8 signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste

Do you have good taste?

It may be a question that seems hard to answer, but there are some clear signs that point to having good taste or not. 

Let’s take a look at the top signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste.

1) You don’t follow trends 

The first of the big signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste is that you don’t follow trends. 

You notice trends and you may even find some of them cool or strange, but they don’t particularly affect you. 

The only time you’re likely to line up with a new fad is when it happens to align with you. 

In other words, if you already wear Carhardtt overalls and hats and lots of hipsters start doing that too, so be it. 

You were already doing so long before it was cool, and you’ll be doing it long after it’s passé as well. 

Because it’s who you are, not who you pretend to be or want to be. 

2) You relish quality over quantity

The next of the important signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste is that you care much more about quality than quantity. 

You’d rather have one boyfriend you really love than four who don’t really do it for you. 

You’d rather subscribe to one magazine you love reading than five that barely interest you. 

You’d rather buy a belt that’s four times the price of the other one but will last many years more and actually feels good to wear. 

You’d rather buy a set of fine heavy silverware that will last decades or more than pick up some cheap but nice-looking cutlery that seems good for the time being. 

In every area of your life, you’re much more interested in quality than quantity

You want things which are actually good and bring you enjoyment and value. 

3) You pay a lot of attention to what you eat

Next up is that every classy person cares about what they eat. 

This doesn’t have to be obsessive, nor should it get to the point of calorie counting and body image anxiety. 

But it does extend to caring about the quality and taste of what you eat. 

It means taking pleasure in preparing food and prizing quality over quantity

It means that when you eat out you’d rather eat a small portion that tastes amazing than buying a family bucket at KFC and traveling to deep fried paradise. 

You have taste in the literal sense that you like food that tastes better and had careful preparation go into it. 

4) You care about cleanliness and organization 

Impeccable taste and refinement are hard to maintain in a dirty and cluttered environment. 

The classy, refined person cares about cleanliness and organization. 

If you’re this type then you know exactly what I mean:

You clean your kitchen after making dinner, keep the bathroom tidy and drive  a vehicle that smells nice and doesn’t have dust and grime everywhere. 

You keep your clothes clean, press your pants and use your iron more than occasionally. 

You know that the extra time to clean up and keep things organized is worth it. 

5) You have patience with trying new things 

The next of the signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste is that you give new things time. 

If a friend introduces you to a new type of music or streaming show, you don’t decide right away on it. 

You give it time. 

You watch it and see what happens as you settle into it. 

Many fine things take time to get accustomed to and begin enjoying. 

You don’t limit your taste to what you already know and love, but are willing to open your body and mind to new experiences.  

6) You prize tradition over newfangled, avant-garde things

Next up in the signs of being a person with impeccable taste is that you prefer tradition over newfangled trends. 

This may be controversial to some.

But it’s my firm opinion that while you should remain open to new knowledge, experiences and aesthetics, tradition is irreplaceable. 

If you love minimalism and cringe at medieval architecture in great cathedrals or find it overkill, that’s certainly your right. 

But good taste is arguably not fully subjective. 

Some things of the past from architecture and music to standards of beauty and work ethic were objectively better. 

Having good taste means that even if you supersede these values you never think you’re above them. 

7) You speak with eloquence and specificity 

Next up in the signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste is that you speak eloquently and accurately

You take the time to choose and use the exact word you want instead of just whatever comes to mind. 

You know how to speak subtly as well and sometimes thread your meaning between the lines. 

When you’re truly classy, speech is an extension of your sophistication and your taste. 

Those who cross your path can immediately tell you’re not just another kid on the block. 

8) You’re able to focus on one thing at a time 

Another of the key signs you’re a refined individual with impeccable taste is that you are able to focus on one thing at a time

This relates back to moving at your own pace. 

When you multitask, you divide your attention and you end up coming across frazzled and lacking in focused attention. 

Having no attention span or ability to focus on one thing makes you look like a hyperactive child. 

Focusing on one thing at a time shows respect for yourself and the task at hand and is a definite sign of refinement. 

Good taste vs. bad taste

Bad taste comes in many forms, but it has the common characteristic of being all about following trends and doing, wearing, listening to, watching and reading whatever is easiest. 

Having good taste is the opposite: it’s about consciously choosing what to surround yourself with. 

Having impeccable taste is something that brings benefits to your life and the lives of everyone around you. 

Good taste is not about following whatever the latest tastemakers say on TV or in the lifestyle magazines. 

It’s about being true to yourself and having taste that reflects who you really are and what matters to you. 

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