14 psychic signs your crush is thinking of you

Wondering if the person we like likes us back is one of the most difficult parts of a relationship.

It can be thrilling when we catch them looking back at us and exchanging a smile. It can also be crushing when they don’t mind us when we try to initiate conversation.

There are ways, however, to tell that your crush might have you on their mind — and it isn’t always physical.

We all have within us some level of psychic power. No, not the spoon-bending kind. It’s how we can tell when someone is watching us, or the gut feeling we have when we’re faced with a tough decision.

These almost unexplainable feelings extend to our romantic pursuits as well.

Pay attention to these 15 psychic signs; they might just mean that your crush has you on their mind.

1. You Can Just Sense It

You have a gut feeling about it.

It’s the same sense that you get when you can feel that you’ve offended your friend with something that you said or when you meet someone new and you can tell that they aren’t going to be the type of person that you’d want to be around.

There’s something in the way that you constantly meet each other’s eyes from across the room.

When you’re out with other people, you always seem to find yourself in situations where it’s you and them.

It’s an unexplainable force, one without any concrete evidence, but you’re confident that you can feel their psychic energy when you look at each other.

2. You Feel Goosebumps Out Of Nowhere

Goosebumps are our natural reaction to intense emotional moments like witnessing the fiery orange of the sunset or natural causes like cold weather.

The triggers don’t always have to be present to make the hair on your arms stand, however.

Memories of nights spent with friends or a special gift given by our parents can evoke the same physical response.

But when you get goosebumps without even reminiscing or being somewhere special? That might be your crush thinking of you.

Their thoughts emit a psychic wave of energy that ripples out into the world. Our subconscious minds are sensitive to these waves.

So when it catches it, it triggers our random goosebumps.

3. They Appear In Your Dreams

When we sleep, our minds become more susceptible to receiving psychic transmissions.

That’s because, in the state of rest, we aren’t exerting any energy to block out these forces.

This is one of the reasons why dreams that include other people can be so vivid.

When we see our crush vividly in a dream — one where we can clearly distinguish what they were wearing, doing, and where it all was taking place — it could be a sign that they have us on their mind.

Much like how your phone alarm in the morning gets incorporated into a dream, the subconscious mind translates the energy it receives from your crush into a memorable dream.

4. There’s Tension When You’re Together

This tension isn’t the kind among heated rivals. It’s when your heart begins to race and your palms get sweaty when you’re near each other.

The tension can also manifest itself in the form of being clumsier than usual: accidentally spilling your drink or dropping your books when they suddenly enter your mind.

This is because the psychic energy from their minds thinking of you disrupts your own focus.

When this happens, it can be a confident sign that someone is trying to reach you on a subconscious level.

5. They Show Up When You’re Thinking About Them

When you think about your crush, they’ll somehow appear.

Maybe after thinking about them, you open your social media on your phone and see that the most recent post is of them.

Or, even better, you think about them and they walk into the room.

It’s much like how, when you think of a song then turn on the radio, the exact same song is playing.

Even if it’s an innocent photo that their friend posted about them online or they had to walk into the room to find something, the simple fact that they showed up while you were thinking of them is already a powerful sign of a psychic bond.

6. Their Body Language Changes Around You

Our bodies have natural responses to people that we’re attracted to, whether we’re aware of it or not.

A study found that our eyes dilate to whomever we subconsciously find attractive, whether we identify as hetero or homosexual.

This shows the power that our subconscious minds have over control of our own bodies.

Another study discussed how, when someone has developed an attraction towards another person, they tend to lean in and smile more during the conversation.

So when you speak to your crush, if you catch them leaning in, smiling, or see their eyes much darker than usual, they might not even be aware of it, but they’re thinking about you in a special way.

7. You Recognize Them

Want to know for certain whether your crush is thinking of you?

Let’s face it:

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8. Your Ears Suddenly Feel Warm

When you feel that your cheeks or ears feel warm when you’re simply sitting all alone, that could mean one of two things: either someone is thinking about you in a nice way or a bad way.

Someone may have you on their minds, yes, but they may be frustrated with you because of something that you did or said beforehand.

It could also mean that someone’s got you in their heads because they liked the way that you smiled at them before.

A way that you can discern between the two is by asking yourself if you feel more positive or negative at the moment.

That will help you understand if it’s something to be worried or flattered about.

9. You Begin To Sneeze Randomly

You’re going about your usual routines when you suddenly — out of nowhere — sneeze. With no pepper or dust in sight to trigger it.

In Asian cultures, sneezing at random times is believed to be an indication that someone is thinking about you.

While it may be difficult to say for certain how exactly they’re thinking of you — they miss you, platonically remember you, or growing to dislike you — you can be sure that someone’s at least got you on their minds.

10. You Start Getting Hiccups

Hiccups, much like sneezes, are another way to tell when someone might be thinking about you — either positively or negatively.

While hiccups can be a nuisance, we can use it as something of an indicator that maybe, there’s someone out there that’s thinking about us in a potentially romantic way.

11. You Feel Someone Touching You When You’re Alone

This isn’t about ghosts or spirits; it’s about powerful psychic energy.

When someone thinks about you, it could cause energetic vibrations in the air that spread and feel like someone caressing you.

But it could also feel like a force gently pressing down on your body. The former could mean that someone may like you, while the latter could show that someone may not.

Either scenario still proves, however, that there is a psychic connection between you and someone else that you should now be more aware of.

12. Eating Suddenly Becomes Stressful

While you’re eating, you might begin to struggle while swallowing your food. It could somehow get caught in your throat or it didn’t feel like it went down the right way.

If all this is happening when everything else is going fine, that might be the psychic energy of that person interfering with your eating.

The energy from their thoughts of you becomes so powerful that it disrupts your regular eating patterns.

13. A Butterfly Lands On You

Some cultures believe that butterflies have a spiritual energy within them.

It’s believed that white butterflies are the souls of your lost loved ones wanting to send a wholesome message to you.

When a butterfly is brown, that could mean that there is a loved one who has recently passed, ensuring that they’ll be your guardian in the world.

Since blue butterflies are so rare, it could mean good luck and fortune when it lands on you. This good luck could come from attraction bound to be reciprocated.

14. You Feel A Gust Of Energy

When you suddenly feel a jolt of energy and motivation to get work done, it could mean that someone is thinking of you and wishing you well in your life.

When this happens, don’t let the bonus energy reserve go to waste. Let it be a confidence boost to tackle your day.

We can stand around all day making meaning out of all the little eye contact and feelings that we suddenly experience, trying to guess if our crush is actually thinking about us. At the end of the day, that isn’t going to change the fact that we aren’t doing anything about it.

A guaranteed way to make sure that your crush is thinking about you is by doing something for them that they’ll remember.

It can be as simple as sharing your snacks or greeting them when you see them.

It’s the action that you take that’s going to make any meaningful progress in the possible relationship that you want to have with them.

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