15 signs from the universe your ex is missing you

You’ve been broken up for a couple of weeks now, but the heartache remains. You think about them constantly, and the pain you feel is often unbearable. You miss them so much and wonder if the feeling is mutual.

You’ve been going over every little detail in your mind, trying to find even the tiniest shred of hope to cling on to, praying they’ll come back, but it’s just not working.

You might be feeling hopeless at this point, but don’t give up. The universe has its ways and means when it comes to reuniting lovers.

This article will look at 15 signs from the universe that your ex is missing you.

1) They message you the moment you think of them

This is the first most blatant Universal signal that an ex-partner is sorely missing you.

It can be early morning or at night where you find your mind wandering off in their direction, and the next thing, beep beep – you’ve received a text message from them.

Call it being on the same wavelength or telepathy even; this is a telltale sign from the universe that the two of you are on the same subconscious wavelength.

This is a sign from the universe because it subconsciously shows that you two are on the same wavelength. So at this precise moment, the universe has aligned your thoughts and has enabled this message to come through to you.

It’s a great feeling when this happens because you know 100% that you are playing on their minds.

So what do you do? Do you panic, hit a blank, or start typing out an A4-page text message? Do you wait, respond immediately? What?

There’s no one size fits all handbook when it comes to how to deal with a break-up, but, If they’re texting you while you’re thinking of them, that’s all the confirmation you need to know that you’ll likely succeed.

Just don’t mess up your response. Keep it casual, keep it friendly, and whatever you do, don’t respond immediately. After all, they’ve already made the first move, so the ball is in your court.

2) You have vivid dreams about them

Dreaming of your ex-partner is the second most powerful sign from the universe that you are missed.

If you continually dream about your ex, the universe is trying to show you that the two of you belong together.

Often, both you and your ex have the same dream. This happens because you have shared a deep spiritual connection and are on the same universal love wavelengths.

So often do couples reunite and, in passing conversation, mention that either one has dreamt about the other, only to hear – OMG, ME TOO!

These universal synchronicities happen more commonly than you think, so pay very close attention to dreams that revolve around your ex.

The chances are that they miss you just as much as you miss them.

3) You keep noticing repetitive number sequences

My dear, these are angel numbers.

They’re messages sent from your guardian spirits, ancestors, or angels to try to convey a message to you. Because our angels can’t exactly send us an instant message or pick up a phone, instead, they reveal messages to you using numbers and items like feathers, butterflies, ladybugs, etc.

Perhaps you’re driving and see the number 777 on a signboard or, you’re at the grocery store and check glance at your receipt and notice that you’re customer number 777 for the day. This is way more than a mere coincidence.

So, if you see a repetitive number sequence in random places everywhere you look, know that you are being given a divine message and must pay attention.

A quick Google search on the meaning of these numbers will help you to decode the meaning. They’re helpful in that you can find some deeper insight into the relationship you had with your ex, and most of these numbers confirm that your ex is thinking about you too.

You will often find some insight into your relationship with your ex — and that frequently confirms they are thinking about you too!

4) You find (or see) pink feathers

Randomly finding a pink feather is another one of the signs the Universe sends to let us know an ex is missing us.

Like angel numbers, feathers can be considered sacred universal messages, but these are not ordinary signs. For example, when you receive a pink feather, the universe is trying to message you in capital letters!

Bear in mind; this feather doesn’t necessarily need to come from a living bird. You could see a pink feather on a magazine, on a social media post or, even listening to a song lyric or poem that speaks about a pink feather – They all count.

5) The radio plays your couple song

Picture the scene.

On your drive home from work, you’ve just balled your eyes out to Adele’s latest banger. You’re lost in thought, thinking lovingly about your ex. You turn the radio to another station, and “YOUR” song is playing at that precise moment.

What are the chances?!

This is especially true if your couple song is one of the older hits. Newer songs are played lots more than the older ones, so if this happens to you, the universe is definitely communicating with you.

If you and your ex shared special times and a particular song resonated, well, hearing it play out of the blue is a telltale sign from the universe that your ex is missing you. (and they’re thinking about you as well)

6) You keep hearing their name

Do you keep hearing your ex’s name? On television, on the internet, or when you’re out grocery shopping?

Don’t invest in that hearing aid just quite yet.

This is another telltale sign from the universe that your ex is missing you terribly.

The chances are that they’re experiencing the same thing on their end, and it is just another sign that the two of you are still connected.

7) You bump into them unexpectedly

Running into your ex at random and uncanny places is something the universe does to keep the two of you on the same trajectory.

Because the two of you are so well connected, it’s not unusual that you end up at the same places, at the same time.

This is a substantial universal sign that your ex is missing you.

Once they’ve seen you, that’s it. You’re on loop in their mind, and they cannot forget about you.

Be sure that you’re ready when they start hitting up your DM’s; They’ll read deeply into your responses, so if you want this person back, don’t send them mixed signals or one-liners.

8) They find your personal belongings

You get a picture of your most-loved sweatshirt from your ex with a message saying, “look what I found.”

This is another big sign from the universe that your ex is missing you.

Realistically speaking, if the two of you lived together, this isn’t necessarily a big thing; however, if you never lived together and they find something of yours, it’s a big deal.

In terms of spirituality, space and inanimate objects are symbolic.

You occupy the same amount of space in their homes or cars as in their minds or hearts.

Finding a personal item of someone you loved deeply can be a big kick in the gut during a break-up.

So, when you do get that “Look what I found” text, it’s a lead-in to wanting to see you again. Why? Because they miss you. Spiritually, you occupy space in their thoughts and living space, and they are definitely missing you like crazy.

9) People keep asking you about them

Another Universal alert that your ex is missing you is when people keep asking you about them.

Exes usually spend quite a bit of time in our lives, getting to know our friends, family, and colleagues.

Those around you know your relationship situation, and when they bring up the subject of your ex they are not doing so intentionally to hurt you.

When those around you mention your ex, know that this is the Universe working through them. It’s a sacred sign telling you that your ex-partner is sorely missing you.

10) It’s written on the cards

If you’re a fan of tarot cards, you’ll know that they’ve been around for ages, are hugely popular, and can be amazingly accurate.

If you’re clueless about Tarot but want to know for sure if your ex is missing you, then why not make an appointment to see a professional tarot card reader?

This is not creepy nor weird; as a matter of fact, many people go for tarot readings regularly, especially when they’re beginning a new romance and want to get a better sense of what they’re letting themselves in for. Call it hocus pocus or complete BS; Tarot is a great way to gain deeper insights into a particular situation.

Once you decide to get your cards read, certain cards within the deck hint at a reconciliation. Some of the tarot cards that could appear when someone is missing you are the five cups if they feel remorse or the six cups if they feel sentimental over happy times.

Other tarot cards that allude to reconciliation include?

  • Six of Cups tarot card
  • Justice tarot card
  • The Tower tarot card
  • Judgment tarot card
  • Two of Cups tarot card
  • The Hanged Man tarot card
  • Temperance tarot card
  • Page of Cups tarot card

11) Serendipity

If you learned the meaning of the word like me by watching the movie, Serendipity — high five. I had no idea what it meant before Kate Beckinsdale made it famous!

Serendipity can be described as a perfectly timed moment handed to you directly by the universe.

Many would shrug it off as a mere coincidence or accident; however, this is not so.

For instance, you’re headed to the pub, wondering if your ex misses you or not.

You’re about to pull out your car keys from your pocket and, instead, pull out a token from your loved one. That’s too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, right?

Serendipity is similar to fate and destiny in that the occurrence is controlled by a higher power like a guardian angel or the Universe.

However, it’s important to note that these occurrences are not governed by people but just seem to happen.

12) Strong impulses

You’re going about your day as usual, and suddenly you’re overcome with a strong urge to go to your favorite grocery store or for a walk along the beach.

If you are feeling these instincts or impulses that are inexplicable, know that this is a set-up coordinated by the Universe.

You might not understand them at first, but you’ll know that this divine plan has been formulated especially for you as things start falling into place.

This is also a significant indicator that your ex is secretly missing you like crazy.

13) Chemistry exists between you

It could be that you’ve not seen one another for a long time, but on the occasion that you do meet or bump into each other (even accidentally), the energy between the two of you is palpable.

Relationship and dating expert Margaux Cassuto Romantic described it beautifully by describing it as: “Chemistry is an effortless attraction between two people that can feel magnetic and addictive,”

It’s the bond between two people, whether emotional, intellectual, or physical. It’s not something that is tangible, but rather a feeling of energy between two people.

It’s difficult to describe, so the best way to put it would be  Maybe you no longer have contact.

It charges the air between the two of you with electricity, so if you still feel the energy between you, the chances are that your ex is still hung up on you and hasn’t moved on.

14) Sudden changes to your energy

As humans, we are primarily emotional creatures.

Emotions are energy in motion, so when we feel a shift of power that we can’t pinpoint, chances are these energy vibrations come from your ex.

Yip, you guessed it. You’re receiving this change in energy courtesy of the universe to let you know that your ex is missing you.

So, when this happens, be sure to pay close attention to any fluctuating moods or vibes that don’t feel like they’re a result of your emotional state.

15) Weird touches and gut feelings

The thought of being touched by someone who isn’t with you might conjure images of being in a horror movie, but it’s not as creepy as you might think.

The type of touch I’m talking about here feels comforting and familiar, not like the ice-cold presence left by a paranormal entity.

It’s common to feel a brush of your leg or cheek or as though you are getting a cuddle. But, if you can still sense the touch of your ex, it’s a massive sign from the universe that they are still not over you. So much so that they’re reaching out to you with their energy.

6th sense

Sixth sense, gut feeling, telepathy, ESP, or intuition — whatever you want to call it, you can’t deny the fact there are some things we just seem to know without any way of confirming it.

It’s a sensation. We just feel it.

It’s almost like the bonds that twins share or, in romantic terms, soulmates or twin flames.

When we forge strong connections, it’s like we can sense what they’re feeling or thinking. It’s like completing their sentences.

If you simply know that your ex misses you within your deepest being and core, then this is a big sign from the Universe that you are probably right.

In closing

If you do not incline to get back together with your ex, you would not have read this article. So, chances are you want to reunite with them because you miss them and want to know if they miss you too.

A word of caution doesn’t read signs that aren’t there and doesn’t will yourself into believing something that is not real.

If the Universe wants you to be with your ex, you will receive signs. Being open to receiving or even asking for a sign is one thing but desperately searching for signs (that aren’t there) is something else.

It takes two to tango when it comes to energy. You will always be more affected by your energy than your ex’s.

If you’re obsessing about your ex,  it makes it harder to distinguish whether they’re defined signals sent from your ex via the universe. Or simply your neuroticism.

When you find yourself alone, take all the time you need to regroup and indulge in some serious self-care. Regardless of what happens, if it is willed, it will be so there is no harm spent spending some quality time loving yourself.

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Written by Lyndol Lyons

The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end, that's all there is. Writer, spiritualist, mom. Tolerant of people, but prefer animals. Owner of 346 cats in a previous life.

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