11 little known signs of evil people you need to watch out for

If you have ever looked at someone and thought they must be ruled by the Devil, you might not have been far off the mark.

People are a lot more evil than we tend to think and sometimes they are so seasoned at what they do that it takes us years to realize just how evil they really are.

But it’s not your fault. They are master manipulators. They take every advantage of people to get their way, get the things they want, and leave people feeling lost and broken.

There are many of them out there, and you might be interacting with an evil person on a regular basis but you’ve just decided to label them a jerk. It turns out they might be much more than that.

Here are 10 signs someone who you know is an evil person.

1) They enjoy watching other people be in pain.

If they laugh or smile even slightly at the thought or sight of someone suffering, this could mean trouble.

Generally, we think that karma can be a laughing matter, but when someone genuinely seems tickled pink about someone else’s pain, they might be evil.

No one should look down on someone’s pain for the gain of pleasure for themselves.

2) They need to control everything.

Evil people need to have their way and they will do everything they can to ensure that.

At every turn they are injecting their opinion and action into a situation to ensure it goes a certain way.

At first glance, people who seem to be control freaks appear as worriers or people who like things “just so”, but if you look closer, they are people who always get what they want and will put on any face to get it.

4) They lie. Constantly.

Lie much? Evil people do, and it’s because they don’t want you to see the real them.

After all, who wants to admit they are actually evil?

Not many people take pride in that kind of title. So they hide their true selves as much as possible and that means getting caught in lies on many occasions.

5) They leave you with a weird feeling whenever you are around them.

If you feel drained and tired after being around someone who is actually evil, you get that weird feeling in your stomach when you are around them, and something about them just doesn’t sit right with you – you might be onto something.

Don’t ignore your gut instincts about people. You are usually right.

6) They manipulate everyone.

Like lying, evil people manipulate people and situations to bend to their will. They’ll cry to turn the attention away from you toward them.

They’ll kick up a fuss if they aren’t getting their own way, and guilt people into doing things for them. It’s frightening how much evil people go to great lengths to bend fate in their favor.

7) They show no remorse.

Even after hurting someone, whether by accident or on purpose, they don’t show any remorse.

You see this in court-room settings when murders accept their sentencing without batting an eye, but you don’t usually see it in the boardroom.

It happens though, more than we’d like to admit. And you can be assured that people not lead by emotions are not good people.

8) They are mean to other people.

Why would one human being be mean or cruel to another human being? Aren’t we all just trying to get through this life together?

It turns out that evil people take a great deal of joy in hurting other people and if your friend is always stabbing someone in the back, chances are they are not really your friend at all.

9) They don’t take responsibility for their actions.

There’s no situation in which an evil person would stand up and say “yes, that was my fault.”

Because they can change the dynamics of any situation, why would they need to do that? The almost never do so why bother owning up?

10) They come with a reputation.

If you’ve heard about this person before actually meeting them, chances are the reputation is true.

For the most part, a person’s reputation really does precede them and if you get weird vibes that go along with such a reputation, you are probably correct in assuming something is not right with this person.

11) They only come around when they need something.

What’s worse than a friend that stabs you in the back?

A friend that only calls when they need something.

And that something usually means you need to go way out of your way to help them out, which you do, because they lay on a thick guilt trip and get you to do the things they want you to do – every time.

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Lachlan Brown