7 signs a woman is truly in love, according to psychology

You’ve been dating your girlfriend for a while, and you’re head over heels.

The problem?

You’re not sure she feels the same.

Some days it looks like she’s been struck by Cupid, while others she seems more distant.

Maybe she doesn’t want to come on too strong, or maybe she’s still sorting through her feelings.

Either way, you can pay attention to the little things to figure out what’s what.

Here are 7 signs a woman is truly in love, according to psychology.

You can hear it in the silence, as the tortured poets say.  

1) Her body language speaks volumes

Everyone’s body language offers significant insights into their feelings and emotions.

If a woman is truly in love, her body language will be open, and you’ll be able to tell that she’s into you, according to psychology.

While these signs mostly apply during the flirting stage, they will be prevalent even after the honeymoon ends and the two of you establish a deeper connection.  

When a woman feels comfortable with her partner, she adopts a laid-back posture.

Think uncrossed arms, relaxed shoulders, a lot of smiles, and plenty of affectionate gestures.

You might catch her playing with her hair while she gazes into your eyes.

She will also want to be close to you, so she’ll find a reason to touch you and be all up in your space with every chance she gets.

We’re not that mysterious after all.  

2) She acts a bit mental

Your brain is flooded with chemicals when you fall for someone, according to psychology.

The list includes cortisol, the stress hormone, which produces a plethora of anxious thoughts and terrors associated with early romance.

There’s no wonder women might act a little crazy during this stage.  

(Please note that I am a woman myself and I use the terms mental and crazy in a playful manner. I don’t suggest calling your girlfriend these terms unless you’re ready to suffer her wrath.)

How this looks like will vary from person to person.

Things I typically do when I fall in love include:

  • Overanalyze every word that comes out of his mouth, in spoken or written form
  • Overanalyze his social media posts
  • Ask for reassurance more often
  • Become overly sentimental and attach meaning to every little thing he gives me (I kept the wrapper from the first chocolate my ex brought me, for example)
  • Overlook obvious red flags because my brain is otherwise occupied with planning our entire future together

If a woman is truly in love, she might also experience mood swings, become overly clingy, get jealous for no reason, and be more impulsive than usual.  

All in all, if she acts kind of kooky, she’s catching feelings for sure.

3) She showers you with affection

Psychologists identified five love languages that individuals use to communicate and perceive love:

  • Words of affirmation: expressing affection through compliments, declarations of love, and so on
  • Quality time: giving someone your undivided attention and spending meaningful, focused time together
  • Acts of service: showing care through helpful actions (doing chores or tasks for your partner, running errands, cooking them a meal, and so on)
  • Physical touch: expressing affection by touching (holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, sex)
  • Receiving gifts: showing care by giving gifts and feeling love when you receive them

Any gender can have any of these love languages, but the most common amongst both men and women seem to be quality time and words of affirmation.

To figure out whether a woman is in love, think back on your last interactions.

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of time you spend together?

Is she suddenly paying you more compliments?

Is she touching you more, giving you small gifts out of the blue, offering to do tasks for you?

If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, she’s probably smitten.

4) She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable

Love generally involves a willingness to be emotionally vulnerable with your partner.

This is how you create intimacy. If a woman is truly in love, she’ll allow you to get to know her on a deeper level.

She might tell you uncomfortable things from her past and share her fears and insecurities.

She will also encourage you to do the same.

This is a clear indicator that she trusts you and feels safe in your presence, signaling that her feelings go beyond surface-level infatuation.  

Emotional safety is the cornerstone of a loving and healthy relationship, according to psychology.

The fact that you’ve started to cultivate it in yours is a sign in the right direction.

5) She listens

Psychologists agree that listening is a key aspect of loving others well.

Following this logic, you can assess whether a woman loves you by how much she retains from what you tell her.

Not only is she interested and empathetic as you share your experiences and opinions, but she recalls little things about you later on.

She brings up past discussions, references topics you’ve mentioned, and asks follow-up questions that demonstrate her attentiveness.

When you really open up to her, she makes an effort to understand your perspective.

Oh, and if you mention you want something, you’ll probably get that thing as a gift for the next special occasion in your life.

Aren’t you lucky?

6) She supports your goals

A woman who truly loves you wants to see you succeed.

Supportiveness is a pure form of love, according to psychology, because it entails making the other person feel encouraged and comforted, often with no immediate benefit for ourselves.  

A supportive partner will actively engage in conversations about your goals, as well as show genuine interest in helping you achieve them.

Also, you may spot other tell-tale signs that she’s on your side:

  • She celebrates your successes, no matter how small
  • She respects your decisions
  • She provides a safe space for you to express yourself without judgment
  • She believes in your potential even when you struggle with self-doubt
  • She accepts you as you are, flaws included
  • She shows up whenever you need her to

If she does all the above, guess what?

She’s all in.

7) She considers you when making plans

Finally, a clear sign that a woman is truly in love is that she considers you when making plans for the future.

In her mind, you two have become a team, so she will naturally incorporate you into her long-term aspirations.

She might not come out and say that she’s falling for you, but she will begin to think about your relationship in future terms.

As a result, she might bring up potential milestones such as moving in together or starting a family in order to figure out whether you’re on the same page.

Planning for your future together can actually strengthen your relationship, according to psychology.

In other words, you might want to join her when she daydreams about what the next years may bring.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, how a woman acts when she falls in love depends on her personality and romantic history.

Some women might act clingy, others might ask for a little space to make sense of their butterflies.  

Some women might tell you all about their newfound emotions, others might wait for you to say those three magic words first.

But if you notice that your boo exhibits the signs above, you’re on the right track.

She’s not going anywhere.

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