13 signs you’re a good kind of introvert that other people love spending time with

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Extroverts tend to command whatever room they walk into.

They can talk to anyone about just about anything.

That doesn’t mean that they’re always the most charming one there, however.

Being charming is more than being sociable.

In fact, it’s often the quietest people that have the most interesting things to say.

Some introverts can grab attention without having to be the loudest one in the room.

When they do open up to you, their passion for their hobbies is contagious; it’s part of their charm.

Spotting an introvert so charming can be difficult since they aren’t ones to tell you where they are.

So here are 13 signs to help you look for these elusive and mysterious people.

1. They’re Attentive Listeners

We all want to be heard.

Whether it’s an idea that we want to express our feelings that we need help processing, we naturally look for people to just listen to without judgment.

Introverts fit that description well; they’re excellent listeners.

So when one of them gives us the chance to feel heard or seen, we feel charmed.

It’s as if they see something special in us.

Introverts naturally want to avoid attention.

So when they pass it onto us, we feel special, which increases their magnetism.

Who would want to spend their time with someone that ignores what we have to say anyway?

2. It’s Easy To Be Comfortable With Them

It’s easy to warm up to introverts since they don’t tend to come off as aggressive or intimidating. Their shy and reserved nature makes them sensitive to your emotions.

They wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around them, so they allow you space to be yourself.

They don’t tend to judge you or criticize you, which is something that we might not be often used to – making them that much more charming.

Normally, we feel the need to wear a mask that is socially acceptable.

We don’t want to stand out for fear of being called weird or different, so we don’t talk about our niche obsessions.

But not with introverts.

As attentive listeners, they tend to be curious about what you have to say.

3. Their Excitement Is Contagious

Since introverts are in their heads most of the time, they usually have countless things going on in their minds that they find interesting.

Whether it’s the latest series or movie that was released or about philosophy or life in general, they tend to have hobbies that they are obsessed with and that they spend time on when they’re alone – which is often.

Get to know them enough, and you might get them started on the entire history of their hobby and the trivia and facts that you didn’t know to go along with it.

While they might feel like they might be odd to be so excited in such things, to others it’s actually quite endearing.

Their unbridled passion for things is what makes them so unique and charming.

4. They’re Empathetic

Introverts are sensitive to their emotions and of those around them.

They are attuned to the slightest change in tone or facial expression of others.

Noticing these small patterns is what helps them empathize with others well.

Charming introverts will often see what others couldn’t of you.

They will ask you about what’s wrong even if you don’t believe that you said anything negative.

Having spent so much time by themselves has allowed them to be good at processing emotions – whether it be theirs or of others.

5. They’re Trustworthy

Since they are so empathetic, they are also trustworthy.

They can connect with others at a deeper level than most.

They seek to understand what you’re saying, allowing the relationship to become more meaningful for the both of you.

You can confide in them about your secrets without feeling afraid that they’ll plot against you.

Their relationships are important to their lives, which is why they will do what they can to keep it strong.

This reliability and loyalty is part of their powerful charm.

6. They’re Gentle And Kind To Others

Some introverts tend to use more honorifics than necessary; they call you “sir” or “ma’am” even if the both of you are around the same age and position.

They say sorry often and mean it.

They open the door for you and do you favors without asking for anything in return.

They aren’t doing this to be submissive, but because they genuinely care and respect you.

Their politeness tends to catch people off guard, which is what makes introverts stand out way above the rest of the crowd.

7. They’re Independent

Independent people tend to be inspiring figures.

They are capable of picking themselves up and have no trouble being alone.

Since charming introverts tend to spend most of their time away from others, it’s given them the chance to learn how to be self-sufficient.

By learning to be alone, introverts are able to think deeply about life and their surroundings.

They are able to process their emotions and work themselves through struggles.

They enjoy their solitude and often live simple lives.

They don’t ask for large houses or splurge on fancy dinners.

They are content with their cozy living spaces and tasty meals, regardless of price.

It’s that modesty and unique strength of independence that is so charming to others.

8. They’re Welcoming

Since introverts tend to be more observant and interested in people, they don’t mind who they’re talking to – or who’s speaking to them.

It could be a high-ranking associate in a company or their janitor – either way, the charming introvert will treat them with the same level of politeness and respect.

They attentively listen to what others have to say, understanding them, and giving space to be themselves.

9. They Have Mystique

One of the things that make introverts so interesting is the fact that it’s difficult to get to know them.

They remain mysteries – and we’re all attracted to a mystery.

We can’t help but wonder who this person is or what they think of us. It’s this subtle mystique that they have that draws us in and pulls us closer to them.

They make us ask, “What are they like in the solitude of their home?”, “What are they thinking about?”, or “What catches their observant eyes and engages their minds?”

They’re mysteries that we can’t help but try to solve.

10. They’ll Always Be At Your Side

When you feel alone, it’s usually a charming introvert that gives the best company.

They know what it feels like to not be around others; they enjoy their solitude after all.

Since they’re so empathetic, they help process emotions and tell you that you aren’t crazy for feeling what you feel or saying what you said.

They hear you, they see you, and they understand you.

11. They Are Interested In People

They don’t often feel the need to interact with others.

They’re content with sitting on the sidelines, watching others go about their lives.

While it might seem that they hate people, on the contrary, they’re actually interested in them.

People-watching tends to be one of their past times.

This has allowed them to realize insights into life that we are blind to.

This is why speaking to introverts can give such an interesting perspective on life, and why they leave such lasting impressions on us.

12. They Show, Not Tell You Their Feelings

Introverts aren’t known for saying much, which can be a good thing.

Anyone can say that they’re your friend or that they like you.

What makes introverts different is that they show it instead.

When someone does wrong by you, they’ll be the ones to stand up for you.

When you’re alone, they’ll show up and keep you company, even without having to say a word.

They might surprise you with a gift of something that you said that you liked in passing.

If actions speak louder than words, then often it’s these introverts who speak the loudest.

13. They Are Authentic

Being yourself can be scary.

There’s a tendency to hold ourselves back for fear of what others might think of us.

We don’t want to be cast out from our friends so we conform to mindsets and behaviors that aren’t ours.

What allows introverts to be so charming is that they aren’t afraid of being themselves. It’s admirable.

They don’t mind being cast out from the rest because they are already comfortable being by themselves.

Introverts hold within them a wealth of fresh ideas and interesting stories.

While getting to know one may take longer than what you might be used to, it will be worth it.

Introverts show that charm has nothing to do with how much someone says, but who they are and what they have to say.

Despite not being the most talkative of people, they tend to be the ones who can hold the most meaningful conversations.

They teach us that simple thing like learning how to listen and understand others can go a long way in developing the relationships in our lives.


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