30 signs of mutual attraction (epic list)

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Do you like someone? I know you’re hoping that they’d like you just as well.

The good news is there is a way to know for sure. All you need to do is be on the lookout for any of these 30 signs of mutual attraction.

Let’s get started!

1) They’re reciprocating your efforts

When you flirt with them…do they flirt back?

Does the conversation feel like it could go on for days?

These are just some of the many signs of reciprocity, which, according to experts, marks mutual attraction.

Explains counselor Michelle Henderson:

“If you feel like you’re receiving as much as you’re giving when you’re flirting with someone or trying to plan a date, then they likely are into you, too.”

2) An expert has told you so

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3) There’s a lot of eye contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. So if you want to know if your date is just as attracted to you, then you need to take note of their eyes.

They may be shy at first, but if they look at you, look away, and then look back, it’s a sign that they like you as well.

Before you know it, this eye contact becomes more sustained. As time progresses, they’ll be looking at you at much longer times!

Tip: If you could really look into their eyes, try to notice their pupils as well. If they dilate, it means they feel positively toward you (again, this is suggestive of romantic attraction.)

4) Their cheeks are always flushing

Even if your date is wearing blush, you should see them blushing (or flushing.) And once you do, it’s safe to say that there’s some mutual attraction going on.

Explains psychologist Mary Lamia, Ph.D.:

“The self-consciousness of being physically attracted to another person…causes you to blush because they activate feelings of ‘shame’—you think of yourself as “caught” in the eyes of others.”

5) They genuinely smile at you

A smile is easy to fake nowadays. So if you want to be 100% sure that they like you, then you need to observe their smile.

You see, an authentic smile causes the eyes to move. They make the eyes narrow and wrinkle at the corners.

As for the mouth, a genuine smile should make it turn up.

If it’s a fake smile, the rest of their face won’t move (unless they have Botox or something.)

Additionally, the bottom row of their teeth shouldn’t show.

Simply put, if signs point to a genuine smile (especially once with prolonged eye contact,) there’s a chance that they’re also into you!

6) They communicate with you every day

If a day doesn’t pass by without them communicating (e.g., texting, calling, or DM-ing) with you, then it’s a sign of mutual attraction.

See, they can’t stand not interacting with you. So even if they’re far from you, or can’t be with you at the moment, they’ll do the next best thing. That is to communicate with you as often as they can.

7) They act like your hero

Is your date always protecting you – or doing stuff for you? Needless to say, it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

You see, for guys, it’s all about triggering their inner hero.

I learned about this from the hero instinct. Coined by relationship expert James Bauer, this fascinating concept is about what really drives men in relationships, which is ingrained in their DNA.

And it’s something most women don’t know anything about.

Once triggered, these drivers make men into the heroes of their own lives. They feel better, love harder, and commit stronger when they find someone who knows how to trigger it.

Now, you may be wondering why it’s called “the hero instinct”? Do guys really need to feel like superheroes to commit to a woman?

Not at all. Forget about Marvel. You won’t need to play the damsel in distress or buy your man a cape.

The easiest thing to do is to check out James Bauer’s excellent free video here. He shares some easy tips to get you started, such as sending him a 12-word text that will trigger his hero instinct right away.

Because that’s the beauty of the hero instinct.

It’s only a matter of knowing the right things to say to make him realize that he wants you and only you.

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8) They’re always near you

Whether you’re seated – or standing – you know your crush likes you too if they’re always near you.

Someone who does this “likely enjoys your company,” explains a Healthline article.

9) They linger

Say you like a coworker. You’re both finished with lunch. Instead of packing up and heading to your workstations, they decided to stay with you for a while longer.

Or maybe you’ve bumped into each other in the hallway. Instead of going where they need to go, they strike up a mini-conversation with you instead.

It’s what experts call lingering. And yes, this is a sign that they like you too. They want to spend more time with you, no matter how brief or fleeting it may be.

10) They get anxious around you

They like you – that’s why they get anxious whenever you’re around.

The anxiety may stem from their concern with how they look (which is why they do preening – more about that in a few.) They want to make a very good impression, and this could get on their nerves.

There’s also the fear of getting hurt. What if you don’t like them? It’s obvious that you do, that’s why you’re here!

So if they’re fidgeting, such as stroking their arm or rotating the button on their top, know that it’s just their nerves talking. As such, you need to do anything you can to make them feel at ease whenever they’re with you.

11) They’re curious

Does your crush ask a lot of things about you? Well, it’s a sign of mutual attraction.

The best thing about their curiosity is it helps them connect better with you. In fact, scientists believe that curious people often have better relationships.

Indeed, this is a good thing for you both!

12) They pay a lot of attention to you

If your crush likes you, they’ll pay a lot of attention to you. That means focusing on you. They won’t fiddle with their phone or do any other thing when they’re with you.

This is why…

13) They remember the small things

You’ve talked about a minor detail in passing and they somehow remembered it.

Well, you should be glad because it’s a sign of mutual attraction. They listen (and remember) everything you say, no matter how trivial it may seem to be. Needless to say, it’s a result of them paying a lot of attention to you!

14) They notice when something’s new with you

You had your hair snipped, and it’s barely noticeable – to others, that is.

When a person likes you, they’re sure to notice everything new with you. That could be a haircut – or your new polished nails.

They may even notice how you’re whitening your teeth!

Again, this is because they pay a lot of attention to you.

15) They try to look good for you

Notice how your date ‘retouches’ when they’re with you? For example, for women, it’s applying make-up – and for men, fixing their collar?

It’s preening, and it’s a sign that they like you just as well.

“The reason they naturally preen themselves when they’re around you is that they want to look better when they’re around you,” explains HackSpirit founder Lachlan Brown. 

‘It can also be put down to nerves. People are naturally fidgety when they’re anxious and nervous.”

16) Their voice changes when they talk to you

Notice how their voice seemingly changes when they talk to you? They like you, that’s why they’re doing it!

For men, you’ll notice a deeper voice – one that makes them appear more dominant.

As for women, it’s a squeakier, high-pitched voice.

Explains author Farrah Daniel:

“Whether it’s subconscious or intentional, a person changes the tone of their voice because they want to stand out from the crowd to catch your eye—or your ear, in this case. (So) if you notice you both do this with each other, consider the attraction mutual.”

17) They lean towards you

Do they lean towards you – or try to inch closer whenever you talk? It’s a sign of mutual attraction, experts say.

In fact, the same Healthline article above goes on to say that “Leaning into a conversation or toward someone typically suggests interest or excitement.”

It also goes on to say that “sitting close enough to touch or leaning into a conversation, particularly with a smile or brief touch, suggests physical attraction.”

18) Their hips face yours when you talk

If their hips are facing towards yours whenever you talk, then it’s a strong sign that they’re attracted to you too. It means that you have their undivided attention!

19) They get ‘physical’

No, I’m not talking about intimacy. By getting physical, I mean making ‘contact’ with you every time they can.

That could mean:

  • Touching your shoulder
  • Holding your hand
  • Sitting/standing close to you

20) They’re hot

By hot, I mean temperature-wise (although I’m sure they’re physically hot too!)

So when they get ‘physical’ with you, try to notice their body temp. Is it hotter than usual? Granted they didn’t just go out in the sun or exercise, it’s a sign that there’s some mutual attraction brewing.

Explains Daniel:

“The increase in your body’s temperature is also a byproduct of sexual response. There’s some kind of attraction present.”

21) They mirror your movements

Does your date sit or stand the same way as you do? It’s what experts call mirroring. Expectedly so, it’s also a sign that they’re into you.

As a BBC article explains:

“When people are attracted to each other, they tend to copy each other’s physical gestures. When someone does this, it marks good communication and shows us that our interest is reciprocated.”

22) They remove the obstacles in between

If they keep on removing physical barriers that stand in between you, be glad for it’s a sign that they like you as well.

This is because they don’t want to deal with anything that’s obstructing their vision of you. They just want to see all of you!

23) They take the lead in planning

There’s no denying that you both like each other. But of course, you wouldn’t want to assume.

Well, I say it’s safe to assume once your date takes charge in making plans.

In fact, you know you’ve got a good thing going when your date is flexible enough to adapt to your schedule. They want to be with you, and they’ll surely bend over backward to make sure that they spend more time with you.

24) They do a lot of things with you

Ever wonder why your work crush is always in the same activity with you? They could be in another group with their friends, but somehow, they always end up with your clique.

It’s not always happenstance. More often than not, it’s strategic placement. That way, they could spend more time with you – but in a not-so-obvious way.

25) They keep on teasing you

If your crush keeps on teasing you, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you. In fact, it’s the opposite!

You see, it’s a sign that they’re comfortable around you. They feel safe enough to be themself when they’re around you.

Furthermore, teasing helps them relieve the romantic tension that’s going on. It’s terrifying opening up to someone who could reject you, after all!

And, should this sad thing happen (though it shouldn’t because you like them too,) it could help soften the blow on their part. Since teasing makes the all-around vibe playful, it’ll be easier for them (and you) to stay friends along the line.

26) They laugh at your jokes (even though they’re not that funny)

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when it comes to attraction. So if your dates keep on laughing at everything you say, it may be a sign that they like you.

Explains a Psychology Today article:

“Laughter releases endorphins, which make us feel good about ourselves and others. This good feeling creates a bond between two people and imbues a sense of togetherness.”

It could also be their attempt to make you like them (maybe they don’t know that you already do.)

As the article goes on to say: “If you make people feel good about themselves, they will like you—and laughter does just that.”

27) They like your scent

Does your date keep on complimenting your scent – even if you haven’t worn perfume?

It’s the pheromones working.

According to a study, the pheromone androstadienone, which is found in male sweat, “promotes attractiveness ratings of potential mates.”

28) They’re not afraid to open up to you

Sure, you may have just been dating for a few months. But if they truly like you, they won’t hesitate to open up to you.

They trust you, and they see the future with you. In their mind, opening up to you may prove beneficial for your future relationship.

29) They’ve introduced you to family and friends

Well, it couldn’t get any clearer than this.

See, some people in long-term relationships refuse to introduce their SO to their family and friends (a practice known as pocketing.) So if you’ve scored a meet-up even though you’re early on in the relationship, it’s a sign that they’re deeply attracted to you.

And if you think it’s too soon, relationship expert Tori Sassoon believes that “It’s not about the length of time that you know them. It’s about the emotional feeling that you have with each other (and) the bond you have made.”

30) Other people have told you!

If for some reason, you remain oblivious to the above-mentioned signs, then the people around you should convince you.

They’re the ones who notice your interactions with your crush. And if they’re telling you that mutual attraction is high and nigh, then you better believe them!


You like them – and if they show any of the signs above – it’s clear that they like you.

The question is: what are you going to do?

Will you play the waiting game – or will you take the chance?

You know what I’ll say: take the plunge!


Raychel Ria Agramon

I'm Raye, a nurse licensed in both the Philippines and the US. I also have a Master's degree in Public Management.

Just like helping my patients, I like to empower & motivate readers with research-backed articles.

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