11 clear signs your girlfriend is loyal (and you should never let her go!)

Sometimes it can feel like loyalty is a lost art.

People are so quick to throw relationships under the bus these days, just so they can go back on the dating apps and find the next person to date for a while.

But there are still some good matches out there; some people who still understand the meaning of loyalty.

So what makes loyalty, and how do you know when your girlfriend is loyal?

Here are 11 clear signs that your girlfriend is loyal, and someone you should never let go of:

1) Honesty is easy to her

Your girlfriend values honesty, and it’s easy to see it through her actions.

She openly communicates to you about her needs and trusts you enough to state her intentions and desires plainly without worrying about their impact on the relationship.

This allows her to freely communicate what’s really on her mind.

Whenever you ask her if something’s wrong, or whether she likes something or not, she doesn’t resort to white lies and feels comfortable enough to tell you the truth.

She feels secure enough in her own judgment and her communication skills.

Her general desire for open communication inevitably influences other aspects of your relationship, making it that much easier to create a trustworthy foundation.

2) She sticks around during the bad moments

Sometimes what leads partners astray is the desire for an easier relationship.

Misunderstandings, distance, and miscommunication can all wear down connections.

Meeting someone new who doesn’t share the history of tension makes it all the more tempting to jump the fence.

Look for someone who wants to stick around when the going gets tough.

The solution to problems isn’t always simple or easy, but she stays because she’d rather solve things with you than find solace elsewhere.

When you find a partner like this, you can rest easy knowing they’re with you through the ups and downs, and won’t easily be swayed by the promise of an easier relationship elsewhere.

3) She treats the relationship as a priority

Your relationship is important enough to her that she wants to grow with it and see it through.

Loyalty isn’t just about choosing your partner and honoring the commitment you share versus choosing to be with other people.

More often than not, it’s tested and measured against the commitment one person has with their own self.

When things get difficult: do you take the easy way out and give yourself a reprieve, or do you soldier on with your partner?

Loyalty is more than just about faithfulness and turning away from infidelity.

If you have a girlfriend who pushes through difficult conversations and takes time off her day to work on issues with you and listen to you, you know you have a keeper.

4) You’re a part of her inner circle

It’s easy to give up on a relationship if no one knows about it.

In a way, making a relationship public kind of increases the stakes, because now there are people who will be aware if it succeeds or it fails.

Your girlfriend shows solidarity by introducing you to her friends and family.

Take it as a sign of confidence that she’s happy to show you around and connect you with people who are in her life.

5) She’s upfront about her other relationships

Security in a relationship begins with transparency.

When you have an understanding of her involvement with other people, there’s really little to no room for doubt or jealousy.

You don’t have to worry about her friends at work or that one guy who keeps calling her on the weekends because you know what role they play in her life.

She happily shares other people in her life with you and contributes to your feelings of security by providing answers to questions you might have.

It’s normal to feel jealousy from time to time.

If your girlfriend addresses this by actually listening to your concerns and telling you more about these relationships, it’s that much easier to trust that nothing funny is going on in the shadows.

6) She keeps her word

She’s a woman of her word and you can trust that the things she says are truthful.

In other aspects of your relationship, you know that you can trust her because she has a history of being accountable and honest.

When she promises you something, she follows up with action.

When she messes up, she holds herself accountable.

You just know that your girlfriend is loyal because her actions are testimony to her integrity.

7) She respects and upholds boundaries

We all feel insecure at times in our relationships.

Even if you have the perfect partner who never upsets you or gives you reason to doubt, you can’t help but wonder, when presented with the opportunity to find the truth, whether it’s actually true or just one giant ruse.

But a loyal, respectful, and loving girlfriend doesn’t give in to those temptations.

She knows the importance of boundaries, whatever those boundaries may be.

We all need boundaries and the understanding that we can share our life with someone who acknowledges and respects our boundaries.

So when you leave your phone or computer unlocked in front of your girlfriend, you don’t have to worry that she’ll go snooping through it, which might be one of the best things you can ask for in a relationship.

8) She’s aware of temptations and weaknesses

No one is perfect.

No matter how much your partner builds you up, you’re just a man with your own weaknesses, temptations, and flaws.

Sure, it might be easy to hide all the things wrong about you when you first start dating someone, but it’s impossible to hide those things when you start truly building your life with someone, and they see every issue you may have.

But a loyal girlfriend won’t let it ruin the relationship.

She’ll come with the understanding that of course, you have your own weaknesses and vices; you have things that you need to work on, whatever those things may be.

Instead of ostracizing you and your imperfectness, a loyal girlfriend will help you come to terms with the things about you you keep to yourself and help you get through them to become a better person not just for yourself, but for the relationship.

9) She includes you in all parts of her life

When you truly love someone, there’s no part of your life you don’t want to share with them.

They become a part of everything you do and plan because they make everything funner, happier, and better.

So when you have a partner that wants to “get away” and take time for themselves sometimes, you have to wonder, “Am I really the person who makes this woman happy?”

But when you have a loyal, loving girlfriend, you never have to worry about anything like this.

She can’t even imagine the idea of going on a trip without you, or planning a huge milestone in her life without considering your place in it.

A loyal girlfriend is loyal in all aspects of her life; she doesn’t separate your relationship from the rest of her life, because when she loves you and decides that you’re the one, she knows she must incorporate you everywhere.

10) She isn’t quick to jealousy

A loyal girlfriend is a secure girlfriend.

You and your partner have gone through the trials and tribulations of “other people”, and you’ve both come out the other side for the better.

Neither of you feels that you have to worry about your partner messing around with another person just because you’re out of sight.


Because a loyal girlfriend knows that they would never give you anything to worry about, simply because she knows you will never give her anything to worry about.

While there might be a limit to just how much she’s willing to see before becoming jealous, she’s definitely not going to give you the silent treatment just because you had a conversation with an attractive woman.

11) She’s not afraid to show you off

What better way to show loyalty than by showing off your partner?

When a girlfriend is proud of her partner, she’ll show him off.

She’ll take every opportunity to make sure that her social circle meets you, gets to interact with you, and knows just how much she loves you.

She has no hang-ups when it comes to her social media; no strange excuses or reasons as to why she can’t post pictures of you two together.

Simply put, she loves you, and she wants the whole world to know it.

She knows what she’s doing by showing you off so much; she knows just how big of a fall it would be if the relationship ended after she let her whole world know about you and your love for each other.

But she doesn’t care.

Because she’s loyal, happy, and secure, and she knows that this is the relationship she wants long-term, and she’ll do anything she needs to do to keep it.

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