11 irresistible traits of people with positive vibes

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“Good vibes only…”

We’ve all heard the saying or seen it on t-shirts and bumper stickers, but what does it actually mean?

I’m going to take a look at the most irresistible traits of people with positive vibes. 

1) A great sense of humor

People with good vibes tend to have a great sense of humor

They know when to crack a joke and they’re able to lighten things up at just the right time. 

Even in the middle of stressful situations or personal conflicts, they come out with a one-liner quip or a wry observation that defuses all the tension. 

This is why people love comedians so much and go to their shows:

These people are making life better by joking about it, even the sad and weird parts of life!

This brings me to the next point… 

2) An infectious energy

People with positive vibes have a lot of energy. 

They are able to rally the troops and get everyone excited, even when folks are feeling tired or drained. 

Take this situation, for example: 

A family of four is on vacation in Nantucket. Mom and dad have been squabbling quite a bit and are frustrated about a wrong turn they took thanks to their GPS system. 

Their teenage son is texting a girl he likes and is completely withdrawn, only demanding occasionally to stop for McDonalds. 

Dad responds that if he wanted him to eat that “sh*t” he should’ve just raised him a pig sty. 

“What’ve you got against pigs, dad?” 

Enter their teen daughter to save the day. She’s passionate about photography and looking forward to learning to sail this summer. 

She starts remarking on the beautiful scenery outside and suggests they stop for a quick break so she can take some photos of a beautiful inlet. 

Before anyone knows it, the family is crowded around her state of the art camera checking out the amazing detail of the ripples on the water and her photo of a seagull perched on a moored sailboat. 

What happened?

She’s completely changed the entire energy and everyone is feeling good for some reason. 

Positive vibes!

3) A super charming smile

People from all walks of life, all appearances and all attractiveness levels can have positive vibes.

You should never do a vibe check just from appearance…

But one outer feature you can sometimes spot in a good vibes guy or girl is a super charming smile. 

They smile and the sun comes out. 

There’s just something that happens when their lips curve and they smile that lights up their whole face, with their eyes full of joy. 

This isn’t a fake salesman smile or a cynical leer. It’s not a goofy clown smile or a con artist’s ploy.

It’s a genuine smile, and it shows.

Positive vibe people have high voltage smiles. That’s just a fact.

4) A desire to include everyone

What good are good vibes if they’re only for a select few?

Positive vibe people are equal opportunity vibers. They want to include everyone and they aren’t stingy with their good energy. 

That’s because they know a secret:

The more you share positive energy and include everyone, the more you build momentum and more good vibes. 

It’s like a cascade of kindness. It might start with one person, but it doesn’t usually end there. 

That’s why including as many people as possible in the good vibes fiesta is almost always a good idea. 

5) Amazing patience with difficult people

Some people are just a pain in the a**. 

I should know, I’ve been accused of it a few times myself, and they weren’t always groundless accusations, either!

But a marker of the person with positive vibes is that they have remarkable patience in dealing with difficult people

They don’t enable a**holes or encourage them to lash out, but they do try to calm them down and get them back in a positive and productive mindset

There are a lot of people out there who aren’t doing too well. 

Good thing there are also a lot of positive vibe peeps who are equipped with reassurance and righteous vibes to be a beacon in the night. 

6) An ability to see the best in everyone

We all go through difficult times, and when this happens many of us behave in ways we’re ashamed of later. 

We may also become self-absorbed or complain a lot. 

But one of the most irresistible traits of people with positive vibes is that they have an ability to see the best in somebody

Where others just see a grouchy old man in a parking lot booth, they see a wise grandfather with a great sense of humor…

Where somebody sees a homeless guy on the street who’s hooked on drugs, they see an estranged dad who’s tried his best to fight mental illness and addiction for decades and could use a bowl of soup…

People with positive vibes don’t hide from the dark side of life. 

They’re not about denial. 

But they see that light shining out in the midst of the bleakness that others so often miss or ignore. 

7) Seeing the potential in struggle

The other reason that people with positive vibes are such a good influence on those around them is that they see the potential in struggle. 

Whereas most of us wish for the bad times to be over as soon as possible, the person with positive vibes wants to mine the gold out of the rock. 

They want the suffering to yield something worthwhile, and they’re good at finding that.

  • From loneliness? Independence and self-reliance. 
  • From illness? Patience and fortitude
  • From disappointment? Realism and getting back up again…
  • From haters? Motivation to be even better…
  • From heartbreak? Learning lessons about what you want and don’t want in your next relationship…

And so on. 

People with positive vibes see the lessons and value in struggle, and they don’t let any suffering go to waste. 

Author David Goggins even recorded a “diss track” of online haters telling him he was washed up and a piece of sh*t and racist epithets, in order to play it back to himself during his down times and when feeling especially unmotivated

It psyched him up and motivated him to try twice as hard. In fact, he says he loves listening to it on full stereo sometimes even on his home’s speakers… 

Success is the best form of revenge out there!

8) Having their life planned out

Another of the key irresistible traits of people with positive vibes is that they have strong goals and objectives they’re working towards. 

This keeps them motivated and gives them a roadmap for what’s next.

It also often makes them a beacon in the dark of night for others who don’t know where the hell they’re headed.

It’s not easy to find your purpose in life, but people with positive vibes always prefer to have a plan.

If it goes wrong? Recalibrate and fall back to plan B, C and D…

But have a plan!

9) Adding value to relationships 

People with good vibes have bad days like all the rest of us. 

But at the end of the day they add much more value to relationships than what they take  away. 

This is why they attract partners and are generally so sought after. 

It’s not because they’re hot, smart or brilliant, although they might be…

It’s because they are adding energy and positivity instead of subtracting it. 

This adding of value is truly the key to so much of how to enjoy social, romantic and professional success in life. 

10) Being real instead of overly nice

Having good vibes doesn’t mean being a constant bundle of toxic positivity. 

It means being authentic and real most of all. 

Over-niceness and fake niceness are their own forms of bad vibes in fact. 

The truly good vibes individual is a little more low key. He or she prefers to be real with people. 

They talk in a relaxed tone of voice and are friendly and amiable without being over-the-top. 

In a world of imposters and social media clout chasers that makes all the difference… 

11) Having a spiritual or religious path to share with others

Last but not least in the irresistible traits of people with positive vibes is that they have a spiritual or religious path, or are interested in exploring one (or various).

Their search for wisdom and truth serves as a boon to others during times of distress and confusion. 

This is another net plus of people with good vibes. 

They are generous in sharing the answers and solace they find with those around them, but never pushy about their beliefs. 

The good vibe club

We all have the potential to spread good vibes

Be authentic, add value and appreciate others. 

Those three steps will have you well on your way!

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