The top 11 signs of a modern classy man and woman

Classy men and women have certain characteristics that set them apart. 

No matter how unique they are, there are traits that emerge which make it clear that these ladies and gentlemen are a league apart. 

Here are the top signs. 

1) They have style

First up in the top signs of a modern classy man and woman is that they have style. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean they wear expensive brand names or have designer shoes. 

But it means they do care how they look and how they feel in their clothes…

It means they do accessorize well and with taste…

It means they wear clothes that go well with one another and look nice. 

Having style is about caring what you wear and what you choose to be around. 

In terms of clothing, your home design, your cutlery and every other thing. It’s about far more than money, it’s about having some decent taste. 

Most of all:

It means they have their own unique signature style that’s not copied from anyone else: it’s theirs.

2) They look after themselves 

Next up in the most important signs of a modern classy man and woman is that they look after themselves. 

They keep their hair clean and looking good, or their scalp well cared for if they are bald or clean-shaven. 

They maintain and trim facial hair and smell pleasant. 

Looking after themselves often includes an element of fitness or a healthy lifestyle as well. 

After all, people who look after their body tend to have a healthy glow from the physical exercise they do, and it shows. 

3) They speak clearly and well

We can’t forget the important signs of a modern classy man and woman in terms of speaking, either. 

No matter their background or where they are from, the classy man or woman speaks well. 

They project their voice to be heard and respected and they enunciate their words. 

Furthermore, the classy individual makes sure to think before they speak and try their best to say what they actually want to communicate instead of just words to fill the silence. 

For this reason: when they speak, others listen. 

When they use certain words, it’s for a reason, not random.

They also tend to stay silent on trivial conversations and gossip. It’s just not worth the time and they generally have better things to work on. 

They speak with confidence and class and they say things that are relevant and interesting, not just idle chit chat. 

4) They are polite and well mannered

The classy individual treats others with respect and adheres to a high standard of etiquette. 

They will greet a stranger who says hello and be polite to waiters and service staff

They smile, shake hands and look you in the eye. 

However, they are never fake nice or performatively polite. They are never obsequious or submissive in front of people or issuing fake smiles to get their way.

They’re simply polite in a basic and respectful way.  

The classy individual treats others with respect and values their time. They speak clearly, as I mentioned, and they look people in the eye. 

If they see someone who needs a door opened or a hand carrying some groceries they just go ahead and do that. Because why not?

5) They have a moral and ethical code

Very importantly in terms of the signs of a modern classy man and woman is that they have a moral and ethical code. 

They have a moral code about what they believe and what they stand for. 

They have red lines they simply won’t close in their personal or professional life. 

These values may include honesty, authenticity and kindness to others. They may also include stances on controversial issues or political and cultural subjects. 

Whatever they believe, they don’t do it because of popularity. They hold beliefs that they have found valid and true by their own life experience and that of those they most respect and look up to. 

6) They are ambitious and motivated 

Classy people care about their lives and success. They seek prosperity and health in their life and want the same for others. 

They tend to be hardworking, but never allow themselves to be exploited. 

Classy individuals make ideal partners for a business or venture, because they always put their best foot forward. 

However, they are a con man or exploitative boss’ worst nightmare, because a classy person will never accept being treated as a cog in the machine or a piece of junk. 

They believe in their worth and demand recognition of it. 

They will work hard, but only when respected and included in the success of a venture rather than just an appendage to somebody else’s dream.

7) They help others without an ulterior motive

Another of the key signs of a modern classy man and woman is that they are helpful without an ulterior motive. 

In life situations often arise where help is offered with strings attached. 

We’ve all experienced these kinds of situations:

A friendship or relationship offered transactionally just to get help, support, money or security…

A friendly or flirtatious interaction that quickly turns to dismissal and resentment when you refuse to buy something from the person’s shop…

An opportunity given out with great enthusiasm only to bury us in fine print later on (damn that timeshare seemed too good to be true, I knew it!)

And so on…

But the classy individual never attaches their friendship or love to a transaction. 

They’re way above that. 

And to be quite honest they rightfully look down on those who do so. 

8) They add net value to every situation 

The next of the top signs of a modern classy man and woman is that they are a net plus to any situation. 

Personal, professional, recreational, you name it: people are generally glad to see them. 

Even hostile individuals warm up and feel a certain bonhomie. 

What is it?

The classy man or woman has a certain charisma that emanates from them. 

Their competence, class and the way they carry themselves breeds confidence and fondness in others. 

People are sorry to see them go and glad to see them arrive…

Just the way it should be!

9) They love for real and are honest in romance

In terms of romance there are important signs of a modern classy man and woman to keep in mind. 

The classy individual doesn’t play games with people’s emotions. 

He or she states their intentions clearly and respects the time and energy of others. 

If they don’t want something serious, they say so. If they feel the desire for something more they are open about that instead of settling for less. 

Classy people are never needy or desperate for love, but they are direct. 

The reason this is still confident is that they are willing to walk away if somebody does not meet their standards or mistreats them. 

They never cling to somebody who has rejected them or beg for a second chance. 

They offer themselves honestly when they are feeling it and they withdraw gracefully under rejection or disinterest. 

They show others the same courtesy in love and sex that they want for themselves. 

10) They own up when they mess up 

Very importantly in the signs of a modern classy man and woman is that they own up when they mess up. 

If they’re wrong about something and see evidence of that they admit they were wrong. 

They don’t let their ego start useless arguments or chase clout online and waste time arguing with idiots. 

They stay humble and fess up when they make a mistake. 

Sometimes they may even make a mistake nobody else knows about, or break a promise to themselves, such as a New Year’s resolution…

But the difference is that whereas a sloppy individual might just sweep it under the rug, the classy person looks at themselves in the mirror and promises to do better. 

Then they do. 

11) They are either all in or all out 

The thing about a classy man or woman is that they are completely authentic. 

They don’t half-ass anything. 

In their personal and private life or in their public and business life, they are either all in or all out. 

If they have a down day when they’re in a horrible mood, they call in sick or do something else with the day. 

They don’t take out their problems on anyone else or play the victim

They either are completely committed or they opt out. There’s no vague, undefined zone with them. 

You’re either their friend or you’re not. You’re either doing a deal with them or you’re not. 

That’s the thing about a classy person: you always know where you stand with them because they let you know. 

Classing it up 

Being classy is ultimately about valuing yourself and those around you. 

It’s about looking your best, meeting others honestly and with full attention, and enjoying the finer things of life. 

Whether rich, poor or in between, being classy is ultimately an attitude and a mindset that life is worth living and worth living well.  

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