30 surprising signs a shy girl likes you (complete list)

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You have a crush on this wonderful yet shy girl and want to know if she likes you.

While shy girls are low-key and mysterious, they’re giving hints to show they’re interested. You just have to pay closer attention to their body language and behavior.

I’ll make it easy for you with this post so you can tell whether she’s just being friendly or feels the same way about you too.

Let’s start so you’ll know what to do about it.

How to tell if a shy girl likes you secretly: 30 clear signs

Shy girls don’t reveal their feelings instantly but it’s still easy to sense the attraction by reading through all of her signals.

Here are hacks into a shy girl’s mind and body language.

1) She smiles around you

Most of the time, we smile when we see something we like. Shy girls are experts at this.

She smiles and looking at you makes her happy. She’s aware that she’s more attractive when she smiles while looking at you – and hopes you notice that.

So the next time you catch her with that loving, sweet smile, smile back.

And when she blushes that’s a sign that she’s interested in you.

2) You catch her looking at you secretly

When we like someone, we want to look at this person most of the time.

If she’s shy, she’ll stare at you every time she assumes no one is looking, not until you catch her looking at you.

She stares at you with love and admiration. She pays attention to your details -your style and behavior, and she never gets bored at it, even if she tries to hide it.

So when you feel that she’s staring at you, that’s a telltale sign of attraction.

3) She quickly averts her gaze

Unlike extroverted girls who’ll accept your gaze with confidence, shy girls always break eye contact before you do.

She’ll most likely get embarrassed when you catch her looking at you. She could be worried about rejection and you knowing about her feelings.

When your eyes meet, she’d avoid your stare or look at the ground. You could see this as a red flag when you want to know if she’s interested.

But most of the time, it could mean something else too.

4) She’s nervous when you’re around

Her nervousness is one of the obvious signs that she feels something for you. When around you, she acts a little clumsy, babbles, or gets tongue-tied when talking to you.

She becomes unsure of her actions and even apologizes when she has no reason to.

When you notice these actions, it’s because you’re making her heart skip a beat.

She’s totally into you and for certain reasons, she is trying to keep her feelings undercover.

5) She blushes a lot when you talk to her

It’s crystal clear that a shy girl likes you when she’s endlessly blushing when you try to talk to her.

Sometimes this sign isn’t obvious when she has natural rosy cheeks. But once you look at her and pay close attention, you’ll still see that she’s blushing.

Try approaching her when she’s alone or ask her to grab lunch with you.

If she blushes, you’ll know that she’s interested in you.

6) She wants to know everything about you

When a shy girl is interested in you, she won’t ask you directly but will do her best to collect information about you.

She’ll spend time checking your social media accounts to know where you hang out or what kind of films you watch. She’ll ask mutual friends about you and even dig out old yearbook photos too.

She’s curious about everything – the things you do and what you love – your favorites, dislikes, and hobbies.

Before you know it, she could already have written a Wikipedia entry about you.

7) She talks to you a lot via text messages

Shy girls get embarrassed and blushed easily. They find it easier to talk to their crush without having to look them in the eye.

She wants to talk and get in touch with you, but she isn’t brave enough to say it directly.

When you notice that she’s talkative in the text messages then becomes the quietest person in the world in person, don’t be surprised.

This shows that she wants to know you more.

8) She flirts overs text

If a girl secretly has romantic feelings for you, she’s mostly flirting through texts indirectly.

There are hidden clues in her texts that reveal her feelings for you, but she feels awkward expressing them directly.

When you read between the lines, it may be subtle but it could be her way of teasing you with her words. Even the way she throws heart emojis, heart eyes, and kisses in your conversations mean something.

She most definitely has a thing for you and likes you.

9) She’s cautious about her looks around you

A shy girl barely fixes herself as she doesn’t want attention, but wants to look attractive.

She puts an effort into her looks for you to notice her.

She keeps fixing her clothes, goes to the washroom to check her looks, and even wears her makeup.

Of course, she still keeps her shy image by putting it as minimal as possible, but enough to get noticed.

10) She finds all your jokes funny

If you want to know if a shy girl is attracted to you, look out for this sign.

She laughs even when your jokes aren’t funny, and even if it’s corny, lame, or cheesy.

Believe it or not, your shy girl likes you and is trying to show her interest in you through her laughter.

She wants you to feel appreciated since most girls see people that they like to be funnier. When she can’t help but giggle at your jokes even if no one reacts, it just shows that she likes you.

11) Her verbal and body language is inconsistent

Odd body languages are the signature trait of shy girls.  Most of the time, their body language doesn’t match up to what they’re saying.

It’s difficult to read about her when this happens.

Sometimes, even if she’s interested, her body looks uncomfortable. And this could mean she’s not into flirtatious body language that guys look for.

Head tilting is scientifically proven to make people more attractive. So when she tilts her head, it’s a sign that she admires you.

12) She tries to impress you

Being appealing and desirable to you is natural if a girl likes you.

She wants to leave a lasting, unforgettable impression on your mind,  so she makes an effort to impress you.

She could be showing off her skills at a game you’re good at or talking smartly about things you’re interested in.

She’ll even wear a shirt from your favorite band just to make you notice her.

13) She starts to hang out with your friends

Suddenly, she becomes part of your group of friends.  She might even get close to some of your best buddies.

Even if she doesn’t talk much, she starts hanging out and making plans with them.

She does this to be closer and be around you.  With this, she’ll know what you love to do and how you behave with your peers.

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14) She constantly offers to help you

If a shy girl goes all out in helping you, this simply means that she’s interested in you.

Pay close attention to everything she does. Even helping you with a project or work stuff, picking up something for you, or just anything – she’s always available to help you out.

Doing things for you makes her feel special too. And it’s her way to spend time with you.

So if she is extra helpful, then you are turning to be her priority – and she has romantic feelings for you.

15) She interacts with every guy but you

You’ve probably wondered why she’s interacting with every guy normally except you.

Don’t see this as an insult.

The reason is, she likes you and gets nervous talking to you. She may be afraid to say something wrong and embarrass herself.

As this girl is naturally shy, initiate talking with her first. Don’t mind if she stammers or blushes, just make her feel comfortable with you.

16) She’ll never start a conversation

That’s it. Even if she wants to, she’ll wait for you to make the first move and talk to her.

Take note that she’s not playing hard to get. She’s just a shy girl waiting for her crush to make the first move.

Once you took the lead, she’d instantly be comfortable by following along and responding to you.

She’ll surely smile and her heart will flutter when you approach her.

17) She’s interested in your passions

Does she take an interest in your favorite bands, sports, hobbies, and passions?

Did you see her at a football game because she knows you’re a football fan? Or she shows up and watches your concert?

If you’re an athlete, she’d go to your competitions to cheer you on. She may even share her research on the projects you’re working on.

That’s a sign of a shy yet smart girl who likes you.

She’s liking the stuff that you do and hopes that you notice her. She’s doing this to connect with you so you can feel that you have something in common too.

18) She gives you little compliments

Giving compliments goes a long way to attracting and winning a guy. This is a big sign especially when it comes to a shy girl.

Even if she’s shy, she knows how to compliment you on things that you might have never noticed yourself. It can be your voice, the way you walk, or how you play a sport.

Saying it subtly is her kind of flirting. She’s trying to be friendly and get your attention.

Since she dares to compliment you, acknowledge that and appreciate her.

19) She’s preoccupied with her image

If she’s worried about her looks and keeps on fidgeting, that’s a sign that she likes you even without saying a word.

She’ll even change her look to attract your attention.

You’ll notice these subconscious actions when she’s around you:

  • She runs her fingers through her hair
  • She starts fixing her skirt or pants
  • She removes imaginary dirt on her top
  • She keeps her outfit in place

She’s doing all these for she’s nervous but wants to make her image pleasing to you.

20) She is more interactive with you online than in person

She has this dominating digital persona.  Since she can’t express her feelings for you, she’s doing it the digital way.

You’ll receive long text messages from her, and you spend hours talking to her online. But when you meet her personally, she’s different. She’s quiet as she gets nervous around you.

If a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t waste too much time talking to you.

But if she makes efforts to keep the online conversation going, this is a sure sign that she likes you.

21) Her friends giggle when you’re around

You can hear her friends giggling or whispering when you walk by her and her friends. They may even poke or tease her to get her attention.

It looks uncomfortable, but the sign is clear that she feels something for you.

While she can’t disclose what she feels for you, she won’t hide this secret from her friends.

This simply means that her friends know that she likes you – and they’re all delighted by it.

22) She waits around

While other girls would easily come up and say hi, shy girls play it safe. One of the things that shy girls do is to stay at a neutral distance from you.

If you find your shy girl lurking around you, it’s a clear sign that she’s into you.

She’s shy and concerned about what you or other people would think of her. No wonder, she’s waiting where she can catch a glimpse of you.

So the next time you see her around your vicinity more than a couple of times, smile and approach her.

Say hi and start a friendly conversation. I know she’s waiting for that.

23) She keeps bumping into you

You often run into her. You find her most places where you go. You may find her walking past you.

She’s even at the gym you go to and even around your neighborhood.

It’s not creepy. She’s just around where she could see you because she wants to be around you often.

This doesn’t mean she’s stalking you, but she’s throwing signals that she’s interested.

24) She listens to your conversations with others

Another interesting tactic used by shy girls is the way they eavesdrop on conversations discreetly.

This is her way to know what you like, your interests, and probably where your attention is.

You might even notice her smiling after you’ve told a joke to one of your friends.

So if you notice any signs of her snooping around, then she’s probably interested.

25) She remembers small details about you

One of the most mistakable signs that a shy girl likes you is when she remembers those little details.

You’ll be surprised knowing that she remembers the first time you meet and what you’re wearing that time. She knows every detail you’ve shared about her that you may not quite recall.

She’s like holding on to every moment and cherishing the time with you.

These gestures are manifestations of that feeling that she has for you.

26) She leans towards you

When we’re attracted to or like someone, we tend to lean towards them. We lean towards people we want to get close to and trust.

It’s involuntary – and learning is something that guys do as well.

So when you’re on opposite sides, and you find her leaning towards you, the chance is high that she likes you.

And look at her body language and where her feet are pointing when she’s talking to you. Those mean a lot.

27) She has her wing-girl

If you’re crushing on a shy girl and want to confirm if she likes you, approach her friends. They’ll tell you that she likes you.

Shy girls are reserved and won’t make the first move. No wonder, her friends will be there to support her.

Her girlfriends are there to help her out to see if you’re single and interested in her.

So if all of a sudden, shy girl’s girlfriends are checking you out, that’s a sign that a shy girl has her eyes on you.

28) She engages and hints about you on social media

She sends you friend requests on your social media accounts. It’s like her way of saying, “Hi, I want to know you better.”

Then she’ll like your post and comment on your Instagram and Facebook updates.

And if she’s liking your status updates from years ago, then she has a crush on you and is just too shy to admit it.

You’ll prove that she’s interested when she drops subtle hints on her social media posts. It could be anything about you, your hobbies, or your favorite songs.

29) She’s finding ways to hang out indirectly

Shy girls don’t put themselves out there just to hang out or flirt with anyone. They prefer doing it discreetly.

If she gets the courage, she’ll suggest doing something that involves you. It could be asking if you need help or asking you to help her with anything.

However she does it, that’s flirting 101: the shy girl edition.

30) She loves to listen while you talk

You have that undivided attention from her.

She listens to all your stories and anything you’re sharing. She finds interest in what you’re saying because she wants to know you better.

When you talk, she’s nodding and smiling intermittently. She may even blush, move closer, or lean in without even realizing it.

This subconscious action simply means that she’s interested in you.

Shy girl likes you. Now what?

You’re perfectly aware now that your shy girl isn’t the same as with all the other girls you’ve met.

If you’re always surrounded by loud and confident girls, shy girls seem to be mysteries. But you know that her shyness and sense of mysteriousness attract you even more.

And you’ve finally cracked the shy code – she’s not just being friendly, she does like you.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now that you’ve figured out if she likes you, it’s about time you do something about it.

Knowing the signs she wants you to pay attention to is key to successful dating life.

Here comes the most interesting part.

Make the first move

It’s easier for you to ask her out because you already know that she’s interested in you too. So instead of wading through the awkwardness, talk to her.

Remember this shy girl is not the confident woman who’ll ask you out for coffee or go clubbing.

She’s not playing hard to get, but she’s just afraid of being rejected. Thus, she’d rather suffer in silence than take the initiative.

No matter how crazy she feels about you, she’ll wait for you (and hope) to make the first move.

Approach her. Talk to her.  Ask about her favorite songs or her current Netflix binge.

And remember this:

While shy girls are introverts, they are fierce and strong. They know what they want in life and can see right through if someone’s playing games on them.

Since she likes you, there’s a chance that she’ll tell you that she’s into you too when she becomes comfortable enough.

Just be honest – and she’ll love you even more.

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