25 signs of hidden male attraction

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Male attraction isn’t always obvious.

You see, most guys had to learn how to hide their feelings to avoid creeping people out, and of course, to avoid the shame of rejection.

Luckily, it’s also incredibly obvious once you know what to look out for.

In this article, I will give you 21 signs a guy has a hidden attraction towards you.

1) He lights up when you’re around.

Genuine excitement is simply difficult to hide.

He can try to be as chill as he can and pretend he isn’t affected by your presence. He might even try to pretend you don’t exist.

But the glow on his face when he sees you walk into the room is unmistakable.

He’s just somehow more “alive” when you’re around, and everyone can see it.

2) He gets too close…then too distant.

A guy who tries to hide his feelings for you will find it hard to find the right distance from you—literally.

You will see him approach you and try to get close… and then quickly step back (and blush) when he feels like he’s gone a bit too far.

This is because he’s struggling with an inner conflict.

His heart wants him to get as close as possible, but his head tells him to stay away.

3) He steals glances from you.

You notice him looking at you, so you return the favor and look back. But when you do, he looks away.

He wants to look at you, that much is true. But at the same time he doesn’t want to be “caught” showing his interest.

So of course he tries to act like he was just looking around. Perhaps he might even try to “compensate” for being caught by ignoring you all day.

Perhaps, by doing this, he thinks he can convince you that he totally wasn’t looking at you.

4) He touches his lips and hair when talking to you.

Touching and biting one’s lips is body language that indicates sexual attraction. Hair-touching, on the other hand, is a sign of self-consciousness.

Either of these betray his desire and nervousness around you. Both of these together are especially powerful.

He’s probably thinking of kissing you while he’s talking to you. And yet at the same time he’s way too scared to act.

It pays to pay attention to his body language. It will give you clues. After all, controlling one’s unconscious gestures is remarkably hard.

5) He finds ways to touch you.

He touches your arm or taps your shoulder when calling for your attention.

He even touches your back when he tries to guide you when you both have to go somewhere.

You might think he’s just a naturally touchy person except that when you pay close attention, he never touches other girls.

Simply put, he wants to touch you in particular, and is incredibly creative when coming up with excuses for it.

6) He gets tongue-tied.

Words don’t flow freely from his lips. Ask him something and you can almost feel the gears turning in his head before he actually sits down and replies.

It’s like he just can’t find the right words.

And it only really happens when he’s talking to you. He has no issues maintaining a conversation with others.

This happens because he’s too self-conscious about how he comes across to you. He wants to impress you—he probably wants to appear clever—so he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and turn you off.

7) He acts like your everyday hero.

When he knows you’re feeling down or you’re in trouble, he rushes to your side.

This is a give away. You see, a guy who likes you simply can’t remain on the sidelines when you need a helping hand.

And if you want to make him fall even harder for you—to the point that he’d finally reveal his feelings—then you have to take it a step further.

How do you do this?

Give him more opportunities to show how much of a hero he is!

Guys are suckers for girls who awaken their inner hero. I learned about this from the hero instinct, a best-selling dating book by relationship expert James Bauer.

Alright, don’t shame me for this. I actually applied the tricks in his book to some guys I know…you know, just as an experiment.

I was blown away by the results! More than a couple of guys had a crush on me and one even fell hard. Seriously, why didn’t they teach us this in high school?!

If you want to know the right tricks to pull off to make a man feel like a gero, check out James Bauer’s excellent free video here.

In the video, he shares some easy tips to get you started, such as sending him a 12-word message that will trigger his hero instinct right away.

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8) He showers you with praise.

It seems like you’ve definitely earned a fan just by being yourself.

But a classy guy knows how to praise you without sounding like a creep, or like he’s being insincere.

Instead of saying something like “damn girl, your ass looks fine in that dress”, he’d say “damn, that dress suits you well!”

And instead of saying “You’re one of the smartest girls I’ve met”, he’d just say “You did great with your presentation.”

9) He notices your moods.

You’re distressed, but you’re hiding it and pushing through your day. It seems like you’ve managed well enough, since nobody seems to have noticed.

Except him, that is.

And it goes beyond mere distress. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to hide happiness, anger, or sadness.

This is because when a man is attracted to you, he pays close attention to the subtlest cues that give you away.

10) He always tries to cheer you up.

When he sees that you’re down, he tries cracking a joke to cheer you up. If that doesn’t work, he offers ice cream or wine.

Again, a guy who’s attracted to you simply can’t stand it when he sees you feeling down. It pains him, and so he tries to help you however he can.

His efforts might not always hit the mark, but at least he tried.

11) He hugs you a little tighter.

There’s just something about his hugs that make you feel warm inside.

They’re nice and tight, and he lingers a little longer than you expect him to.

That’s because he actually does feel something for you and it’s impossible to conceal when your bodies are that close!

He probably doesn’t even want to let you go. But, unfortunately, he has to.

12) He laughs at your jokes a little harder.

He finds your jokes hilarious. You’re no Amy Schumer but you feel like a great comedian when he’s around.

Here’s the thing: You probably aren’t that funny, he’s just in love with you.

When one is in love, anything the other person says becomes delightful. To him, you’re funnier than what you actually are because he’s already attracted to you.

13) He (subtly) flirts with you through text.

When you’re texting one another, you find yourself doing a double take every now and then, wondering if he had just tried hitting on you.

He probably just did.

Guys like to sneakily flirt with girls through text. It’s a safe medium where he can just say “Wait what? Me flirting? Nooo!”

You can turn this around on him and get him even more madly in love with you.


Flirt with him through text—but do it with class.

Don’t say “I think you’re sexy” or “Hey hottie, WYD?”. No! You don’t want him to cringe.

Use words that will generate feelings of red-hot passion for you, without sounding sleazy or “basic”.

And who else can guide us better on the exact words to say than dating and relationship coach Clayton Max.

If you want what guys want and don’t want, you gotta get advice from a male coach. I tried getting guidance from a female coach before and it wasn’t as effective.

To get a guy, you gotta get advice from a guy. Period. Especially when it’s something as precise as what to text.

If you want to give him a try, first check out Clayton Max’s quick video here where he shows you how to make a man infatuated with you.

And to learn exactly what texts to send, watch Clayton’s excellent video now.

14) He looks down on your body.

You notice his gaze go down from your eyes to your legs…and he does it very slowly.

A man who’s attracted to you is sexually attracted to you, period.

He might be attracted to your personality too, but if he’s into you…he’s definitely into your body first.

He’s checking you out and by looking down on your body, he wants to make it a little obvious that he wants you.

15) He gets way too friendly.

So let’s say he’s already your friend. You’ll know he’s attracted to you when he gets too friendly.

He wants to do stuff with you and he gets a bit clingy like you’re BFFs.

If you’re not close friends, well…he’s starting to act like one all of a sudden.

You’re not imagining things. He’s attracted to you and wants to get closer.

16) He remembers the things you like.

You mention in passing that you don’t drink coffee, and that you only drink green tea. Perhaps you have since forgotten that you told him this.

But then he remembers.

He also remembers your favorite place to visit, your favorite movie of all time, and your favorite time of day.

It’s flattering, to be sure. And you should be! Because unless he just has photographic memory, this guy clearly likes you.

17) He remembers the things you hate.

You know what’s more important than the things we love? It’s the things we hate.

Not in the sense that it helps you make bonds—bonds built on mutual hate tend to be fragile—but because it’s what defines what we’re capable of tolerating.

And he certainly kept in mind what it is that you hate, as well as the things that make you uncomfortable.

This way when you’re out together, he knows how to avoid pissing you off.

18) He comments on how you look.

As I mentioned earlier, a guy who’s into you will pay attention to how you look.

The thing is, he can’t stop there. He has this need to express his admiration for you.

So he’ll comment that you have really round eyes or that your hairstyle suits your face well.

I know you’re thinking that this is a rather obvious sign of male attraction.

But what makes it “hidden” is the manner he says it. He does it in a matter-of-fact way that it sounds like it’s not a big deal. But of course it is.

19) He sighs a lot.

We sigh when we’re frustrated, such as… say, when we crave something, but can’t get our hands on it.

If you notice him giving a sigh of frustration too many times, then he probably wants you. And if he does it while staring at you with longing? There’s no doubt about it.

In this case, he most likely wants to have you by his side. But he can’t make you his… or at least, he thinks so.

20) He tries hard to connect with you.

He recently found out that you’re into baking. He talks about baking stuff even if you KNOW that’s really not his thing.

He tries to find out the things you have in common just so there’s something you can both bond over.

A guy who’s desperate to connect with you is definitely into you. Why would he try so hard otherwise?

21) He prioritizes you.

If he has to pick between his friends and you, he chooses you.

If his schedule is packed and you ask for his help, he’ll find a way to accomodate you.

And when you’re together with other people, he gives all his attention to you (well actually, MOST of his attention. He doesn’t want it to be too obvious that he likes you).

Even if you’re “nothing” to each other, you can feel he’s willing to do anything and everything to make you happy.

Not only is he attracted to you if he acts this way, he’s probably in love with you BIG TIME.

Final words

If a guy is doing most of these signs, chances are he has hidden feelings for you.

However, it doesn’t do anything. We can be attracted to a lot of people and not want to pursue them, after all.

But if you’re also into him (and I think you are), first, you have to figure out why he’s hiding his feelings in the first place.

Is he married?

Is he intimidated by you?

Is he scared of rejection?

By knowing exactly why, you’ll know your next course of action.

For now, what’s important is that you’re not just being delusional—that this guy actually likes you. It’s a wonderful start.

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