14 big signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you

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You’ve been noticing some strange things going on in your life.

Maybe you keep biting your tongue or you keep having the same dreams…and you couldn’t help but wonder “Is someone thinking of me?”

Well, in this article, I’ll give you 14 big signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you and what it could mean.

1) You start sneezing out of nowhere

You would be in your room, comfortably tapping on your phone when all of a sudden you start sneezing.

There’s no reason for you to sneeze, as far as you’re aware. There’s no dust in the air, and your nose isn’t irritated. You’re not allergic, and didn’t just sniff a bowl of hot pepper.

So what gives?

Well, the reason why you suddenly started sneezing is because someone was thinking of you.

When you think about someone, your thoughts would flow through the universe and reach out to them. When it does, some physical phenomena may occur—and random sneezing is one of them.

This is a common belief in several Asian cultures.

In fact, according to some of them, you don’t even need to actually sneeze—just your nose itching is enough.

If you sneeze once, it’s because someone was thinking about you in a friendly way.

If you sneeze twice, it’s because someone is pining for you. And if you sneeze thrice or more, it’s because someone is full of sexual desire for you.

2) Your eye twitches randomly

Sneezing isn’t the only physical manifestation of someone’s thoughts towards you. Another would be your eyes twitching for no apparent reason.

And by that I mean that you aren’t stressed or pumped up on alcohol, because those can cause eye twitching that’s unrelated to someone else thinking about you.

Your eyes randomly twitching means that someone’s missing you dearly. And the more your eyes twitch, the stronger that longing.

If your spiritual bond is strong enough at this point, you will also feel their loneliness at the same time.

Should that happen, there’s no doubt that your eye twitching is definitely because someone is thinking about you.

3) You start noticing angel numbers everywhere

When the universe tries to tell you something, it’s only very rarely that it will be blatant.

You likely won’t ever see random signs telling you “hey, this person is thinking of you” wherever you go.

What you WILL see, however, are angel numbers.

These are sequences of repeating numbers like 1111, 4242, and 6262. You will likely see more than one at a time, and each of them have meanings that may change depending on which ones you see together and in what situations.

This is even more likely if they are someone whose soul is significant to yours.

4) You have a feeling that you’re about to meet your soulmate

You can’t explain it…but there’s just this strong feeling that you’ll be reunited with your other half very soon.

A “rational” part of you might doubt it and wonder… Well, how does one know exactly who their twin flame or soulmate is?

I had the same doubts until I talked to a psychic.

While the signs I’m describing in this article can help you figure out if someone is thinking of you, sometimes it can be helpful to speak to a gifted person for guidance.

They are the ones who have the know-how on how to interpret the subtler and even confusing messages the universe is trying to tell you.

This can go a long way to soothing your insecurities and clearing up any misconceptions you might have got by trying to interpret them yourself.

For example, is the person you’re thinking of really your soulmate, or are they just a random person who’s obsessed with you?

5) You can’t stop thinking about them

A sign that someone is thinking a lot about you is that, for some reason, you can’t stop thinking about them.

This is especially suspicious if there’s no reason you should even be thinking about them in the first place. More so if they’re someone you’ve never met before.

This phenomenon is called reciprocity and it’s something that many of us don’t think about. But when we do, it immediately stands out as being absolutely weird.

But it’s less mysterious than it sounds.

When you think about someone, your thoughts ripple through the universe and reach the person you’re thinking of. A spiritual bond is made, but it will be so faint that they won’t notice it the first few times you keep them in your thoughts.

The more you think about someone, the stronger this connection gets. And at some point, it will be strong enough that they will feel your thoughts and feelings on a subconscious level.

This will make them start thinking about you as well.

To make it even better, that bond is already there if you’re soulmates or twin flames. If someone you don’t recognize shows up in your thoughts, it’s probably because of this.

6) They keep showing up in your dreams

Another sign that someone is thinking about you is that they will show up in your dreams.

Sometimes they would be in the foreground, interacting directly with you. Sometimes they’re just there in the background.

This happens for the exact same reasons that someone would repeatedly show up in your thoughts. It’s because their thoughts reached out to your mind.

Interestingly, it’s likely that you’ll begin dreaming of them first before you start thinking about them. The reason for this is because when you are asleep, your mind is closer to the spiritual realm than it is when you’re awake.

Because of that, it’s easier for you to pick up the faint signals that person is sending you even before it reaches your waking mind.

Your mind is also much more honest with itself when you are asleep, so you might be denying that you’ve been thinking of them. After all, you must be crazy to think about someone that much, and all out of nowhere!

But by putting them in your dreams, the universe is helping you come to terms with your thoughts and to let you know that someone’s thinking about you so much that it triggers reciprocity in you.

I also talk about how romantic dreams indicate that love is coming your way in this video. Check it out, and you’ll also learn about some other signs that love is coming your way. 

7) His or her face keeps flashing in your head

It’s strange to see a face flash in your mind even if you’re just doing mundane things. And it’s especially scary if you haven’t even met them!

These visual flashes are a clear sign that someone is thinking of you. And not just someone—they could be your soulmate!

Maybe your soulmate was trying to manifest you and the flashes are the universe’s way of guiding you towards each other?

8) You keep on stumbling into things associated with them

You somehow keep on stumbling on things or events that are associated with them in one way or another.

For example, if they like to drink passion fruit juice, you might find yourself stumbling into places that offer passion fruit juice without even trying.

Or if their favorite author is Neil Gaiman, you might find your social media recommending his books.

If they’re someone you already know, it can be easy to assume that you simply have similar tastes as them, and that you’re just subconsciously going to places that you would go to anyways.

But it can be a very queer experience if they’re someone you have never met before. You might find yourself wondering “why am I hearing so much rock music lately?” or “why is social media pushing cat memes on my timeline? I don’t even like cats!”

This is because your souls have been communicating with one another and it will all fall into place when you do actually meet them in person.

9) You start running into them unexpectedly

You can’t help but notice something strange. It’s like wherever you go, you can’t help but bump into them.

Perhaps not every minute of every day, but often enough that you can’t help but wonder.

Perhaps you would go to the beach and see them just chilling there. You would go to your favorite café and they’re also there.

It’s so uncanny that you can’t help but wonder if they’re stalking you like they’re some government-assigned FBI agent. Well, perhaps that is a possibility, especially if none of the other signs on this list have been manifesting in your life.

But if you have also been seeing them in your dreams, thinking about them, then it’s possible that the universe brought the two of you together.

It’s quite simple, really. They think a lot about you, build a bond with you, and your thoughts would subtly influence one another through this bond without either of you knowing.

So you might think “I want to go get pizza at the local pizzeria”, and that would come across as a suggestion to them that they should probably also visit the local pizzeria.

And guess what happens?

10) You get mood swings

Another curious outcome of having someone think of you so much that you would form a spiritual bond is that sometimes your mood might get a little unpredictable.

This is because it’s not just your thoughts, but also your emotions that will flow through that bond.

If they suddenly feel elated because they achieved something they’ve always wanted, then some of that happiness will make its way to you and flip your mood. If they were furious or sad, those emotions will make their way to you, too.

Of course, you should also keep in mind how you usually are. If you’re the kind of person to get mood swings all the time, then it might not mean much for you to keep having them.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t usually have any mood swings whatsoever, you’ll have to pay close attention… especially if you notice the other signs on this list. Because in that case it’s a very strong sign that someone is influencing you with their emotions.

The funny thing is that the connection goes both ways as well, so when you feel strong emotions, they will also feel it through the bond.

This is an especially strong indicator that someone has been thinking a lot about you and strongly affirms all of the other signs on this list, so you may want to keep an eye out for this.

11) You keep seeing white butterflies

Butterflies are closely attuned to the spirit world and are powerful symbols to encounter in your life.

A black or brown butterfly flying by you often means that the spirit of a deceased relative is visiting you. A white butterfly, on the other hand, heralds that someone is reaching out to you spiritually.

It could be that they’re trying to manifest you, or maybe they’re just thinking about you a lot.

Whatever the case may be, if you keep seeing white butterflies, don’t ignore them.

They’re heralds from the universe, there to help you realize what your spirit had known all this time.

Think about who you’re thinking of when you see white butterflies, because that’s likely the person who’s been thinking of you.

Or you can think of the things you’ve been doing or contemplating at that time.

Were you trying out a guitar, or perhaps thinking of going to visit the local park? You might want to keep playing guitar or visit the local park, because doing those will lead you to the person who’s been thinking about you.

12) You hear their voice out of nowhere

If thinking about someone or dreaming about them all of the time isn’t enough to make you think “Oh my God, I’m going mad!”, then this might be it.

But don’t be afraid. At least, not yet. It might just be a sign that someone is thinking about you a lot!

They might be thinking about talking to you, and through your psychic bond your soul “hears” their thoughts about you. That is to say, they might have manifested you by accident.

Of course, it’s also possible that they were manifesting you on purpose, and you can pretty much say that they’re thinking about you if they go as far as to do that.

To make sure you aren’t going mad, of course, it would be best for you to take those words with a grain of salt.

Write down anything that stands out, and then talk to a psychic to discuss the signs you’ve been seeing.

13) You keep seeing them everywhere

And no, not just as “flashes” in your mind, and no, I don’t mean literally.

What I mean is that for some reason you keep on stumbling on people who remind you of them.

This is no coincidence. This is the universe itself not-so-subtly pointing you towards someone who has been thinking a lot about you, almost as if to tell you “hey, maybe notice them. They’ve been thinking a lot about you!”

And to make sure that you know just who the universe is pointing you to, the universe will make you notice people who will remind you of different aspects of them.

Maybe the person delivering your pizza has a chin that makes you think of them. Or perhaps the way the person you bumped into in the mall wore the exact same clothes they would wear. The person you talked to last night at the bar talked just like they did.

So when you finally meet up with them—whether you already met before or not—there would be no doubt just who they’re supposed to be.

14) You radiate joy

You can’t help but smile…even if you’re not the jolliest person on earth.

It’s strange because there was nobody around to tell you jokes, or to poke your funny bone. And you’re pretty sure you haven’t been breathing in laughing gas.

And yet, you somehow find yourself filled with happiness and the irresistible urge to smile.

You might think that you’re going crazy. After all, who smiles—or even laughs—for no good reason?

But you just can’t help it. You are filled with warm thoughts!

This happens when someone’s thinking good things about you, and your soul ‘overhears’ those thoughts as they reach towards it.

And just as you would feel happy when you overhear someone compliment you, your soul will hum with joy when it receives those thoughts.

Your smile and the happiness you feel is from your feeling comes from your soul as it tries to share its elation with your waking, conscious self… even if doing so will make you seem “weird” to other people.

If you feel joyful—especially if you really don’t find any reason for being so—then someone special is definitely thinking of you.


You will want to make sure at least two of these signs are manifesting in your life before you think “wait, is someone thinking about me?” because, after all, it’s best to avoid rushing to conclusions.

And while it’s often the case that those who think about you so much that these signs will begin to manifest around you are people fated by the universe to be important in your life… sometimes it isn’t.

So it’s always important to manage expectations and act with caution.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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