17 signs a woman will always love you, according to psychology

Love is a powerful and life-changing experience. 

It’s like going from seeing things in monochrome to seeing them in vivid, full-spectrum colors of every hue. The world opens up. It’s like you’re truly alive for the first time. 

This is what makes it so devastating when love doesn’t last.

When a woman you love ends up leaving, it splits your world apart, knocking you down to a lower level than you ever thought you’d sink. 

True, love is always a risk. 

But is there any way to know that a woman will stay by your side and avoid the crushing pain of losing love? 

There are certain signs confirmed by psychology that tell you a woman won’t split. Let’s take a look at them. 

1) She truly respects you

Respect is vital in any relationship and it’s not always guaranteed. 

When love exists without full respect, it can easily waver and change when circumstances change. 

The woman who will always love you has a deep and abiding respect for you at the heart of her relation to you, and that’s not going to change. 

No matter what else changes, her respect isn’t conditional.

2) She accepts you for who you are 

Wanting the best for you and cheering you on as you improve is perfectly fine. 

But a woman who will always love you accepts you for who you are at the fundamental level. 

She loves you for you, not you if you are a certain career or identity or appearance or achieve a future goal. 

“A partner who truly cares about you boosts your self-esteem and sense of identity. 

If nothing else, being with someone who makes you feel valued provides you with strong positive reinforcement,” explains Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

3) She actually listens to what you say 

She hears you when you speak and tells you when she doesn’t understand what I said. 

The relationship is built on real listening rather than half-heard tidbits and back-and-forth. 

She listens to you and provides real input, and it enriches your relationship in every way.

4) She shows affection to you on a regular basis

Each relationship is different and there may be a different level of intimacy and sex.

But a woman who will always love you shows you affection and reaches out to you on an ongoing basis. 

As Daniela Duca Damian writes

“When a woman genuinely loves you, she expresses her affection every day. Depending on her love language, she might do this verbally, physically, or otherwise.”

This ties into the next point…

5) She doesn’t weaponize sex and intimacy

The kind of woman who will always love you has a healthy relationship with her own sexuality and attractiveness. 

She doesn’t try to use sex or her beauty to get her way or to manipulate you. 

Nor does she believe that being attractive makes her special or superior in some way. She respects you and likes that you are attracted to her, rather than seeing it as a way to manipulate you.

6) She shares your core values and beliefs

You don’t have to agree about everything or even most things. 

But your core values and beliefs are aligned and match. 

You don’t have to wonder if she wants kids and you don’t, or vice versa. You don’t have to get blindsided by her being extremely non-religious when you have a deep religious streak, as another example. 

You share core values and align in fundamental ways. 

7) She communicates about how she feels

Communication is key in any successful relationship

A woman who will always love you communicates her feelings and opens up about how she’s doing. You don’t have to guess or worry about what she thinks or feels, because she tells you. 

As licensed family and marriage counselor April Eldemire LMFT says

“The ability to develop true loving feelings for someone else requires that you have a certain level of emotional maturity, vulnerability, and compatibility—three essential ingredients for a healthy, long-lasting partnership.”

8) She is willing to sometimes put you first

If you want to find a woman who will always love you, find a woman who is willing to sometimes put you first. 

You should be willing to put her first sometimes as well, but the key point is that it’s not transactional or conditional.

The love she feels makes her go out of her way to be there for you, a sacred trust which you should cherish and value.

9) She likes planning for the future with you

The future is exciting instead of scary and this woman likes thinking of it with you

She’s ready to tackle the future as a team, rather than expecting you to face it alone or arrange it all for her. 

She’s there for you by your side through it all. 

10) She’s willing to stand up to you and be her own person

The kind of woman who will always love you is willing to stand up to you and tell you when she doesn’t agree with you. 

She doesn’t repress how she feels or pretend she’s fine with something if she’s not. 

She’s open about how she’s doing and admits it to you. 

This brings up the next point…

11) She talks through conflicts and disagreements

When there are disagreements, she talks through them. 

She doesn’t just get angry and turn her back to you and turn off the light to sleep. She talks it through. She gives both of you space if it’s needed, but she doesn’t avoid conflict or try to gloss over problems that are going on. 

Which brings up the next point…

12) She’s honest about the faults in the relationship

There has to be realism in any long-term relationship, and a woman who will love you forever is honest about the faults that exist. 

She doesn’t try to act like everything is fine when it’s not, and she is honest about what can use work. 

This is extremely important, as far too many seemingly ideal relationships fall apart because unacknowledged issues aren’t being addressed. 

13) She makes you laugh and appreciates your humor

Laughter is the hidden ingredient that’s missing for many couples. 

Find a woman who can make you laugh and who you can make laugh (for real) and you’ve found a keeper. 

This is a woman who’s always going to love you and laugh at your jokes for real. What more could you ask for?

14) She’s aware of her own flaws and shortcomings

Self-awareness is crucial for somebody’s commitment to really mean something. 

A woman who’s not self-aware of her own flaws and shortcomings may commit with full intention to do so but then get blindsided by her own faults that she didn’t realize. 

Instead, the woman who will always love you is self-aware at a high level. She’s confident about herself and has high self-esteem, but she also knows where she needs to work on herself and watch out for potential issues.

15) She is able to give you time and space alone 

Every relationship needs some give and take, including time and space alone. 

A woman who will always love you and make a truly compatible partner is able to give you your space when you need it. 

She’s also able to ask for her own time and space alone when she needs it. 

16) She talks with her actions more than her words

Saying “I love you” is one thing, but this woman is more focused on action. 

She goes out of her way every day to be a great girlfriend or wife and shows that she loves you rather than just saying it. 

She’s not trying to win a social media contest for best partner, she’s more interested in being one. 

17) She commits at the practical level, not just the emotional

Emotional commitment and intimacy are crucial, but they’re not everything. 

The woman who will always love you commits at the practical level as well. 

She makes plans with you, is a caring helpmate and stands by your side proudly in day-to-day life. 

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