If someone shows these 13 signs, they’re a natural-born adventurer

My idea of adventure is buying a book I haven’t previously researched.

Watching all Marvel movies in two weeks.

Striking up a conversation with a stranger.

Others, however, seem to have been born to seek real adventure at every step.

They’re the ones who pester you to go on a trip, enjoy camping in remote areas, and never say no to a challenge.

Does that describe anyone you know?

If someone shows these 13 signs, they’re a natural-born adventurer.

Their zest for exploration likely knows no bounds.

1) They’re curious

Natural-born adventurers have this ingrained curiosity that needs to be satisfied at all costs.

They wonder what’s beyond an unexplored hill, whether they could withstand hiking for 10 hours straight, and how jumping out of an airplane would feel.

I’m more curious about whether I could sleep for an entire weekend, so I can’t say I relate.

However, I’ve known a few adventurers, and I’ve been in awe of their ability to disregard threats and dive head-first into the unknown.

For them, giving into their curiosity is a must, even when it involves courting danger.

2) They love nature

A lot of natural-born adventurers feel a deep connection to the natural world.

They’re into camping, they stare at the stars after climbing a mountain, or they simply take long walks in the park.

They’re not particularly concerned about insects or bears or rainfall or the possibility of dying of hypothermia because they didn’t pack the right gear.


3) They have wanderlust

While not all natural-born adventurers are obsessed with nature, I can guarantee they’re all afflicted with wanderlust.

For instance, my best friend has no interest in sleeping somewhere without easy access to a functional toilet, but she’ll never say no to a trip to an urban destination she hasn’t visited before.

She loves learning about various cultures, getting lost on crowded city streets, and mingling with the locals at colorful watering holes.

Exploring new places excites her, and she’s constantly planning a trip.

Even when she’s already on one.

I sometimes tag along, and I find myself mesmerized by the fact that she daydreams about other destinations while she’s actively exploring a city she hasn’t seen before.

Meanwhile, I daydream about deep-cleaning my fridge back home.

I enjoy travel, but I’m a homebody at heart.  

And you know what?

If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have been to half of the countries I’ve explored so far.

4) They seek out challenges

Besides jetting off to new places as often as possible, natural-born adventurers seek out challenges in their day-to-day life, too.

After all, it’s in their blood – this constant need to test their own limits.

They may be drawn to physically demanding activities or mental puzzles that require strategic thinking.

They’re also usually the ones who volunteer for projects at work or encourage the friend group to try a new activity.

Or, you might find them taking self-improvement courses and taking advantage of continuous learning opportunities.

They have a growth mindset, which pushes them to tolerate discomfort and look for chances to evolve.

5) They keep an open mind

On the same note, natural-born adventurers tend to keep an open mind.

They enjoy learning about new perspectives and ideas.

When you go to a party together, they seek out people they haven’t met before instead of sticking with the group.

That’s because they’re big fans of interacting with strangers from various backgrounds.

Plus, they don’t mind being challenged about their beliefs.

In fact, they welcome a healthy debate, even when it’s clear that the other person won’t budge.

That only makes things more interesting.   

6) They take risks

Someone who likes adventure also gets bored with routine rather quickly.

Consequently, they love to take risks and are rarely deterred by the possibility of failure.

If you’re friends with a natural-born adventurer, you’ll notice them displaying curious behaviors:

  • They order unfamiliar dishes when dining out

  • They’re always starting a weird new hobby

  • They might frequently change their hair or personal style

  • They don’t have trouble asking out romantic interests

  • They might change careers or jobs often

Where they find the energy for all this, I have no idea.

7) They enjoy thrills

A pretty obvious sign that someone is a natural-born adventurer? 

They seek thrills.

Think bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, and so on.

Any activity that provides an adrenaline rush is instantly appealing, and they’re willing to try everything once.

However, I’ve also noticed that they rarely stick with something for the long haul.

Once the newness wears off, they move on to another activity that tickles their adventure bone.

Turns out, their desire for variety might make it challenging for them to commit to long-term projects or relationships.

It’s a drawback to being a natural-born adventurer, but they learn to live with it.

8) They’re resourceful

Someone who loves adventure will find themselves in a tricky situation sooner or later.

On the bright side, this pushes them to become resourceful and find creative solutions to their problems.

After all, when your phone dies while stranded in a remote part of the woods, you need to either get out of there quickly or secure some kind of shelter that will protect you from the elements.

Panicking will get you absolutely nowhere.

9) They’re adaptable

This resourcefulness of natural-born adventurers makes them highly adaptable.

They’re likely to handle changing circumstances well and are flexible in their approach to various challenges.

Since they often seek out fresh experiences, adventurers are more comfortable with new situations.

While it takes me about three days to get used to the idea that I’m in a foreign country when I travel, the exploring friend I mentioned before has no issue entering travel mode.

It’s because she does it regularly.

10) They’re resilient

All the challenges, setbacks, and unexpected situations they face help adventurers become resilient.

They bounce back from difficulties quickly and don’t let obstacles hold them back.

Similarly, they usually handle criticism well and rarely dwell on it.  

They don’t have time to deal with negativity.

A new adventure awaits.

11) They thrive under pressure

Many adventurers are accustomed to being under pressure, especially if they frequently seek out thrills.

Their familiarity with uncertainty teaches them to maintain composure under stress, which is incredibly beneficial.

There’s a good chance they have a high-pressure job that feeds their need for adrenaline: pilot, emergency medical technician, firefighter, expedition guide, stunt performer, and so on.

12) They make unconventional choices

To natural-born adventurers, feeding their sense of adventure will be a priority.

This can lead them to make choices that look unconventional to the outside world:

  • Living a nomadic life so they can experience as many cultures as possible

  • Spending all their savings on equipment or traveling opportunities

  • Committing to long-term, grueling expeditions

  • Joining challenge events like multi-day endurance races

  • Quitting a steady job or leaving their partner in order to pursue more adventurous goals

For adventurers, flexibility and personal growth are important values.

Their choices reflect that.

13) They have a passion for exploration

A great thing about a lot of natural-born adventurers is that they see life itself as the ultimate adventure.

As a result, they approach it with enthusiasm and use their zest for exploration to make the most of every day.

They appreciate the present moment, don’t get discouraged by setbacks, and navigate uncertainty with confidence.

This isn’t only commendable; it’s downright inspiring.

Final thoughts

People have different levels of comfort with adventure and exploration – and some of them are more adept at venturing into the unknown.

If you have a person like this in your life, cherish them.

They’ll be the ones pushing you to get out of your comfort zone. 

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