. She wants to hang out.

Day or night, if you send her a text, she is on the next bus across town to see you.

While this might seem a bit desperate, it really is a testament to how much she wants to be around you and is willing to drop everything to get some alone time with you. Use it wisely.

14) She’s not pulling away when you lean in.

You might be surprised to find she’s also leaning in, so go with it. What’s the worst that could happen?

15) She’s physically close to you in public.

She’ll take the seat next to you anytime.

16) She tells her friends about you.

If her friends mention you, it’s a good sign she’s been talking about you, and that she likes you!

17) She makes herself available.

She’ll happily cancel plans to spend time with you so try not to take advantage of it, but definitely take her up on her offer to hang out if she says she’s suddenly free.

18) You get the feeling she likes talking to you.

Whether you talk about baseball, your shoes, or life goals, you totally feel like she is picking up what you are putting down.

She’s attentive and seems to really enjoy your rendition of yesterday’s thunderstorm.

But in all seriousness, if a girl is into you, she is going to enjoy your company, regardless of what you talk about when you are together.

19) She touches you throughout your conversations.

If there’s one way to know for sure that a girl likes you, it’s if she is touching your shoulder, arm, or hand during a conversation.

She might also slip her hand onto your knee from time to time, but more often than not, she is going to touch your hand playfully or lightly to let you know that she is enjoying your company, your conversation, and most importantly, she is enjoying you.

20) She tells you how good you look.

You might be wearing your old basketball hoodie from high school, but if she has you in her sights, she’ll tell you how good you look no matter what.

Again, this is awkward for some guys who don’t know what to do with a “you look good” compliment, but get used to it if you want her to be your girl.

Don’t brush it off either – girls hate that. If she is trying to give you a genuine compliment, let her. And then say thank you.

21) She tries to let you know she is single.

If you’ve just met, she’ll quickly start dropping hints that she is in the market for a new guy.

She’ll casually mention on her last boyfriend dumped her or moved away. She might not come out and say “I’m single!” but she’ll certainly drop hints to let you know she is available.

If you’ve known each other for a while, then you’ll probably know her relationship status so pay attention to cues from her that she is ready to start dating someone again.

That someone could be you!

22) She sends you text messages throughout the day.

Even if you are just friends, there’s always things to watch out for her in text messages.

If she signs her texts with xo’s or if she asks your advice on what she should do during a certain situation.

As independent as many women are, they still turn to their better half for life advice and help to make decisions about what they want.

This isn’t because they can’t make those decisions on their own; it’s because they want to include the important people in their lives in those decisions.

If she’s asking for your advice or sending your texts to ask questions, you are someone special to her.

23) She blushes when you give her a compliment.

If you tell her she is looking good, you might find that she suddenly turns into a shy girl.

This is especially noticeable when she is outgoing and loves to joke around.

Compliments make women feel vulnerable and they don’t always know how to act following something like that.

So if you find she is suddenly a weird Wanda, it might be because she likes you.

24) If she’s shy, she might purposefully try to avoid eye contact.

If she is shy, it’s hard for her to admit she likes you, so she’ll avoid meeting your eyes because you might make her feel intimidated or vulnerable in her position.

It’s not a bad thing, and you are doing nothing wrong. It’s just something to watch out for when the two of you are hanging out together.

25) She shows up looking better than usual.

If she’s a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and suddenly she shows up wearing a beautiful and elegant dress, watch out.

Girls preen and tidy up when they are into a guy because they want him to notice her.

Men don’t think girls do this because men are too busy worrying about how they themselves look.

So keep an eye out for the beautiful dress and elegant high heels to know if she is into you.

26) She stares at you.

If there’s a surefire way to tell if a girl likes you, it’s if she continues to stare at you.

It’s either that or you’ve got broccoli in your teeth. It’s more likely that she is into you though.

If she glances your way or is enjoying the view for any length of time, you can rest assured that she is interested in you.

27) She fixes her hair.

Girls know that guys like long hair and if she’s got long hair and she’s playing with or running her fingers through it as she is staring at you, it’s a good sign that she likes what she sees.

Girls instinctively groom themselves, much the same way guys do when a girl comes around that they like.

So if you are fixing your hair and she is fixing her hair, she probably likes you.

28) She licks her lips.

There’s just something so sensual and sexual about the lips. Lips have many meanings associated with them, but one meaning is that if she is licking her lips and looking at you, she’s into you.

It’s not something she is doing on purpose. Many of the signals girls give to guys are subtle and sometimes hard to interpret, but this one is a no-brainer.

29) She’s smiles when you chat to her.

Girls – and guys for that matter – smile when they see things they like.

If you are chatting her up and she’s smiling at you, take that as a sign that she likes you, or at least, your face.

30) She leans into you.

During said conversations, if she is leaning into you or putting her head close to yours, you can interpret this as a good sign that she likes you.

It’s not that hard to tell if a woman is interested in you. The problem is that you are usually too busy trying to get her to notice you that you don’t pay attention to how she is trying to get you to notice her.

31) She’s shy.

If the girl you are crushing on is normally outgoing and social and suddenly turns into a quiet, shy girl when you talk to her, there’s a good chance she likes you too.

Girls don’t always know how to act when guys give them attention. It’s hard for women to read the signs guys are giving off too, you know.

But if she is unsure and being shy, it’s likely that likes you.

32) She touches you.

We’re not talking about a handshake here, we’re talking about when she lightly touches your arm or hand when you talk to her.

If she lets you take her hand or touch her on the arm or shoulder or back, there’s a pretty good chance she likes you. Girls aren’t in the business of letting people touch them for no reason.

Pay attention to how she moves around you and consider it a sign that she is into you.

33) She laughs at your stupid stories

You know they are stupid stories. Everyone around you knows they are stupid stories. She knows they are stupid stories.

Yet, here she is, laughing her heart out at your stupid stories. If she’s laughing at stories that would make other people cringe and feel sorry for you for telling them, she likes you, dude.

34) She responds to your texts immediately.

When you text, she doesn’t think and responds immediately. Just like she would her best friend.

Now a girl that truly likes you will do this occasionally. After all, she can’t help it when she sees your face pop up in her notifications.

But she’ll probably also mix it in with texts that are 15 minutes or 30 minutes late. Why? Because she doesn’t want to appear too desperate and scare you away.

So if it’s a mixture of immediate responses and 15 minute delays, that’s a great sign.

She believes she needs to portray an air of coolness if she’s going to eventually woo you over.

35) She’s dressed up and wears make-up when she’s around you. 

Fairly obvious, but a lot of guys don’t pick up on this. If she’s looking all nice in an elegant dress and her face is painted with make-up, she’s trying to impress you with her looks.

If you really want to know, give her a compliment about her appearance and see if she blushes or smiles. If she does, great! She’s into you.

On the flip side, if she’s rocking up with baggy t-shirts and without make-up on, then she might not care what you think of her looks.

36) She’s sending you incredibly beautiful pictures of herself.

Is she sending you random beauty pictures throughout the day?

She’s showing you she’s at a cafe, but for some reason, she looks incredibly pretty. More pretty than you remembered because she’s filtering like an Instagram celebrity.

She’s trying to impress you, attract you, and remind you that she’s hot. Good sign!

37) She’s drunk dialing you.

“A drunk person’s words are a sober person’s thoughts”.

She’s obviously thinking about you when she’s sober. So when she gets drunk, she takes action and gives you a call or a message late at night. Her true emotions are shining through.

It’s a great sign that she likes you and she wants to date you.

38) She’s liking literally every one of your social media posts – and she does it quickly.

Do you know that social media sites have an algorithm? Basically if you click on someone’s photos, then the algorithm will think that you’re interested in that person and they’ll show you updates from that person.

So if she’s liking your posts and she’s one of the first to do so, she likes you. She’s probably been spying on your photos and your happenings on social media.

Your posts are appearing at the top of her newsfeed and she’s liking them because well, she likes you! She’s your number one fan.

39) Her feet are pointed towards you. 

This is one of the best nonverbal cues to know if someone likes you, according to psychologists.

We’re not conscious of what our feet doing, so it’s hard to play it cool with them.

And if we like someone, we usually point our feet towards them. Similarly, if someone wants to leave, they usually point their feet towards the door.

So if her feet are pointing towards you, that’s a great sign that she likes you.

40) Her pupils dilate when she’s with you.

This is one is a little harder to figure out, but dilated pupils are a sign of attraction.

Try to look into her eyes and see if you notice dilated pupils. You’ll need to get some sort of a baseline before you do this.

And don’t stare into her eyes like a creep and freak her out.

41) She’s copying your gestures and movements.

This is a big sign. It’s something we do subconsciously when we’re around someone we like and admire.

This can include things like:

  • Copying your hand gestures when they speak.
  • Copying your speaking style – such as talking fast or slow.
  • Using the same slang as you.

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