8 undeniable signs a guy likes you more than a friend

Got a guy friend and wondering if he likes you as more than just a buddy?

You’re not alone. Figuring this out can be tricky.

But don’t worry!

We’ve got some clear signs to help you know if he’s into you.

1. He Texts You… A Lot

Let’s start with something simple: his texting habits.

If he’s into you, chances are he’ll be hitting up your phone more often than just to ask what homework is due tomorrow.

We’re talking “good morning” texts, asking how your day was, and even those “saw this and thought of you” messages.

You see, when a guy is just a friend, he might text you, but it’s usually more random or only when he needs something.

But if he’s texting you just because he wants to know what’s up with you, then girl, that’s a big green light flashing “he’s interested!”

Now, this doesn’t mean he needs to be texting you 24/7 (because let’s be real, everyone’s got a life).

But if he’s consistently keeping the conversation flowing, chances are, you’re not just a friend in his eyes.

2. He Remembers the Little Things 

You know how you mentioned that random love for strawberry ice cream or that you’re low-key obsessed with 90s sitcoms?

Most friends would probably forget these tiny details—after all, who can keep track of everything?

But if this guy remembers and even brings it up later, that’s a pretty big deal.

I remember when my friend Sarah was in this situation.

She casually mentioned loving lavender-scented candles.

The next thing she knew, her guy friend gifted her one “just because.”

That “just because” speaks volumes!

It’s like he’s saying, “I listen when you talk, and what you like matters to me.”

When someone’s crushing on you, the little details suddenly become important bookmarks in their memory.

If your guy friend remembers things you’ve casually talked about—even better, acts on them—then chances are, he’s got his sights set on more than friendship.

3. He Gets a Bit Jealous 

Jealousy isn’t the best emotion out there, but let’s be honest, we’ve all felt it at some point, right?

If your guy friend gets noticeably uncomfortable or awkward when you talk about other guys, or even when you spend time with other people, that’s a red flag waving high and screaming, “Hey, I want your attention!”

I’m not talking about toxic jealousy here, where he’s controlling or manipulative.

That’s a whole different ball game and a massive “no-go.”

I mean those subtle moments when he’s clearly not thrilled about you swooning over some other guy or even spending too much time with other friends.

It’s like he can’t help but reveal that he wants to be the main character in your story.

So, if you catch him grimacing when you talk about your latest crush or acting a bit distant when you’re hanging with other friends, it’s probably because he wishes he were the one you were excited about.

4. He Talks About Other Women 

If a guy is genuinely interested in you, sometimes he’ll bring up other women to gauge your reaction. It’s like he’s trying to see if you get a tad bit jealous or if you’re interested in his love life—because he’s interested in yours.

This tactic is definitely a little risky on his part, and it might even confuse you (which is probably why you’re reading this article, am I right?).

However, the underlying message might be: “I want to see how much you care about our relationship and if you think of me as more than just a friend, too.”

So, if he’s randomly started chatting about his weekend plans with “just a friend” or discussing how someone asked him out, pay attention to the context and how it makes you feel.

Your reaction might just be the clue he’s looking for—and a surprising sign he’s into you.

5. He Shows Up… For the Small Stuff 

We all have friends who’ll be there for the big moments—birthdays, graduations, maybe even a family barbecue.

But this guy? He’s there for the random stuff, the things that most people might not think are a big deal.

A friend of mine, Emily, experienced this firsthand.

She had a small art show, and while it wasn’t a huge event, her guy friend made it a point to be there.

Not just a quick “Hey, great job!” and then dash. He stayed, talked about her artwork, and really seemed genuinely interested.

When a guy likes you as more than just a friend, your minor victories become his celebrations, too.

Maybe it’s attending a hobby event you’re into, or showing up at your workplace just to say hi during a break.

These aren’t grand gestures, but they’re meaningful ones. He’s inserting himself into various aspects of your life because, frankly, he wants to be a part of it.

6. He Doesn’t Shy Away from Deep Talks 

Alright, most guys aren’t rushing to dive into deep emotional conversations. It’s just not a go-to activity.

But if your guy friend regularly makes space for serious, soul-searching talks with you, then something’s up.

You know those conversations—the ones that happen late at night, or even just quietly in the car, where you delve into your fears, your dreams, or what you want out of life.

If he’s encouraging these talks, he’s not just killing time. He’s connecting, on a real, emotional level.

And let’s be brutally honest: people don’t dive deep unless they’re looking for something meaningful.

I have to say, when this happened to me, it caught me off guard.

But looking back, those late-night, raw conversations were the clearest sign that we were both invested in something beyond friendship.

So if he’s willing to go to those emotional places with you, chances are he’s interested in a relationship that’s more than skin-deep.

7. He Doesn’t Always Need to Be the Hero 

You’d think if a guy likes you, he’d always want to be your knight in shining armor, right? But hear me out:

Sometimes, when a guy is really into you, he doesn’t feel the need to impress you with grand gestures or superhero moments.


Because he’s comfortable showing you his real, authentic self—even if that means admitting he’s not perfect.

He might even be vulnerable about his flaws or insecurities.

This goes against the grain of what we often see in movies or read in novels, where the love interest is always “Mr. Perfect.”

In fact, this happened with a buddy of mine, Mark.

He was so into this girl but instead of pretending to be this flawless guy, he openly talked about his struggles with work and how he sometimes feels inadequate.

Counterintuitive, I know, but it made her fall for him even more. She told me it was his authenticity and vulnerability that sealed the deal.

So, if he’s okay with not always being your knight in shining armor and shows his real self, warts and all, he might be hoping you’ll love him for who he truly is—not just the shiny facade.

8. He Makes Plans for the Future… And Includes You in Them 

When we’re just friends with someone, we might make plans for the weekend or even a trip.

But if he’s talking about more distant plans—a concert that’s several months away, a trip next summer, or even where he sees himself in a few years—and he’s including you in those plans, take notice.

He’s not just seeing you as a friend to hang out with now; he’s picturing you in his life down the line.

It’s like he’s subtly saying, “I’m thinking about my future, and when I do, I see you in it.” Now, if that’s not a massive sign, I don’t know what is!

Whether it’s as small as planning to binge-watch a future series together or as significant as talking about moving to a new city, if you’re part of his future visions, then you’re probably more than just a friend in his eyes.

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