13 signs from the universe love is coming your way

There are two types of people in the world: those who think events that happen to them are mere coincidences and those who believe that everything happens for a reason.

Although you may be the former, it’s likely that you’ve already experienced something that seems inexplicably fated. These strange occurrences are probably a result of the universe at work.

Every person we meet and each encounter we face leads us to our ultimate destinies. The universe slowly unravels the steps we have to take.

However, the universe doesn’t let us move blindly either. The universe is speaking all the time, giving us clues and hints about its bigger plans for us.

So how do we recognize when the universe is sending love our way?

While waiting for your ideal partner, the universe usually sends a combination of obvious and subtle signs.

It’s up to you to be on alert for these love indicators by listening to your instincts and exercising your analytical mind.

While it’s different for everybody, here are some common signs that love is on the way:

1) You’re having romantic dreams.

Have you dreamt about someone lately, maybe a stranger or a person you met recently?

And when you wake up, do your dreams leave you feeling weirdly satisfied, loving, or happy?

If you’ve experienced this kind of dream recently, it’s time to pay attention.

Dreams are the most obvious sign from the universe that love is on its way.

Even though people have studied dreams for centuries, we still know very little about them.

Dreams can also be difficult to interpret; their symbolisms are often too complex and complicated to understand.

What we do know, however, is that dreams are never “just” dreams, tricky and easy to forget they might be.

A dream can be a life-changing sign that is worth the effort of remembering and understanding.

People speculate that romantic dreams are the universe’s way of putting you in the right mindset for love.

It’s like your subconscious is trying to introduce someone to you when you’re at your most vulnerable, because your mind is ready to receive the information it normally wouldn’t be receptive to when you’re awake.

Seeing someone again and again, even in dreams, is a special message for you.

Some couples even report that they had vividly romantic dreams about each other prior to meeting.

Take notice if you dream about a stranger you keep seeing around your neighborhood or on social media.

If you can, keep a dream journal and jot down the details of each dream you can remember. Soon enough, you may notice patterns and other prophetic elements which lead you to “The One”.

2) You see signs of love everywhere.

Maybe you’re going about an ordinary day when you notice that the flowers are all in bloom. Couples all over town are holding hands or proposing in the restaurants you eat at.

Maybe Netflix keeps suggesting romantic films for you. You hear a love song every time you tune into the radio.

The most surprising thing?

These little, slightly out-of-the-ordinary things don’t bother you at all. You don’t feel any sadness, envy, or bitterness towards your personal situation.

In fact, you feel happy for these people and you sense that love is just around the corner for you as well.

All these reminders of romance are actually patterns from the universe.

It’s not easy to pinpoint what are the universe’s love signals because they appear in diverse forms or mediums.

However, spotting romantic details all around lets people predict when the universe wants them to get in touch with their more loving side.

Plus, there is a bit of attraction at work when people are more positive and peaceful towards others.

When you feel good about your life and bask in others’ success in love, you’re drawing all that good energy towards yourself.

The converse is also true. If you’re struggling with negative thoughts about other people’s happiness, you would find it hard to achieve that same happiness.

Embrace the fluffy, romantic signs in your life; you’re probably close to meeting the partner you’ve been waiting for.

3) You notice angel numbers, random repetitions, or “coincidences”.

Angel numbers are repeating numbers which usually indicate a significant change is coming your way.

These special number sequences are thought to be special messages from each person’s guardian angel.

Seeing the number “111” over and over on license plates, phone numbers, queue numbers, book pages, and other things is an example of an angel number.

Angel numbers can signify various meanings, such as:

  • A crucial phase of your life has just ended and a new chapter is about to begin.
  • You’re on the right path to moving from one state of happiness to the next.
  • The universe wants you to open yourself up to fantastic experiences, using the numbers to guide you.

Whatever it is, pay close attention to your surroundings and the people you’re with when these angel numbers appear.

Signs about love are not limited to numbers, either. They can be images, obstacles, or symbols that repeat in a random sequence.

4) You keep running into someone repeatedly.

Repetitions in general are a clear sign that the universe is waiting for you to pay attention.

If you keep running into someone, there’s a chance you bumping into each other is more than just a coincidence.

And by “meeting”, we don’t just mean physically.

Maybe this person is mentioned to you often, is someone who always connects with you online, or even someone you keep getting set up with.

Regardless of the circumstance, you can’t seem to escape them.

Constantly running into each other could be the universe’s way of getting you closer.

It doesn’t always mean that they’re the right person for you; it could be that they’re merely instrumental in bringing love into your life.

Pay attention to your energy every time you cross paths with this person.

Do they trigger the same strong feelings in you every time you meet?

Tapping into your emotions could be the universe’s way of saying “look up, pay attention.”

Should you do something about it?

As tempting as it is to jump the gun and take matters into your own hands, consider the possibility that they haven’t reached the same level of growth as you have, so it may take some time before love announces itself.

It’s also important if you see butterflies at a similar timing as seeing this person. This shows a powerful new beginning that you may be about to embark on.

5) You’ve embraced your life’s purpose.

A clear signal that love is coming your way is if you’ve recently found your life’s purpose.

People who have discovered what they are meant to do have a higher chance at meeting their soulmate.

Without a purpose or something to be passionate about, humans end up feeling uninspired, hollow, or lost.

As a consequence, we end up attracting partners and dynamics that reflect our low level of personal satisfaction.

Your life’s purpose is the compass that guides you through life. It gives you direction, goals, and hope for the future.

Unfortunately, not many people believe they even have a life’s purpose and are clueless about their role in the universe.

6) You’re finally at peace with the past.

One common mistake that people make is immediately jumping into a new relationship right after a break up just to feel better about themselves or avoid being lonely.

What they truly need is a clean slate and a break from relationships. It’s difficult to grow anything out of unhealthy soil, much less build a future together with emotional baggage in tow.

Healing from your past is one of the surefire signs from the universe that love is on its way.

If you’re no longer going over the fights, feeling angry and hurt, or blaming yourself and others, love might just be waiting for you right around the corner.

Only then will the universe work in your favor and help you move onto a new relationship.

Making peace with the past also comes with wisdom and a view of the bigger picture.

You are now aware of the lessons you needed to learn in order to grow into the right mindset for love.

You also recognize past relationships for what they are: fruitful but temporary experiences.

Now that you are fully focused on the present and the things you can control, you’re setting yourself up for success — and the universe rewards that mindset.

7) You’re willing to wait for someone great.

It takes a long time to reach a point where your romantic judgment is no longer clouded by confusion.

Arriving at this clarity indicates readiness to meet your soulmate. You have a pretty clear idea of what you want them to be like.

Because of this, you have enough patience to wait for them, without settling for anyone else.

This idea of your soulmate is not the picture-perfect partner you imagined for yourself, in terms of details like their height or the clothes they wear.

Rather, you have a good idea of what core values you want your partner to have, as well as the kind of relationship you would like to share with them.

It’s definitely not going to be so specific that you would close yourself off to potential opportunities.

Waiting patiently for your soulmate also means you have decided to stop giving attention to the wrong people.

You have already lost interest in meaningless flings and short-term relationships because you know your soulmate would give you the love and respect you deserve.

Why does the universe allow us to meet people who aren’t our soulmates? Why can’t it just deliver our perfect partner right to our door?

The universe likes to give tests.

It puts people in our path who are close to what we want but aren’t quite right for us.

Maybe they are someone who is emotionally unavailable or someone who has every desirable thing — except one deal breaker.

And it’s tempting to begin a relationship with this kind of person, especially if you’re hungry for love.

Tests like this help the universe check if you’re finally ready to meet your soulmate. If you’re determined to wait for your perfect match (no compromises), the universe is more likely to show them to you.

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8) You know you would be okay solo.

You’re finally the person you’ve always wanted to become.

You love yourself fully and completely, so much so that you’re totally fine with being single.

Instead of wasting time with someone who takes you for granted, you’re more confident to have a happy future alone.

If you’re at this stage in life, you’re likely to meet the perfect partner soon.

The idea seems ironic at first because you’re already settled on the idea of flying solo — why should your soulmate come into your life now? And why not earlier? That’s the point: maturity attracts love.

You’re no longer desperately waiting for someone to complete you. You’re perfectly content and grateful with what you have.

However, this is the sweet spot the universe wants you to be in before sending “The One” your way — it’s a major lesson.

Being in a genuinely loving and long-lasting relationship is about balancing each other out.

As a couple, you have to compliment his or her strengths and weaknesses, instead of expecting them to fill up the void inside you.

You cannot be someone’s other half until you are whole in yourself.

How do you get to this point? You focus on your growth; you put yourself and your joys, pleasures, or goals first.

Once you’re at the summit of connecting with yourself, the energy of self-love will attract the right person to you.

9) You’ve worked enough on yourself.

As the old saying goes, you cannot pour anything from an empty cup.

People cannot receive love until they are ready to give love, and they cannot give love unless they love themselves.

It’s only when both you and your soulmate have grown better at loving yourselves will the universe conspire to bring you together.

It’s a common misconception that a romantic partner is a band-aid for fixing issues and covering insecurities.

However, working on your problems is a task you alone can undertake. Personal development takes serious time and energy.

It’s not limited to regular trips to the gym, a better wardrobe, or even a career promotion.

Rather, it’s using reflection and introspection to overcome baggage holding you back from becoming a better person.

After the improvements are done, you would truly know yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, ready to engage in a lifetime of growth with your other half.

Reaching significant personal development is a powerful step in calling your soulmate. They can be assured that they won’t be solely responsible for your happiness.

10) You feel relaxed, confident, and ready to take risks.

If the universe wants you to meet someone, it will prompt you to become more risk-taking and adventurous.

Even though charisma might not have been a trait you possessed previously, it could have been woken up in you as a preparation to meet “The One”.

How can the universe inspire you to take risks? In part, the experiences you’ve had could boost your confidence.

Maybe you already went through bad situations and you’re well aware of your own self-worth.

You believe in yourself and know exactly what you want or don’t want.

Ultimately, the universe is always working to set you up for success.

It wants you to take more risks, explore new opportunities, and rise to challenges outside your comfort zone so you can make the most out of life.

If you want to know more about this, then consulting with a gifted advisor is the way to go. 

You could try to analyze the signs until you reach the conclusion you’re looking for, but getting guidance from someone with extra intuition will give you real clarity. 

I know from experience how helpful it can be. When I was going through an array of love problems, they gave me the guidance I sorely needed. 

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11) You have a feeling you’re meant to be with someone.

False starts, negative encounters, failed relationships, or draining life struggles can suck out all the hope you had for finding love in life.

Still, you can’t shake off the feeling that you’re going to find your soulmate someday. When you’re still hopeful about love, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll find it soon.

Humans are inherently intuitive. We get gut feelings and heightened awareness right before something happens.

You may notice a heavy feeling in your stomach before a disaster or fluttering in your heart before something joyous happens.

Sometimes our intuition can even give a warning if a new person or situation is not good for us.

All gut feelings are from the universe; tapping into our intuition helps us to communicate with it.

Keep trusting your gut and hold onto the hope that you’ll meet the right person eventually.

12) You know the timing is right.

When the timing is right, the universe will bring you together with someone at the same place in life.

How do you know if the timing is right?

In some cases, the universe is even more obvious about good timing.

Maybe you were just thinking about how great it would be to try dinner at a new restaurant, only to hear the same place suddenly mentioned by someone you have good feelings about.

The key to good timing is following your sixth sense, like puzzle pieces fitting together.

When you trust romantic inklings, you move closer towards your destination.

13) You have trust in the universe.

Once upon a time, you might have been skeptical about the universe and its signs.

But after witnessing glimpses of fate or destiny from someone else, you’re now inspired to have a little more faith in the universe’s kindness.

Trusting in the universe can definitely lead you to a clearer way with love.

The universe is always working behind the scenes to give you a good life.

Most people make mistakes because they misread the subtle, hidden signs and messages from the universe.

When we’re more open to asking guidance from the universe and listening to what it has to say, we would be more attuned to where (or whom) it is directing us towards.

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