If you have these 11 traits, you’re a rare person with a deep personality

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What does it really mean to be a “deep person” in 2021?

People like to frame themselves as being deep these days, almost as if it’s another aesthetic or costume you can simply put on.

But being deep is more than just the clothes you wear and or the kinds of shows you watch on Netflix.

Here are 11 signs that you might be a deep person:

1. You’re Introverted

One of the most common signs of a deep individual is introversion.

To be deep, you have to be quiet, analytical, and someone who thinks before they speak.

And while it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be deep and extroverted at the same time, it does mean that it’s likelier for a person to be deep if they come from an introverted foundation.

This is why most deep people start off as quiet and shy children; they don’t spend their mental energy on socialization and navigating the social conundrums with other people.

They step back and think, letting themselves learn how to observe the world as an outsider because ultimately they feel like outsiders more than anything else.

2. But You’re Not One-Dimensional

Too many people confuse “introverted” with being shy and insecure.

But being introverted doesn’t mean you have weak social and leadership traits. It just means your natural state is being in your head, by yourself.

And being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean you are a deep person.

You also have to be one-dimensional, branched out, with the ability to turn yourself into different shapes depending on the situation.

A deep person is multi-dimensional. They’re adaptable and flexible, and understand that their default mode isn’t always the best mode.

3. You’re Not Easily Swayed, But Also Not Stubborn

Deep people think more than most.

They can sit by themselves quietly for hours.

After all, they’ve got an endless number of questions and problems to think about in their head, and they like doing it.

This means they are very careful with the opinions and stances they take.

They don’t let a Facebook post or social media propaganda shape their worldview for them,

They understand the importance of viewing issues from multiple angles.

Their opinions are built on rock-solid foundations, based on what they know and what they’ve thought about.

However, that doesn’t mean you can never convince a deep person otherwise.

When presented with the proper facts and logic, they know not to be stubborn and prefer the truth over their own feelings.

4. You Analyze What You Experience

Go to any crowded event or tourist spot and you’ll see countless people with their phones out, either taking pictures and videos of the experience or live-sharing it with their friends online.

The people without phones in front of their faces all the time? Those are probably the deep people.

A deep person understands the importance of living in the moment more than anyone else.

This is why they’re more likely to truly breathe it in undistracted, than extroverted, social media addicts who constantly stare at their phones.

Because they know that nothing can truly recreate the memory of the experience.

Living it, and letting it wash over you, is better than recording it and watching it again afterward.

5. You Care About Your Word

At the end of the day, a promise is just a couple of words strung together.

You don’t have to do the things you say you’ll do, especially if there’s no real consequence (for yourself).

But a deep person won’t renege on what they say.

Their thoughts are important to them, which means their integrity is important to them.

Their sense of self is strong, and they have to respect their sense of self to feel right with themselves.

If you care about integrity, if you care about your words, especially when nothing else is at stake besides your own promise — then you might be a deep person.

6. Your Observational Skills Are Amazing

Have you ever felt like you’re just a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to observing and noticing the world around you?

You see things before other people do.

You notice when something has been moved in a room.

You can tell the small differences between one day and another.

And you can figure out movies and shows long before your peers can.

Observation is a skill, and deep people practice this skill unintentionally while being themselves.

They don’t have the day-to-day social drama of their friends and colleagues distracting them — either because they’re not part of those circles or they just don’t care.

Their minds think about other things, even if those other things are as trivial as the number of dots on their walls, the stripes on their ceilings, or whatever else they may see or hear.

7. You Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

While deep people can be serious and stern at times, they also know how to be flexible about their self-image.

They’re not obsessed with how they look or come across. Their material ego isn’t a concern for them.

If someone makes fun of a deep person, chances are it’ll just bounce off of them.

They don’t care enough about what other people say or think, so they know how to take a joke and move on.

8. You Love Books

Reading is one of your favorite pastimes.

It’s hard to say what comes first — do deep people naturally like reading, or does reading make people deep — but regardless, you have always had a significant relationship with books.

You might have read tons as a kid, and as an adult, you might no longer read as much as you once did, but you still read more than most people around you.

And it’s the perfect hobby for a deep person — immersing yourself in another world without caring about anyone around you and learning about things you never knew about.

You know you’ll always have a connection with books and not a superficial one where you take pictures of book covers to post on Instagram, but a real one that will always draw you back to your favorite bookstore, no matter how long ago you finished your last book.

9. You are a Creature of Habit

It’s so trendy these days to live spontaneously.

To say yes to everyone and everything.

To throw yourself into the unknown, to live as if there’s no tomorrow, and to go off on one adventure after another, just because you can.

But as a deep person, you can’t imagine living without your habits and routines.

This can vary — you might have your entire day planned out every day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep; or maybe you simply have a set number of activities that you must do every day, in a loose order depending on how busy you might be.

Some people might say you live a boring life.

But you know this is the optimal way for you to thrive and grow.

Even if your success and happiness aren’t as obvious or immediate as random adventures, you know that your growth is long-term and significant.

10. You Love Solving Problems

Where other people see walls, you see opportunities to innovate.

Problems aren’t obstacles to you; they’re challenges, temporary roadblocks that simply require some thinking.

You’ve always had a knack for figuring out things that stumped your peers.

You think from different perspectives, and know how to “zoom out” and see the forest for the trees in ways most people can’t.

In fact, solving problems might be your full-time career.

Deep people tend to become CEOs, managers, leaders in their fields, because they can think in new and unexpected ways, figuring out solutions others never realized were possible.

11. The Few Relationships You Have Are Truly Deep and Meaningful

Deep, introverted individuals don’t need the external validation and social structures that other people might crave.

Whereas some people might rely on regular interaction with multiple people in their lives, finding new best friends in everything they throw themselves in headfirst, deep people naturally keep a distance from everyone around them.

Not necessarily because they dislike people, but because they don’t really need the socializing and the extra stress of adding more people to their lives.

Instead, deep people prefer to have fewer relationships that they keep for a lifetime; truly meaningful relationships, friends they know will stick with them forever, and significant others whom they will never replace.


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