9 signs a woman wants you in her future, according to psychology

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As a woman, I’ve always felt that men are exceptionally hard to read when it comes to how they feel about someone. 

But talking to my male friends about it, I realized that men feel the same way about us.

And the fact that you’ve clicked on this article shows that you agree!

So, is there a way to determine if a woman is serious about you without asking her outright?

According to psychology, there are some subtle signs that suggest a woman sees you in her future.

While I can’t speak for every woman, I can share my perspective, along with insights from dating experts, to unravel at least some of the complex puzzle of dating a woman.

1) She includes you in her social circle

Has your girlfriend introduced you to her friends and family?

Does she invite you to family events or social gatherings?

When a woman sees a man in her future, she integrates him into her life by bringing him into her inner circle.

This act indicates that she values your presence and envisions you staying in her life for the long run.

It is also a way of letting you get closer to her. By meeting her friends and family, she is letting down her guard and letting you learn more about her and her life.

Here’s another way a woman will let a man into her life when she sees a future with him…

2) She tells you about her hopes and dreams

You may assume that because women are typically open with their feelings, talking to you about personal things is not a big deal.

But as a woman, I’m telling you it is!

Sharing personal aspirations and dreams is a massive sign of vulnerability and trust for a woman.

If a woman confides in you about her future aspirations, she sees you as a supportive partner with whom she can share her journey.

But when a woman is interested in a future with you, she won’t just tell you about her goals; she will also ask you about yours…

3) She asks about your goals and values

If a woman is just dating a guy casually and doesn’t see him in her future, she won’t show a deep level of interest in his goals, dreams, or values.

Sure, she will know about your job and hobbies, but she likely won’t ask about your future aspirations and where you see yourself in 5 years.

However, if she sees you in her future, she will want to know exactly what you envision for yours.

So, she will actively initiate discussions about your career aspirations, personal interests, and life goals, showing genuine interest and asking lots of questions.

Her curiosity and support for your ambitions signify her desire to be a part of your life and contribute to your growth.

Another thing she will show deep interest in is your values.

Our values are the things we prioritize most in life. For a long-term relationship to work, both partners’ values must align.

As Dr. Gary Brown explains, “Having shared values means you both believe in the same core things in your lives.”

So, by trying to understand the things you value the most, she is actively trying to determine if there is a future between you. 

4) She comes to you for advice

Another way a woman will open up to you is by seeking your advice.

This is a huge sign that she trusts you and values your opinion.

It also demonstrates her belief in your judgment and indicates a deep connection. 

She sees you as someone she can rely on when times get tough and someone she can call at 3 a.m. and know you will pick up.

So she starts turning to you for more and more things instead of her friends or family. This shows that she sees you as a life partner rather than just a romantic fling.

As psychology shows, mutual support in a relationship builds emotional intimacy and relationship satisfaction. 

Licensed psychologist Dr Michael Messina explains that the more supported we feel by our partners, the more connected we feel to them. 

Of course, relationships are two-way streets, though. So, in addition to seeking advice, you’ll notice your girlfriend offering you help and support….

5) She offers you help and support

Does your girlfriend attentively listen when you rant about your day?

Does she offer support and advice or show that she understands?

If so, this shows that she is making herself available for you and is happy to give you her time and energy.

And trust me when I say women only give their energy to people they see in their future!

Whether lending a listening ear, providing emotional support, or assisting you with practical matters, her willingness to stand by you underscores her commitment to your relationship.

6) She initiates future plans

Does your girlfriend involve you in her plans?

Does she suggest going on a vacation? Or does she invite you to events happening in several months time?

This is one of the most apparent indications of long-term intentions in a relationship. 

A proactive approach to future planning signals a woman’s desire to build a life with you.

She no longer sees you as someone she is dating, but as someone she can grow old with!

7) She doesn’t wait for you to text her first

If a woman is serious about you, she won’t be interested in playing games.

She won’t sit around waiting for you to text her first, nor will she wait hours to text you back.

Instead, she won’t hesitate to initiate conversations with you.

If she wants to chat, she will call or text you without overthinking it. 

And when she does, it won’t be just to rant or make plans to see you. While she will probably do those things, she will also show genuine interest in your life by asking about your day. 

8) She makes sacrifices for you

Making sacrifices for your partner is a clear indicator of commitment. 

If your girlfriend wants a future with you, you will notice her commitment through her actions, such as:

  • Adjusting her schedule to spend time with you
  • Compromising on important decisions
  • Making personal sacrifices for your happiness

This is because she knows that a successful relationship requires effort and sacrifices from both parties, which scientific research proves. 

In a study published in Emotion, researchers asked 175 couples to record every time one partner put aside personal wishes to meet the other’s needs.

Not only did the researchers find that the couples who did the most acts of kindness were the happiest, but they noted that both the giver and receiver gained satisfaction from the sacrifice. 

9) She’s comfortable wearing no makeup around you

When a woman starts dating a man, she wants him to see her at her best.

But there comes a time when she becomes more relaxed about her appearance around him.

This is not due to the length of dating but how she feels about the guy.

If your girlfriend wears no makeup or allows her hair to be messy around this, this shows she feels at ease enough to be herself around you.

Now, trust me when I say that, for many women, this is not easy to do.

Feeling at ease around a guy indicates a deep level of comfort, trust, and security in the relationship.

She believes that the connection you both have is a deep emotional one rather than one purely based on appearance or sexual desire.

And as psychology shows, emotional intimacy is a key pillar to a successful, long-term relationship. 

As Dr. Angela Bisignano explains, couples with deep emotional connections can overcome most relationship issues and get through challenging times together.

So, if your girlfriend is comfortable with you seeing her neutral look, she believes you guys will make it long-term!

Final thoughts

Do you notice these signs in your girlfriend?

Then congrats, she is sure of her feelings and anticipates a long and happy future with you.

However, if you don’t recognize these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean you and your girl have no future. She may still be trying to figure out her true feelings for you.

Remember, every relationship progresses at its own pace. Sometimes, we instantly know that someone is “the one.” Other times, it is more of a slow burner. Both are totally fine!

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