14 most common signs that you’re high in feminine energy

Feminine energy has the potential to be extremely powerful.

It’s the only thing that can balance out the masculine energy that has taken over the world.

Unfortunately, many women aren’t even aware of their femininity or how to cultivate it further.

Here are 14 signs you have high amounts of feminine energy…

1) You have a natural ability to empathize with others.

Knowing how to empathize is one of the most important skills for any successful woman.

When you have a high amount of feminine energy, you will be able to see the world from a different perspective and understand that everyone is suffering in their own way.

People on both sides are trying to do what they feel is best for them, and we all make mistakes.

This is why it’s so important that women learn how to be kind and compassionate at all times even if it seems like no one else wants to be.

2) You can easily discern when someone is not being authentic.

The truth is out there, and it will always be the truth.

You can often see through people and know if they are trying to fool you, even if they are telling the “truth.”

A high amount of feminine energy means you will spot other people’s ulterior motives very easily.

Also, you’re super in intune with your emotions.

You know how you feel at any given moment, so you can probably sense when someone else is not being authentic.

This can come from a feeling you get in your gut or from a lingering thought in the back of your head. If you feel something isn’t on the level, trust that you’re picking up on it.

Don’t ignore it, even if it seems silly or petty. You are not being overly sensitive; you are just able to discern when someone is full of sh*t.

3) You truly know what it feels like to be vulnerable.

Being weak and frail has never been considered an attractive trait, but in women, it can actually be one of the most attractive traits.

A high level of femininity forces you to think about others more than yourself and teach compassion.

When you are open, kind, and generous with your time, there is no better way to get closer to people than through vulnerability.

Being in tune with your emotions means that you are open to showing weakness and vulnerability, even if you’re not in a relationship.

You know that these emotions are necessary to show that they don’t make you any less of a person.

4) Your self-worth does not depend on a man or anyone else.

If you have high amounts of feminine energy, you know that your self-worth isn’t tied to your success in relationships.

You know that it’s important to love and be loved, but you’re not afraid to walk away from a bad situation.

Being single doesn’t make you feel like a lesser person, and that’s a sign of high energy.

You know your worth and are completely happy to cut ties with people that are not nurturing you or helping you grow as a person.

5) You don’t give a sh*t about what other people think about you.

High-energy women are rarely concerned about being seen as beautiful, smart, or even successful.

You have all of those things, but you also know that they can be taken away at any given moment to prove that everything in life is just an illusion.

That’s why you know you don’t need to try so hard or seek approval from others.

You know that what you have guts enough to do is all that matters.

6) You have a zest for life and always look at the bright side of things.

Being optimistic is nothing new, but many women have lost their faith in the world because they feel like they can’t succeed.

High-energy women view the world through rose-colored glasses and accept each part of their lives as it comes without worrying so much about what’s going to happen later down the road.

They have faith that if they do their best, things will work out for the best.

7) You have an incredibly high amount of self-worth.

When you walk through the world with high amounts of feminine energy, you know you’re valuable and worthy of just as much love and respect as any man.

Many women don’t feel this way, so they settle for a man who barely respects them or undermines their passions or goals.

This is why a high amount of feminine energy makes you feel confident and secure in yourself. You know exactly who you are and where your journey is taking you.

8) You’re comfortable with your sexuality.

When you have high amounts of feminine energy, it’s okay to be sexual and express your sensuality on a daily basis, even if no one is watching or judging you.

It’s a sign of confidence and strength, not sleaziness or wantonness.

You know your body belongs to you, so don’t be afraid to reveal it whenever the time is right.

Want to know a secret?

You’re a bit of a femme fatal!

You might not think of yourself as a femme fatale, but when you have high amounts of feminine energy, every male in sight notices that they want to be with you.

You have this sensuality within your aura that draws men in and makes them crave your attention.

9) Your creativity flows easily and often.

Being in tune with your emotions and having a deep need to be creative is a sign of high feminine energy.

Whether you like to paint, draw, write, or do something else, you have the ability to create something beautiful out of nothing.

It’s also important to remember that it doesn’t matter if you’re not a great painter or writer.

Being creative is about doing what brings you joy and what makes you feel connected to yourself.

10) You know how to be a boss and make your own rules.

Being in tune with your emotions is another sign of a high-energy woman, but it’s also important for you to lead and make decisions for yourself.

When you are trusted with making a decision, you know it’s right and you can handle whatever comes next.

You don’t crumble under the pressure or make rash decisions. You are the boss of your own life and you know that only you can decide what is best for you.

11) You are empowered by your own personal strength.

Highly feminine women know that they have the power to accomplish anything they want in life, even if others don’t believe it’s possible.

They know that their emotions are a gift and not a curse.

They know that only they can get themselves out of a bad situation or change their life for the better, even if others tell them it’s impossible to do this or that it will never happen.

12) You don’t take sh*t from anyone and you will defend those you love at all costs.

If people try to talk bad about your friends or family members, don’t hold back.

If you don’t have a filter and you feel the need to defend the people you love, it’s a sign that you have a high amount of feminine energy.

You know that you don’t have to be nice to everyone and that you don’t have to tolerate bad behavior.

You can stand your ground and not worry that you are being too harsh.

13) You are open to new ideas and change.

High-energy women are always looking for new ways to make their lives better or to live in a way that makes them feel more connected with themselves and the world around them.

They don’t have any fear of change because they know that everything is constantly changing and that it’s important to embrace the good in each experience.

You know that things work out for the best, even if that means you have to experiment a bit before finding what works for you.

14) You don’t follow trends, you set them.

Having high feminine energy means having high confidence.

You’re not the type to wear something or follow the crowd because it’s in style.

On the contrary, people notice you because you have a certain swag, an aura that screams “I have my own style and personality!”

You have a keen sense of style and know what looks good on you and you wear your outfits, they don’t wear you.

The bottom line:

If these signs sound like you, you most likely have a high amount of feminine energy.

That’s not a bad thing!

It just means that you have many special traits that aren’t necessarily found in every woman. You are strong, beautiful, and confident, even if others don’t see it.

When other women ask why you’re so confident or why you don’t feel remorse over an experience, let them know that they can develop these same qualities if they believe in themselves just as much as you do.

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