25 brutal signs of a selfish woman

How can you tell if a girl is self-centered?

Realistically it won’t be long until her true colors shine.

Here’s what to look out for, with 25 signs of a selfish woman.

1) She doesn’t seem to care about anyone’s feelings but her own

A clear sign of a selfish woman is someone who seems to lack any sympathy or empathy.

She appears incapable of seeing things from any side except her own.

It’s almost as though she is blinded by her own emotions. And so cannot, or will not, consider other peoples.

2) She doesn’t think before speaking

She doesn’t give a second thought to how her words may affect others.

In fact, she often blurts out quite abrupt or unkind things, seemingly oblivious to how they could be received.

She doesn’t take the time to think before speaking, because she puts her own thoughts and feelings above other people’s.

3) She takes advantage of people

This one is pretty obvious. A selfish person always tries to take advantage of the situation.

They are constantly looking for ways to get their hands on more money, power, attention, or whatever else they want.

No favor is too big to ask for a selfish woman, because she expects others to put themselves out for her.

4) She makes excuses

If she does something wrong, she’ll make up an excuse for why it was okay.

And then she’ll try to convince everyone that she didn’t do anything wrong in the first place.

5) She only cares about what’s going on in her life

Her problems are always bigger, her life is always more interesting.

So she’s not really interested in what is going on in other people’s lives.

She’s usually focused on herself and her own needs.

6) She interrupts you when you speak

When you’re trying to talk to her, she’ll interrupt you every few seconds. (On the rare occasions when you do manage to get a word in).

Especially during an argument, she wants to control the conversation and has no interest in listening to your point of view. So she’ll never let you finish your sentence.

She’ll cut you off mid-sentence, and start talking over you again.

7) She loves to receive but not to give

Selfish women have a sense of entitlement.

That’s why they think nothing of always receiving yet never giving.

They don’t like to share their possessions or help others, but they expect others to help and share with them.

8) She thinks she knows best

She believes she knows better than everyone else.

She feels entitled to make all the decisions, even when she isn’t qualified to do so. She thinks she should be able to decide which way to go, without consulting anyone else.

She thinks she knows everything and so assumes that everyone else should agree with her.

10) She’s always complaining

She complains about everything. It’s as if nothing is ever good enough.

That’s because selfish girls think the world owes them something. They can’t look beyond their own situation and so they see problems everywhere.

Whether it’s about her family, friends, job, or just the waiter who hasn’t brought her a drink yet.

11) She’s manipulative

Selfish women want to get their own way, and so they’re prepared to manipulate others to make it happen.

They know exactly how to use words and actions to get what they want.

They may pretend to care about someone else, but they’re actually using them to achieve their own ends.

12) She’s never satisfied

One of the more subtle signs of a selfish person is they’re never happy with what they’ve got.

They always feel there’s something missing no matter what you do for them.

They’re always wanting more, rather than showing genuine gratitude for what they already have.

13) She likes to be the center of attention

A selfish woman will often seek out situations where she can make it all about her.

She probably loves feeling like the center of the Universe and being the center of attention, especially at parties.

She might sulk or get moody when it doesn’t seem like all eyes are on her.

14) She’s always late or keeps you waiting

If you ask her to meet you somewhere, she’ll almost certainly be late.

Or she’ll keep you waiting while she finishes some last-minute tasks.

Everything is on her timetable and schedule.

She doesn’t seem to respect other people’s time. She’ll even cancel on you last minute without a second thought if it suits her.

15) She can’t compromise

Compromise? What on earth is that?!

It’s an alien concept to a selfish woman.

She expects you to do things her way, or else. If you disagree, she’ll either ignore you or try to change your mind.

There’s no middle ground. Either you agree with her, or you’re wrong.

16) She’s critical

Selfish women are constantly judging and criticizing.

They’re quick to find fault with others and criticize their behavior. Largely because they struggle to see anyone else’s point of view.

That can make selfish women very judgmental and intolerant of other people.

They believe they’re right and everyone else is wrong. She may also put other people down, simply to make herself feel better.

17) When she talks, she always says “me” and never “we”

This is another sign of a selfish woman.

Normally when you have close relationships, you tend to use “we” more than you use “I” or “me”.

But a selfish woman will continue to use singular terms, even when the story or situation involves someone else.

This shows you that she largely thinks of things from a solo perspective.

18) She never puts her hand in her pocket.

She expects others to pick up the tab.

There’s an assumption that whoever she is with, especially if she’s on a date, will cover the cost of drinks, meals, activities, etc.

Princesses don’t pay.

19) She lies when it suits her

A selfish woman will lie to protect herself.

She knows that lying is one of the easiest ways to manipulate others. And she uses it as a tool to get her own way.

She’ll lie to avoid telling you something unpleasant. Or she’ll lie to make herself look good. She’ll even lie to make you think she’s nicer than she really is.

20) She’s controlling

With a selfish woman it’s her way or the highway.

A selfish woman in a relationship may want to keep tabs on what you do or who you see. It might feel as though you are on a short leash.

She’ll also expect you to do whatever she asks, whether you want to or not. Saying no to a selfish woman is tricky, and she’ll punish you if you do.

21) She cannot see when she is in the wrong

When a selfish woman makes a mistake, she’ll struggle to apologize.

She doesn’t want to take responsibility for herself, so it’s much easier to shift the blame elsewhere.

She’ll claim that you made her do this or that.

She’ll insist that you should’ve known better.

She’ll accuse you of making her act badly.

22) She has very few girlfriends

Because selfishness is such an unattractive trait in someone, people tend to avoid selfish women.

That may mean that selfish women don’t really have many female friends. The ones they do have are likely to be superficial acquaintances.

23) She only wants to talk about herself

I once knew a girl who would happily talk about herself for hours.

The one time I briefly mentioned something about myself, she started looking around the room, and clearly wasn’t listening to a word I was saying.

It was totally rude, but she didn’t even have the self-awareness to notice.

When the conversation wasn’t 100% focused on her, she just wasn’t interested.

24) She’s not very nice to other people

A selfish woman can very quickly be impatient, rude, and inconsiderate to others.

It all goes back to the lack of empathy and sympathy I mentioned earlier in the article.

Because she only thinks of herself, her focus is on how she feels.

This means in her mind she can speak to other people however she wants if they’re not behaving how she expects them to.

25) She always does what’s best for herself

At the end of the day, a selfish woman is always going to do whatever is best for her.

If that means being dishonest, then she’ll do that too. If it means hurting others, then she’ll do it.

It’s not that she truly doesn’t care about anyone but herself. It’s more that she is number one in her life, and other people don’t get much of a look in.

In conclusion: How to deal with a selfish woman

I’m not going to lie to you: dealing with a selfish woman is going to be difficult – especially if you want to handle things on your own.

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