12 signs he wants you to notice him on social media

What does “🎩🐧🍃🎱” even mean?

Men can be hard to read. From random jokes and teasing one day to flat out ignoring you the next, there’s no telling what’s actually running through their heads.

But you used to be such an expert at reading their body language but then the pandemic happened.

You can’t really read their body language when they’re behind their screen.

Now, it’s so much harder to read them through social media. Words can mean so many different things without hearing the tone that you end up in this state of anxiety, not understanding if he’s intending to be funny or intending to be mad.

At one point you just find yourself making an effort to see what he means exactly.

Like was he trying to say something when he posted that video with your favorite song playing in the background? Or was he trying to make you start a conversation with him when he posted a pic of your favorite meal? These “moves” can’t all be coincidences, right?

Well, we’re glad you found this article. Because we’re going to break down the tell-tale signs that he wants you to notice him on social media.

1) He’s online when you are

This sign is one of the most subtle hints that he wants you to notice him. At first, it doesn’t seem like a sign at all, I mean it could be purely coincidence right? But trust us, he wants you to notice him when he’s doing this.

It’s like the counterpart of always being wherever you are in real life. Like, remember when that guy your friend introduced to you was always at the parties you went to?

It’s the same thing when they’re constantly online when you are. You can’t pin it on coincidence if it happens all the time.

He likes the possibility of you messaging him because you noticed the little green button next to his photo.

He’s hoping that his constant presence will entice you to message him. Maybe he’s even already at the top of your “Active Friends” list.

2) He comments on almost everything you post

This next sign is a bit obvious of him.

Like last week when you posted your Sunday brunch and he left a comment. He also left a comment when you posted your favorite outfit. You didn’t think of it as anything.

And then when you accidentally posted a blurry pic of the sky, he replied to your post again. Why is he always in your comment section, right? Is he lowkey telling you something?

Well, the thing is, he’s trying to start a conversation with you. No matter how small it is, he’ll take what he can get. He’s just that into you.

Sure, he can always just message you randomly but starting a conversation out of nothing is really hard. Especially when it’s with a person you want to impress. Feelings can turn guys into bumbling fools who have forgotten how to communicate.

3) He’s one of the first to watch your stories

Have you noticed that he’s always one of the first people to view your stories? No matter what time of day it is, he’s always so quick to view it. There’s a high chance he has his story notifications on.

No matter how many stories you post in a day, he views all of them in an instant.

The way he’s always viewing it before other people is such a tell-tale sign that he wants you to notice him. He usually reacts to your stories and he would even slide into your DMs when you post a selfie.

He clearly wants your attention and this is one of the subtle ways to show it.

4) He tags you in memes

Is he always tagging you in posts? Do you think that some of the tags aren’t that funny?

Tagging you in something once or twice a day is okay. But sometimes it seems as though everything reminds him of you.

He obviously wants to make you smile. So he’s doing the most to make that happen. Every day, he tries to find the perfect post to tag you in. It’s actually a pretty sweet sentiment and it goes to show how much he thinks of you.

And when he tags you tonight in a post, you now know what it means.

5) He takes an interest in your interests

♪ You started eating my favorite candy. You buy a pack in every store you’re in. Stocking up on strawberry Mentos. So when you kiss me it’ll taste like them. ♪

He takes note of the things you like and makes an effort to let you know that he listens by constantly sharing stuff about it.

You told him that you like photography and you find him sharing film shots on his timeline frequently since then.

When you mentioned his dog was cute, he started posting more of his pug on his feed. And then when you said you like burritos, he’s suddenly sharing different Mexican recipes on his timeline.

You discover that he starts to follow pages that you like. That’s why most of his posts recently are about your favorite things. When he found out you like these things, he took an interest in it too.

He thought this all out. Sharing posts about things you like and you noticing it is a calculated bonus for him.

6) He keeps posting selfies

Ever since you both met, there’s suddenly a rise of his selfies on his Instagram feed or his stories.

He posts selfies of him brushing his teeth, of him getting coffee, and of him walking his dog. It’s as if ever since you met him, he’s been posting more of his selfies.

He even shared a selfie with the shirt you said looked so good on him.

And he does this because he wants you to notice him. He’s trying to showcase his best assets in the hopes that you’d be attracted to him.

He wants you to like his selfies or at least react to his photos. Because all he wants is for you to at least notice him. Because you noticing him is a step towards a conversation.

Sometimes he may even go so far as to ask you which photos to post on his feed. Asking you which ones you like goes to show that he just values your input.

He wants to know what you think about him. And if finding the answer to that means posting all these selfies every day, he’ll do it.

7) He’s always liking your posts

Your notifications are filled with him liking your posts. Even posts you’ve long forgotten. He has no shame in spamming you.

He wants this to spark a conversation. He’s trying to make his actions tell you how much he likes you. He’s literally telling you he likes you by spamming you with likes.

It’s his way of showing his support for you and in the online setting, this is one of the very few ways that he can do it.

There are so many other ways he wishes to show how much he wants you to notice him (and maybe ask him out) but he’s getting way over his head.

He doesn’t know how to tell you he likes you explicitly. Or maybe he’s saving his big confession for when you see each other again.

8) He starts listening to love songs

Last week it was Suckered by The Jonas Brothers. Yesterday it was Share Your Address by Ben Platt. Today it’s Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran.

He’s been listening to a lot of love songs lately.

Could they be for you? Maybe the songs capture how he feels for you. Or maybe he’s trying to understand your music taste. So whichever songs you react to, he’ll post more of that genre.

He wants to have something in common with you. He wants to have your attention and this is his way of doing so.

Songs can move people, after all. Maybe he thinks that doing this will urge you to think of him while listening to the songs. Maybe he even already made you a playlist!

9) He’s always teasing you

You always hear about how in kindergarten, a boy pulls on a girl’s pigtail because he’s into her. The teasing is their odd way of showing how much they like you.

When in group chats, he’s always laughing at your typos or trying to imitate the way you type until everyone else joins in on the fun.

He thinks of a punchline for everything you say. Sometimes you don’t even get it or it goes over your head.

If this is the case, he wants you to notice him. He wants to make you laugh with his sense of humor. People do say that the way to someone’s heart is to make them laugh. And honestly, some playful banter always tends to spark some romance.

10) He replies instantly

You send a simple “hey” and not even a minute later he replies asking you how you are.

He’s always there for you. No matter how long it takes for you to reply, you aren’t surprised whenever he replies almost immediately after.

He spends his day waiting for his phone to light up with your notification, and it gets him excited every time it happens.

He’s showing you how you can depend on him for anything because when it’s you, he’s always available.

He makes time for you and he wants you to notice that. Because who else replies to you that fast? He wants to be different from everyone else you’re talking to.

11) He keeps dropping hints in his posts

You think that he tweeted about something related to what you were laughing about the other day. But you’re not quite sure if you’re right.

♪ It’s you. It’s always been you. ♪

You’re the person he’s talking about. It may seem far off but you know it to be true. After all, his tweets always seem to reference memories of events that are familiar to both of you.

He even hints at certain quirks you have or special moments you’ve had together.

Like when he tweeted “I miss the girl who made me laugh so hard I spit out my drink.”

Does he keep hinting at inside jokes? These are the little things only the both of you will get.

He doesn’t even need to tag you because he knows only you will get it and it was intentionally for you.

He’s trying to build a relationship with you and friendships start with mere inside jokes. He’s hoping that someday it could lead to something more than just friendship.

12) He jokes about liking you

Does he keep saying that he’s falling for you? And then after that message, he takes it back, saying it’s just a joke.

Or maybe sometimes he jokes about you falling for him. Is he telling you that his charms are starting to work on you?

He’s just masking his feelings through his humor. A lot of guys do this. It’s a classic trick for them. Think of it as his way of making you double-think about what he truly means.

Because some jokes are fully meant. He just doesn’t know how to tell you off the bat.

So he’s been leaving hints through his mockery.

It’s the little things like that that speak volumes about their feelings for you. And how much they want you to know.

They’re just afraid of rejection.

Remember, it takes two to spark a romance. He will never really know where he stands until you tell him how you feel about him.

Maybe try opening up a conversation about it the next time he sends you a pic of his pug. Or maybe you can take a page from his book and give him subtle signs through your social media posts too!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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