31 signs he finds you irresistible (complete guide)

“There is something so beautiful inside you that if you knew it, you would fall in love with it. It is irresistible. You can truly experience that.”

– Prem Rawat

To one man you may just be one of the 3.9 billion women in the world.

To another man, however, you may be the world.

The difference is all in the eyes of the beholder.

Here’s how to tell where you are on his radar…

31 signs he finds you irresistible

1) His body language is all about you

One of the biggest signs he finds you irresistible is that his body language is oriented toward you.

He leans toward you, licks his lips, plays with his hair and points his feet towards you when you’re together.

If you learn how to read body language, this guy’s behavior will speak volumes.

Here’s a handy guide that goes through some of the basics of learning to read body language from TopThink.

2) He tries to touch you whenever possible

He also tries to touch you when he’s close to you.

Sometimes this is subtle, like putting a hand on your arm or gently letting his touch linger when your hands meet.

When touching you isn’t an option, he’ll try to be physically close to you.

If there’s a choice to sit next to you or elsewhere, you can bet you know where he’s going to choose.

Being irresistible means exactly that: he can’t resist you.

Even when he knows it looks extra-thirsty to always glom onto you, he just can’t stop himself!

3) He initiates conversations as much as possible

Another of the top signs he finds you irresistible is that he initiates conversations whenever possible.

If he can’t think of a topic, he just starts chatting about the weather, or compliments your new earrings.

If your conversation reaches a lull, you’ll also notice him make a conscious effort to keep it going and extend your chat.

He’s clearly set his mind on talking to you about anything possible.

Hopefully you like all the attention!

4) He makes intense eye contact with you

When we see something we like, we look at it. It’s in our nature!

A man who can’t get enough of you is going to make intense eye contact and lavish his gaze on you.

He’ll look at you like he’s working on a hot day and eyeing up a dripping ice cream cone of his favorite flavor…

Or an ice-cold beer with condensation beading down the sides.

He finds you irresistible, that’s for sure.

A shy guy will usually make eye contact and then briefly look down like he’s embarrassed when you catch him.

5) He’s a nervous wreck

All but the smoothest players get shaken up by a beautiful woman they are attracted to.

When a man finds you irresistible, his body and mind start to go haywire in ways that are beyond his control.

It’s like a system override switch.

If he finds you irresistible, he’s going to show it with shaky hands, clumsy behavior, fidgeting and tripping over his own words.

He’ll seem like he’s having an anxiety attack, but really he’s just having an attack of being extremely attracted to you.

6) He notices small details about you

Many relationships start to crack up when the guy starts forgetting key dates of his girlfriend or wife.

He also stops noticing little details about her and even some obvious things like her hairstyle.

A guy who finds you irresistible is the opposite.

He’ll pick up on even subtle changes and notice a change in style, that new nail polish that’s really unique, or even a special perfume scent you’re wearing.

Think of him like a radio that’s tuned into you all day long.

7) He doesn’t like other guys around you

Another sign that a guy can’t get his mind off you is that he doesn’t like when you’re around other guys.

This can cross the line into toxicity and possessive behavior, but in milder forms it’s usually manageable.

A guy who finds you irresistible will tend to react very badly when you are talking or flirting with other men.

He’ll eye them up like he’s an animal stalking its prey or assessing the competition.

He wants you all to himself.

8) He’s always getting in touch with you

A guy who can’t get enough of you will try to keep the lines of communication open.

He’ll constantly be texting, calling, or trying to chat with you in some form.

Even if that’s just a quick “hey, good morning!” every day before work, you can bet that he’ll be there…

He wants to be in touch with you and know what’s going on in your life.

And he never gets bored with you, either.

9) He loves to make you laugh

One of the cliches about the “nice guy” who gets friendzoned is that he’s a bit of a class clown.

He makes a girl laugh and she cares about him, but the romantic feelings just aren’t there.

Laughing all the time might be a bit much, but the truth is that laughter can be deeply tied to romance.

And there’s a certain way of joking that is also seductive and increases the romantic tension.

If he’s doing that around you quite often, then he’s likely very into you.

10) He’s there for you when the chips are down

A guy who just finds you a bit attractive or likes your personality isn’t going to be there when the crap hits the fan.

But a man who truly finds you irresistible is different.

One of the strongest signs he finds you irresistible is that he’s there for you when the chips are down.

This is the case even when there’s no clear benefit to him.

Why would he care?

Because he’s extremely into you.

11) He dresses to the nines around you

A guy who finds you stunning will try to look at the top of his game himself.

He’ll dress well, wear accessories, keep his hygiene top-notch and style his hair.

He’ll wear snazzy shoes and a nice belt.

He’ll have on sunglasses that look just that extra bit classy.

If he’s looking like a million bucks whenever he’s around you, but only like about $500 around everyone else, then you can be sure that something’s up.

12) He’s proud of you

A man who finds you irresistible is proud of you.

He loves to be out in public with you, introduce you to his friends and be known to be associated with you.

He’s not ashamed of anything about you and boosts you up around others even when you’re not around.

If he can help you out in any way, he’s willing and ready.

He’s your number one fan.

13) His face shows the signs

When a man is intensely attracted to a woman, something interesting happens:

His jaw drops open, his palms start sweating and he gets flushed and short of breath.

His eyes get a hungry kind of look and he even starts drooling in some cases.

Either he hasn’t eaten in awhile or he wants you for dessert.

14) His voice gets super husky

When a man gets very turned on emotionally or physically, he gets husky.

Like the mating call of an animal in the wild, a man who finds you irresistible will subconsciously lower his voice.

This is an ancient caveman instinct which is intended to convey strength and manliness.

15) He asks about your future plans

A guy who finds you irresistible wants to keep you in his life as much as possible.

He’ll be very curious about your future plans and if he fits into them.

So, does he?

Or is he out of luck?

16) He writes you romantic texts

Men aren’t always master-texters.

But the guy who’s into you beyond the superficial becomes a real Romeo over text.

He may even send you poetry excerpts…

Or inspirational short videos.

He’s on fire for you, and this is his way of showing it.

17) He’s all over your social media

One of the other big signs he finds you irresistible is that he’s all over your social media.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it…

He may even get desperate enough to start scouring your LinkedIn!

Anything is possible when a man is infatuated at this level…

18) He notices your new outfits

When you put on a new outfit, not everyone notices.

But a guy who finds you irresistible definitely does.

This goes double for new lingerie. He’ll be positively drooling when you throw on a new lacy thong.

19) He wants to be friends with your friends

Another one of the top signs he’s really into you is that he wants you to be friends with his friends, and vice versa.

He introduces you around and takes you to meet his pals, his family and those close to him at work.

He also wants to get close to those who you care about most.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

20) He’s respectful even when he disagrees with you

Nobody really loves it when someone disagrees with them.

Why not just be honest and get that out of the way?


A man who finds you irresistible will tend to have almost limitless patience.

Even when he disagrees strongly with you, he’ll be very respectful and hear you out.

21) He gets interested in what you’re into

If you’re into crochet and collecting 1940s movie posters, you won’t believe your eyes about how fast he latches on.

A man who finds you irresistible can’t resist the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and share your interests.

Maybe he found that one Clark Gable poster you could never get and he wants to bring it by and give it to you…

Speaking of which…

22) He brings you thoughtful gifts

There’s never a bad time for someone to give you a gift that’s thoughtful and useful.

And a man who finds you irresistible loves to buy gifts for you.

He will also clearly put thought into it and get you something that he knows you’ll like.

It may often be something you’ve talked about or expressed an interest in in the past.

23) He finds your mind fascinating

A man who’s truly into you doesn’t only like your look.

He also finds your mind to be its own world of wonders…

He approaches you with genuine curiosity and plumbs your depths to find out what makes you tick.

If you look closely you can see he’s not faking it.

He’s sincerely intrigued by the way you think.

24) He forgives you when you mess up

We could all use someone who forgives us when we make a mistake.

And a big sign that man finds you to be the ultimate temptation is that he keeps letting you mess up and get another chance.

Sometimes he even does this to the point of being…


A bit of a sucker!

Try to be a good person and not take advantage of him.

25) He’s understanding about your life

A guy who finds you sizzling hot does his best to understand you.

The oddities and unique parts of your life don’t faze him.

He rolls with the punches and understands that you’re a unique human being with her own priorities and obligations.

This includes if you have kids or elderly parents to look after.

He’s very understanding about it, because you’re on another level for him.

26) He admires your career and interests

When a man admires your career and interests, he’s really saying he admires you.

The fact that you’re an architect or a nurse may wow him for real.

But if it was someone else doing it, he’d likely be less impressed.

It’s you who really impresses and overwhelms him with attraction.

27) He sometimes gasps when he sees you

Overly obvious signs like this sometimes get left out when dating advice writers are penning an article.

That’s a mistake.

Because sometimes it’s the extremely obvious signs which women miss.

After all, what guy would literally gasp when he sees you?

That’s just in comics, right? Well, no.

Extreme attraction can make a man literally gasp when he sees you. Even if he brushes it off as indigestion or says he just has a cough, you’ll know it if you know what to look for.

A gasp is a gasp.

28) He doesn’t notice other women

Another one of the most important signs he finds you irresistible is that he doesn’t notice other women.

Sure, he physically sees a smoking hot brunette who just walked by your table at the restaurant.

And he registers that the bartender asking what he’d like is a buxom and attractive lady.

But he doesn’t care.

He’s completely focused on you and other women don’t arouse his real desire and interest.

29) He takes you out on thoughtful dates

A guy who takes you for granted shows it with his every move.

He does the bare minimum and just scrapes by, leading to fights every few weeks.

A guy who thinks you’re the best woman he’s ever met in his life goes the extra mile.

He takes you out on thoughtful dates and never forgets important dates like your birthday.

30) He opens up and shows you his real self

One of the top signs he finds you irresistible is that he shows you his real self.

Even if it’s hard to do, he opens up to you about his challenges and what he’s working on in his life.

Whether it’s popular or not, he bares his soul.

And in taking that risk he gains your respect, and maybe your heart.

31) He mirrors you

Mirroring is a physical and emotional phenomenon that happens when a man is very interested in a woman.

When a man is very attracted to you, he will often begin to unconsciously copy what you do.

Your gestures, words, way of sitting, even the way you’re talking and acting.

He may not realize it, but this is his body and mind’s way of telling you that he’s very into you.

Is resistance futile?

If a guy finds you irresistible, it could be the start of something beautiful.

Or it could just be a flash in the pan and a night of passion.

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