8 signs from the universe that your crush likes you

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Have you ever found yourself secretly crushing on someone special?

When we develop a crush, one of the most challenging signs to read is if he or she likes us back. The uncertainty can feel exciting and terrifying at the same time.

But fear not! Even the most stoic person is likely to show their interest toward someone. So, I’d like to share with you the top signs that your crush does in fact like you back!

1) Your crush reaches out to you in person

“He liked her; it was as simple as that.”

– Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

When we have a crush on someone, the last thing we want to do is appear foolish and make the first move. The clearest, most obvious way to understand if your crush is noticing you is to watch how they reach out to you in person.

If your crush likes you, he or she will make obvious efforts to communicate their intention towards you. What do their actions say? They will give you plenty of attention. Even if your crush is a very shy person, he or she will find a way to connect with you.

Personally, if I have a crush on someone, I tend to really lean far back. I do very little and say very little, just so I can see if they approach me first and how they approach me.

Being more reserved can give you a lot of information about your crush’s level of interest and intentions.

Your crush may:

  • Actively approach you and speak with you about any topic
  • Regularly give you compliments
  • Offer to help you
  • Act protective of you
  • Notice if you are absent from events or functions
  • Ask you questions about yourself
  • Try to keep the conversation going
  • Remember specific details that you’ve told them before
  • Tease, joke, and laugh with you
  • Ask to borrow something
  • Say your name often when they are talking to you

Take notice if your crush treats you a little differently than other people around you. Pay attention to some simple signals and behaviors.

2) They frequently connect with you when you are apart

When you are physically away from your crush, another easy way to see if they like you is that they will make strong efforts to stay in contact with you.

Even if it’s a simple “hey!” text message, take note of how often they reach out to you. Any effort should be recognized. It means that they are thinking about you and wondering what you are up to.

Take notice if your crush does the following:

  • Contacts you first by text, email, or phone calls
  • Answers your messages quickly
  • Responses to your texts with thoughtful responses and humor
  • Messages you frequently and enthusiastically
  • Makes plans and invites you out to group events
  • Follows your social media accounts and engage with your digital life
  • Arranges to see you again in person, one on one

He or she will find reasons to communicate either by texting, emailing, calling, or interacting with you on social media.

3) They exchange a deep level of eye contact

If you are still getting to know your crush, try to observe how they look at you. If you are locking eyes with your crush regularly, there’s a simple reason.

We naturally tend to look at people who we like and we avoid gazing at people who we don’t like. This doesn’t have to be for an extended period of time. Quite often an interested person’s gaze will be daring and strong, and then they will quickly and shyly look away.

This pattern will happen again and again.

It’s as though someone can’t help looking at you and they lose themselves in the moment, then realize how strange their behavior is and quickly correct themselves.

If your crush likes you they are more likely to watch your actions and movements. They will look up when you enter a room and follow you with their gaze as you move around and exit.

When you are speaking with your crush, take notice if he or she looks right into your eyes when you speak.

This is also a strong sign they are attracted to you. If their pupils are wide and dilated, it can also signal that their body is relaxed, in a parasympathetic mode. This means they are comfortable and at ease around you, and clearly enjoying the conversation.

4) Their body language is turned to you

“I had not intended to love him; the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected; and now, at the first renewed view of him, they spontaneously revived, great and strong! He made me love him without looking at me.”

– Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

When you are interacting with your crush, also notice his or her more subtle forms of physical communication, beyond his or her revealing gaze.

For example, your crush might:

  • Stand a straighter, hold their shoulders back, and appear more attentive in your presence
  • Touch their hair, neck, and face a lot
  • Blush and smile more with you
  • ‘Accidentally’ brush against your arm or body
  • Stutter words and appear a little clumsy or nervous
  • Point their feet towards your body
  • Stand a little closer to you than anyone else
  • Keep their arms at their side and more open in your presence
  • Align their torso and pelvis in your direction

Try to watch details in their body language. If someone is interested in you, their body will scream “I like you!” and reveal little clues about what their hearts have been wanting to say out loud. Their body language will generally be open, appear alert, and mostly turned toward your direction.

5) There’s synchronicity and your interactions flow

“What you seek is seeking you.”

– Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

Take notice of how you feel when you interact and speak with your crush. What does your intuition or gut feeling tell you?

When the universe wants you to be with someone, there will be a sense of synchronicity and ease. Your values will align. Your personalities will complement one another. And you will feel natural and at ease with them in conversation.

It could feel like you just met someone but they feel extremely familiar to you. It could feel like you’ve known each other for many years.

We tend to be at ease and welcome the presence of people we find appealing. This level of deep comfort could be a signal that you are connecting with someone who is naturally open and attuned to you and worthy of exploring further.

6) You keep running into your crush person over and over

Perhaps you haven’t even had the chance to speak with your crush yet? He or she may only be an intrigue.

Your crush may have just entered into your daily radar. When you first encounter this person, even from afar, and feel strongly drawn to them, take notice.

And of course, if you keep randomly running into them over and over again, especially in unexpected places, also take notice. What some might see as coincidences, can also be a sign.

Signs often come in repetition, from various sources. They tend to appear suddenly and spontaneously. So it’s important to see what you might be missing.

For example, if the name of your crush comes up in many different conversations, or if you start to notice things that remind you of that person in random places, pay attention!

These could be delicate signs from the universe that you are meant to interact. The two of you could be becoming attuned to one another.

Your seemingly separate worlds could be growing more closely overlapped than you think.

Random and frequent encounters may also mean that you and your crush have similar traits and interests. This common ground is an excellent base for getting to know someone more and connecting with them! And a sign that they are more likely to relate with you and like you.

7) You keep dreaming about a certain someone

If you keep dreaming about the same person, either a stranger or someone you know, your subconscious could be trying to send a message to you.

Try to look at your dreams more deeply. Keep a notepad and paper by your bed and write down whatever you can remember from your dreams as soon as you wake up. Try to keep this habit daily.

If you find that you are frequently dreaming about old lovers and friends, reflect and focus on what you enjoyed most about them. Write a list of their most attractive traits and qualities.

These might be the aspects that you are meant to look out for when you interact with your crush and enter into your next relationship.

8) You are happy with yourself

“Love must not entreat,’ she added, ‘or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract.”

– Hermann Hesse, Demian: Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend

In life, how do you generally feel? Do you feel vibrant? Confident? Fun? Loving? Receptive?

When you are happy with yourself and feel like you are in a good place in your life, you are going to attract people who are feeling in a similar state towards you. You become a sun in the center of every constellation and people want to be close to you.

So, when you take great care of yourself and go out into your day and feel the joy of life, your crush is more likely to notice you and feel good around you too. Feeling attractive is attractive!

You will draw in and magnetize others around you without them even realizing. Self-confidence and self-love can be another sign that someone is actually more attracted to you than you may expect. So the more you love and care for yourself, the more your crush will likely be attracted to you!

Crush or no crush….

At the end of the day, it can feel so wonderful to have an attraction to someone and hope for their affections to be returned. It’s something that we can not control and something that becomes more delightful when it happens.

Having a crush on someone can add a little lift to our mood. It can put some swing in our hips. And an extra sparkle in our smile.

Depending on how you approach romance, being more aware of your crush can be a playful experiment. It can feel full of surprises, or it can be a completely frustrating frenzy of detective work.

You may feel anxious and over-analyze all of your encounters. It can also happen that you think you have the right idea about your crush’s level of attraction towards you, but be completely off.

And that’s ok. You may have read the whole interaction incorrectly. For example:

  • Someone may be signaling that they like you but have very different intentions or motivations than what you are expecting
  • That special someone may just be more friendly than others
  • He or she may have different cultural cues, be socially awkward, or have particular ways to express their own affections

Worry less about whether the person is attracted to you or not and let a friendship develop first. Get to really know the person you have a crush on.

Foster an honest interaction so that you can both openly express your thoughts, feelings, and attractions towards one another when, and if, the time is right. A little patience helps to clarify what is really going on.

This way, if it turns out that the feelings aren’t mutual between you and your crush, then at least you have someone to be friends with while you continue to look for a special connection elsewhere!

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