27 tell-tale signs of a male empath

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Once I met a strange guy… He was different, you know.

He was more sensitive and attentive than others, and he made me feel like I was the most important person in the room.

Oh my God, how great it was!

I thought he had feelings for me, but then I realized he behaved in the exact same way with other people too. He made every single person he talked with feel heard, seen, and valued.

It was pure magic. A magic of a male empath.

So, in this article, I’d like to share with you some of the most prominent signs of a male empath.

They are like rare birds, but once you encounter one, you’ll never forget it!

27 tell-tale signs of a male empath

An empath is someone who is sensitive and attuned to both their own as well as other people’s emotions. When we think of empaths, we usually envision women.

However, male empaths exist nonetheless.

Here are the signs you’ve met one (and that’s rare!)

1) He’s a great conversationalist

One of the hallmarks of a male empath is his ability to listen. Just like the guy I’ve mentioned before! He was the best listener in my life…

Male empaths are also great conversationalists. They know how to respond in a polite and supportive manner. They also have a great intuition that helps them always say the right thing.

If you think you might be talking to a male empath, watch out for these signs:

  • He gives you his full attention when he’s speaking and doesn’t interrupt you;
  • He asks questions so he can fully understand your point;
  • He talks in a calm, emotionally intelligent manner;
  • If he doesn’t know how to solve a problem, he’ll say this straight, instead of acting like he knows it all.

Essentially, it feels good to talk to a male empath. You’ll feel seen and understood. It’ll eventually make you want to be around him more and have his undivided attention.

2) They can sense what other people feel

Being so emotionally sensitive is an empath’s main superpower.

They can somehow sense what you feel even if you don’t explicitly express it.

How do they do this exactly? I wish I knew.

In general, empaths of any gender have very active and intuitive mirror neurons. It’s believed that this is what gives them the ability to sense other people’s emotions.

It’s a gift and a burden at the same time. Because if others are happy, they are also happy. But if others are sad, they are sad too.

Empaths can get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of emotions they take on. So, be gentle to your new male empath friend and try not to overload him with your emotional baggage.

3) He isn’t selfish

Because they are incredibly sensitive, empaths are rarely selfish people. Their selfless nature makes them care about everyone else before they care about their own happiness.

If you think one of your friends or loved ones is a male empath, watch out for these things:

  • Whenever you’re upset, he tries to help and solve the situation;
  • He tries to avoid arguments; therefore he doesn’t raise his voice even if needed;
  • He offers to help, even if it’s an inconvenience to him;
  • He often prioritizes other people’s needs before his own;
  • He might have a hard time saying no because he always feels compelled to give.

This is all due to empaths’ strong belief in their morals and values. Generally, they want to do the right thing and help other people.

That’s just the way they are.

While this can make them an easy target for manipulators, it’s also why they always get along with other people.

4) People often reach out to him for help

Because empaths are such fantastic listeners, people often ask them for some help, comfort, or advice. Male empaths sincerely want to help other people and they’re known for always being there for those in need.

However, because of this, they might also be vulnerable to manipulation or abuse. Unfortunately, there are toxic people who see their kindness as timidity and their openness as gullibility.

So if there’s a line of people who reach out to this guy for help or you’ve noticed that some may take advantage of him, he’s probably an empath.

To be honest, not only empaths struggle with being manipulated. I think, kind people, in general, tend to trust more and fall victim to abusers and manipulators.

This happened to me in the past. Somehow, my inner filter was broken and I couldn’t realize when somebody was trying to fool me or use me for their purposes.

Eventually, I ended up in an abusive relationship that broke down my self-esteem and trust in people.

Luckily, I was able to build my self-image back and became even stronger than I was. This was only possible because seeing a therapist, working on my past traumas, and getting rid of unhealthy patterns I followed in my relationships.

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You see, we all have an incredible amount of power and potential within us, but most of us never tap into it. In situations when somebody takes advantage of you and manipulates you, it’s easy to feel guilt and self-doubt.

Once caught in a vicious cycle of unsuccessful relationships, we stop doing what brings us true happiness.

As I said,I tried different techniques and all of them helped me to regain my confidence and step out of the unhealthy pattern.

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I hope it helps you, just as it helped me.

5) Too much emotions can make him stressed

Empaths can feel others’ emotions anywhere and everywhere. It’s not just during intimate one-on-one conversations.

For instance, they’ll get upset because of a crying child in a cafe and get extremely happy for a barista who just got promoted. All at the same time with the same depth of intensity.

Not everyone can take it, really.

It isn’t rare for empaths to suddenly get overwhelmed by all these emotions when in public.

In other words, they may burst in tears or have a weird smile on their face just out of the blue.

While it may appear random, it is actually the emotion of someone that got expressed via an empath.

What I’m trying to say is that don’t always take everything personally when you’re with a male empath. He may simply be transmitting someone else’s emotions.

6) He absolutely adores babies, pets, and any living being, really

All of us love cute puppies or kittens. Who doesn’t go “aww” at a cute little dog?

But empaths take it to another level.

They absolutely gush at them. Seeing a puppy or a baby will fill them with so much joy that they’d immediately express it.

Be it just a squeal of excitement or taking a bunch of photos of a cute thing, male empaths aren’t afraid of expressing their emotion towards something or someone they like. (And that’s pretty much every cute thing in the world).

This is the good part of being an empath: you feel all the happiness in the world just by seeing a baby!

7) He needs his alone time

Most empaths are introverts due to their profound emotional nature. They usually take time off after being social creatures for a while.

However, too much alone time isn’t a good thing for empaths too. It may lead them to overthinking and getting frustrated with their own sensitivity.

Male empaths, as any other empaths are prone to depression or anxiety, which is worsened by too much self-isolation.

8) He is his own source of happiness

Because of their complex inner emotional world, an empath’s happiness comes from within. They are like generators, that are able to produce happiness at any time given.

Even though empaths may be silent and reserved they still have strong inner confidence because they are happy with themselves.

A male empath is:

  • …secure in his own skin and masculinity and doesn’t need the feel to act macho;
  • …more often than not happy about his life;
  • …someone who appreciates the small things in life;
  • …able to make others around him.

9) He has unique perspectives on the world

Being deeply emotional doesn’t necessarily mean that male empaths are illogical.

In fact, they are often very intelligent people and have a unique and deep understanding of the world.

They are able to see connections and trends that many people simply do not realize yet.

In a way, they can foresee the future.

However, their emotional awareness and unique perspective are often stifled and underappreciated by modern society.

Like some of the most prominent genius of the past, some male empaths aren’t really understood by their own generation.

10) They’re drawn to the truth

Empaths’ emotional and sensitive nature has little to no tolerance for lies.

Their deep understanding of life’s intricacies and idiosyncrasies makes them value the truth more than anything.

They always want to have an answer to everything—even if there isn’t or will never be a clear one. They will continue to seek answers until they die.

11) He can effortlessly detect lies

I told you that empaths are absolutely intolerant to lies, right?

Well, I truly meant it.

Empaths are walking lie detectors.

Their intuition allows them to notice even the smallest signs of lies, including minuscule behaviors or slight shifts in tone of voice.

They will always know people’s true intentions—or at least have a gut feeling that they might be insincere.

12) He sometimes feels like an outcast

Isn’t it ironic?

Male empaths are incredibly attuned to other people’s emotions, but they struggle to relate to them on a deep, personal level.

Empaths will often feel like they’re the odd ones in the group. They might feel like an outcast or someone unwanted.

Unfortunately, they just can’t feel as if they’re “normal”—whatever that means.

This is why empaths are often introverts and hesitate to share their private thoughts and feelings.

So, if you managed to become a friend of a male empath, it’s a huge step for him, trust me. Cherish this friendship because he doesn’t simply open up to everyone.

13) He’s incredibly compassionate

Empaths will put others’ emotions and needs above their own.

They’re definitely emotionally intelligent enough to know what they need, too. It’s just that they always feel compelled to put others before themselves.

A male empath is simply oozing with compassion. His friends and loved ones will always rave about how kind and compassionate he is.

So, if you sense his compassion, it might be a male empath in front of you.

14) He’s artsy and creative

Empaths’ often have great creative force. This is why many of them are incredibly artsy people.

Many of them are artists, writers, musicians, designers, or have the arts as their hobbies. Their emotional intuition allows them to express their ideas in beautiful, creative ways.

Even though creativity simply flows through empaths, other people may find it hard to express their artistic ideas.

This was definitely a case for me.

I thought that my art, which was painting on the rocks, is useless and no one really wants to see it.

Little I knew how popular it’d become. It only took me a few years and a bunch of techniques to overcome this self-doubt.

I started to post my art, get tons of positive feedback, and now I’m actually selling it on Etsy, making half of my monthly wage!

15) He’s able to calm people down

Empaths have a soft and serene personality. People will often go to them not just for advice and empathy but for comfort and peace.

In fact, I’d always reach out to my male empath friend with a problem of mine even before I text my girlfriends!

Throughout time, empaths are always sought out whenever there are troubling times.

16) He’s sensitive to his environment

Just as empaths absorb other people’s emotional energy, they’re also sensitive to the energy emanated by their physical environment.

They are highly affected by the physical space they’re in.

Aesthetic and well-maintained places will have a positive, uplifting effect on them. While rowdy, dirty, or chaotic spaces will leave them feeling suffocated.

17) He’s conflict-averse

While we think of traditionally masculine men as brave heroes who thrive off conflict, male empaths are the total opposites of that.

They value peace and harmony above all, and arguments or fights will make them distressed.

After all, during any conflict, people’s negative emotions flare up—and an empath feels all of them.

He quickly gets overwhelmed in case there’s a quarrel near him. What is more, he’ll feel the urge to solve the conflict, but it might be too much for him to handle.

18) He has a hard time saying no

Because empaths are always ready, willing, and looking to help other people, they might have a hard time saying no even if it’s to their detriment.

They always want to give—even if they don’t have much to give anymore. This is also why people often want to take advantage of them.

Empaths tend to be very compliant people.

However, I find that less empathetic people also struggle with creating boundaries in their lives.

My friend Sarah is a bright example of that.

She’d be just like Jim Carrey in a “Yes man” movie with the only difference being that it didn’t end as well for her as for Jim’s character.

In fact, she’ll struggle with the consequences of her always having to agree to everything just to please other people.

After years of being this way, she finally realized something was wrong with her and sought help.

It took her more than just willpower, that’s for sure.

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And while this might sound like a mighty task to undertake, thanks to Jeanette’s guidance, it’s something everyone can achieve.

Sarah used this approach to see how her own agreeing behavior was destructive for her and learned ways to change it and create boundaries in her life.

Now, you may wonder what makes Jeanette’s course different from all the other personal development programs out there.

It all comes down to one thing:

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19) He gets lost in thought

Because empaths have a rich inner world, they often get lost in it. Don’t be surprised if you catch him spacing out. He’s most likely daydreaming.

Male empaths need to be stimulated by meaningful, challenging tasks. Otherwise, they easily get bored or distracted and may get lost inside their own head.

20) He’s able to feel other people’s pain like his own

Empaths’ ability to absorb energy from their surroundings goes beyond emotions. In fact, they can draw in other people’s physical energy too.

This makes them capable of physically feeling the pains and sicknesses of the people around them. It’s as if they become sick too.

No wonder they may avoid places filled with sick people in pain. They literally feel what other people are feeling.

21) He hates messy spaces

When his environment is messy, an empath will feel bogged down by it. The clutter will emanate chaotic, negative energy that he’ll inevitably absorb.

Male empaths often have clean, orderly living spaces. This allows the energy in the room to flow in a smooth, balanced way, giving them a sense of harmony.

This is despite the fact that empaths often collect things due to their nostalgic nature!

22) He’s not a fan of violence in media

Men and boys stereotypically love shows, movies, and video games with a lot of action and violence.

Male empaths, on the other hand, will be thoroughly bothered by them.

It doesn’t matter if violence is happening on the screen. Empaths will still feel the pain as if it was happening in real life.

Glorified depictions of violence will never sit well with peace-loving empaths no matter what.

23) He’s enthusiastic about love and life

Empaths love to live their lives.

Their reflective, spiritual nature allows them to appreciate life to the fullest. This is partly why they are usually so calm and collected even in troubled times.

Male empaths have a talent to see beauty simply everywhere.

Despite their calm demeanor, however, they are highly energetic and enthusiastic people. They know what they want in life and they confidently move toward reaching their goals.

Sometimes, male empaths can get too energetic and enthusiastic and eventually burn out. During times like these, they will retreat back into their introverted selves and recharge.

24) He’s a spiritual person but he doesn’t buy fake spirituality

The fact that empaths are deeply emotional also makes them profoundly spiritual. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are religious (although they might be!).

It does mean, however, that they might be drawn to all things spiritual, metaphysical, or paranormal.

Often, their spirituality might also be the basis for their life philosophy.

However, empaths don’t buy “fake” spirituality.

Attributes and symbols aren’t enough for them to delve into a certain philosophy. They need to make sure it’s not just the pretty image but a real deep idea behind the spiritual trend.

25) He may struggle with intimacy

Intimacy can be tricky for empaths. Because they feel every ounce of emotion from the people around them, imagine how intense it is for them to be emotionally intimate with someone.

While empaths are often loving and romantic people, intimacy can be overwhelming for them.

This is why many of them prefer to take it slow when it comes to relationships.

If you find yourself developing feelings for a male empath, allow your relationship to form slowly.

Don’t push it.

Give your sensitive male empath friend time and space to develop deep feelings for you and express them.

Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

26) He has lucid dreams

The dream realm is often a reflection of our inner psychology.

Because empaths are so emotionally aware, they are also highly aware of how their brain works.

Thus many of them have been having lucid dreams since they were young. Some of them can even control their dreams and plan what they’re about to dream of the next night!

Isn’t that cool?

27) He’s a problem-solver

All the qualities of empaths that I’ve already mentioned make them keen and effective problem-solvers.

Their intuitive and sensitive nature gives them insights into many things.

Meanwhile, their enthusiasm helps them tackle problems with great focus and vigor.

Finally, their creativity allows them to think outside the box when pondering over solutions. Male empaths have incredible potential and are capable of making the most out of any opportunity.

If you have a male empath friend, consider yourself a lucky lady! They might be different from other men you’ve met, but it is what makes them so unique and irreplaceable!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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