12 signs of people with true inner beauty

Have you ever met someone and thought they had a beautiful soul?

Perhaps you couldn’t quite put it into words, but there was just something about their personality and way of being that really struck a chord with you.

This is what happens when you meet someone with tremendous inner beauty.

While you might not be physically attracted to them, you can’t help but be attracted to their inner souls.

Inner beauty can be a difficult concept to describe because it is not as overt as physical beauty, but there are certain traits we can all agree on that show someone has inner beauty.

In this article, we’re going to go through 12 clear signs of inner beauty.

If you can identify these in yourself, then it’s likely that people are heavily attracted to your way of being.

1. They’re humble

Humility involves two main characteristics: Having an accurate view of one’s self and being other-orientated rather than self-focused.

Being humble is a hallmark of someone with inner beauty.

After all, we all feel better when we spend time with someone humble.

In fact, research has suggested that humility strengthens social bonds, especially in important relationships that may experience conflict.

A person with inner beauty isn’t arrogant.

They don’t think they’re better than other people.

They’re proud of who they are but never cross the line of being overconfident.

They always treat the person they’re talking to as being on the same level as them.

This is why you feel comfortable when you’re in the presence of someone with inner beauty.

They’re not judging you or trying to show off.

They’re humble, because they know life can be tough for everyone, including themselves.

They treat people with respect and dignity because in the grand schemes of things, we’re all in this together and nobody really knows what they’re doing here anyway.

2. They are sincere

You can seemingly be the “nicest” person in the world on the outside, always try to do and say the “right” things, and still just come across as a bit of a creep.

At the sheer core of every person with inner beauty is sincerity and you just can’t fake it. If your pleasantry is just a front, eventually it always comes shining through.

People with the most inner beauty aren’t “nice” or “pleasant”, they are heartfelt and genuine.

3. They acknowledge everyone

Too many people use their behavior like playing cards in a game of poker.

They’re nice only when they think it will benefit them, respecting people above them on the social ladder, and totally ignoring anyone whom they believe to be just a waste of time.

But a person with true inner beauty doesn’t see this distinction.

Sure, they understand that wealthy CEOs and powerful businessmen would impact their lives more than lowly janitors and service workers, but they don’t treat them any less respectfully just because of it.

A person with inner beauty will treat everyone with the respect they deserve for simply being human.

They understand that kindness is unlimited, and there’s no reason to hold it back.

4. They are selfless

A person with inner beauty doesn’t think about themselves all of the time. Their natural inclination is to think of other people first.

They’re always happy to help and assist others, even when they don’t receive anything in return.

They feel happy when they help others.

In fact, a study carried out by biologists and a psychologist at the University of Nottingham found that displays of altruism or selflessness towards others can be sexually attractive in a mate.

And another study found that a kind heart trumps good looks.

In fact, this trait of inner beauty may be more connected to the brain than we think.

A recent study at Georgetown University found that people who demonstrate strong altruism actually have a more active and larger right amygdala, a part of the brain essential to perceiving our and other people’s emotions.

Perhaps this is why some people are more helpful, as they have a neurologically-driven capacity to observe emotions (especially fear) in others.

5. They’re positive (but not in a fake way)

A person with inner beauty is almost always optimistic.

But not in a fake way. They don’t “try” to think positive and ignore all negative thoughts.

They still have negative thoughts and get down now and then.

But they approach these negative emotions and situations optimistically.

They find opportunity when everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

They don’t overthink or worry about things unnecessarily. They don’t complain and blame others.

They embrace their hardships and learn from their mistakes.

This is why a person with inner beauty is resilient in life.

It also explains why they see the best in other people.

There is always something positive to be found in every situation.

The best bit?

A person with inner beauty brings out the best in others because they see the best in others.

6. They don’t compare themselves to others

When someone is constantly comparing themselves to others it just isn’t really pleasant to be around.

They’re always trying to one-up other people because they’re competing with everyone.

A person with inner beauty doesn’t do this.

There is no desire to be “better” than others, especially on a superficial level. They understand that everyone is on their own unique journey.

They don’t judge others because they know it is not their place to do so.

A person with inner beauty realizes that they’re on their own journey in life and it won’t be the same as everyone else’s.

There’s no point comparing yourself with others. Instead, a person with inner beauty seeks to be the best version of themselves and not a copycat version of someone else.

7. They don’t start an unnecessary conflict

A person with inner beauty doesn’t enjoy conflict or quarrels with others. They’re never violent, nor are they ever really angry.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t stand up for themselves or other people when they see injustice, but they do so in a way that eliminates the conflict rather than aggravates it.

They see the best in others, and they understand that everybody is going through challenges in life, so they’d rather find peace with everyone than make life unnecessarily harder.

8. They’re not obsessed with outer appearance

A person with inner beauty understands there is much more to a person than what’s on the outside.

Our society, unfortunately, promotes the importance of outer appearance way too much, but a person with inner beauty simply hasn’t got the message.

They know that beauty will fade with age, so why spend time focusing on it?

They’d rather have meaningful discussions about what someone’s purpose in life is or why they get up in the morning than talk about the latest beauty products or makeup people are buying.

It’s just not important to them. They don’t judge others by the way they look because appearance is superficial.

What’s far more important is kindness, courage, intelligence and wisdom, and generosity to others.

9. They are appreciative

Gratitude has the power to dramatically shift your mood, change your outlook in life, and even rewire your brain.

As we mentioned earlier, people with inner beauty tend to be those who we would generally consider to be positive.

Gratitude helps you to be more positive by focusing on what you already have.

That’s why people with inner beauty tend to spend a lot of time appreciating all their blessings in life. They often notice the little things that make a big difference.

They don‘t spend a lot of time grumbling and complaining, they choose to focus on what is going well. That gratitude also extends outside of their own life into an appreciation of others.

People with inner beauty are polite people. They remember to say thank you when you do something for them. They don’t take things or people for granted in life.

10. They are non-judgemental

To be fair, rather than being non-judgemental, this character trait would perhaps better be defined as reserving judgement and not expressing judgment.

That’s because, in reality, there is a little voice within each and every one of us who will always judge others. It doesn’t make you a bad person when this voice pops into your head.

It usually comes from that ego chatterbox in the mind that rarely shuts up, and always has something to say. It’s also largely a reflex that we aren’t necessarily in control of. What we are in control of though is what we choose will come out of our mouth.

Sometimes the best thing to do when we feel judgement arise is to simply notice it and label it as such, before letting it go.

One thing is for sure, criticizing or condemning is never the best way to win allies.

People with inner beauty are open to new perspectives and resist the urge to impose what they feel and think onto others’ choices in life.

11. They are good listeners

Who would have thought that truly listening to someone else when they speak could be quite so challenging, or is it just me?

It feels so easy to fall into the trap of simply waiting for your turn to speak or absent-mindedly half focus on what someone is telling you — whilst the other half of your brain is busy deciding what you will make for dinner.

Yet we all appreciate good listeners in our lives. They are sympathetic and attentive. They don’t interrupt or interject. They allow us to air our problems and find our own solutions, simply by offering an ear to us.

Because people with inner beauty tend to have a genuine interest in other people, they are present, ask questions and show us that we have their undivided attention.

12. They aren’t ashamed of who they are

A person with inner beauty accepts themselves for who they are. They don’t hide anything about their personality.

That may sound scary, but a person with inner beauty is confident in who they are and what they stand for in life.

As they’re sticking to their principles and what they know is right, everything else doesn’t really matter.

Yeah, they may have problems, sure they’ve made mistakes, but that doesn’t stop them from improving themselves and helping others.

They haven’t got any secret agendas. They’re not going to manipulate you to get ahead.

They come as they are, and they treat people with respect and kindness.



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