15 surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you

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It’s hard enough to tell if a guy likes you.

But add in the fact that he’s a sensitive guy and it can feel like you’re decoding the Magna Carta.

Sensitive guys aren’t easy to read, and they express themselves in subtle ways.

Fortunately, I’ve put together this list of 15 surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you.

Let’s get started.

1) He’s there for you when others aren’t

This may not be one of the most surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you, but it’s still true.

Unlike less sensitive men who fade out when you’re in crisis, a sensitive man will be there for you.

“Whenever you’ve had a really shitty day, he’s right there with your favorite takeout and a movie — or his signature handmade margaritas,”

writes Cosmo Frank.

It’s not that he’ll “fix” your problems or solve everything for you.

But he’ll be that shoulder to cry on and that rock to depend on.

The downside is that this can devolve into “just friends.”

The upside is that sometimes you might find those shoulders become more than just comforting and you start seeing him in a romantic way as well.

2) He gets touchy about what you say

One of the surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you is that he reacts strongly to what you say when you least expect it.

For example, you might tell a harmless joke and he looks very confused or almost offended and you wonder why.

This can be disquieting if you also have feelings for the fellow in question.

It’s because he’s probably very sensitive and a bit of an overthinker. He may be interpreting your jokes or statements in a worst-case scenario way.

So while you just said that you always like a man in uniform as a joke when you see a cop-out on a walk, he’s obsessing in his head about how maybe you’re low-key trashing him for still being a student.

Don’t overreact to this, he’ll learn to chill eventually.

3) He opens up about his past and his secrets

Sensitive guys tend to be hard to read and a bit closed off.

It’s not that they don’t trust you personally, it’s just that often they’ve been a little hurt by the world in a general and past romance gone bad.

For this reason, you should take it as a very positive sign if he starts opening up to you about his past and his secrets.

For a sensitive man, this is the same as saying that he cares for you and he’s catching feelings.

Regular macho men may just throw out lines or pretend to open up to get sex, but a sensitive guy only does it when he’s actually into you.

“When he starts sharing his personal secrets, you know he’s definitely falling in love!”

writes Daniel Long.

4) He wants to share his world with you

One way a shy guy often does this is by sharing things with you on his phone.

This can include sending you funny memes, interesting articles, and personal updates, but it especially means that when he’s around you he invites you to check out what he’s looking at on his cell.

Phones have become a deeply personal and private thing for many of us, and this is often particularly true for a sensitive man.

So when he leans over to share his mobile world with you it’s one of those surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you.

Because he’s inviting you into his physical space and into his private domain: VIP access only…

“If he leans in to show you something on his phone, he’s giving you a great signal that he likes you and wants to be near you,”

writes dating coach Randy Skilton.

“There is a closeness and intimacy that’s instantly created when a guy leans in to look at a phone with you.”

5) He’s interested in your dreams – and your nightmares

A guy who just wants to seduce you or have some fun is usually easy to spot.

He’s putting everything out there and he’s faking interest.

With a sensitive guy who likes you, there’s an obvious interest from him in the deeper side of your dreams.

He wants to know about your future plans and hopes, but he also listens with patience and empathy to those monsters in your closet.

He doesn’t shy away from the “bad” stuff because he’s not around you for an easy ride.

He’s there for the long haul.

6) He surprises you with a thoughtful gift

There’s nothing like a thoughtful gift to make a lady’s heart flutter, and smart guys understand that.

The difference with a sensitive man who likes you is that he will often have that extra touch or insight in his gift that shows that he really cares.

You’ll be able to tell he put thought into it and really wondered if you would like it.

It will often be something that also shows he has been listening to what you say and what you need in your life – including things you badly want but weren’t sure you could afford.

“The best kind of indirect sign, though, is when you suddenly find something that you want – tickets to a concert you mentioned in passing, or a scarf you saw in a window and only lingered on a moment – given to you,”

writes Gray Miller.

“That shows that not only does he like you, he is also paying attention to what you like.”

7) He will admit his past dating failures

Some guys will try to play it cool when they like a woman, presenting a brave face and talking about all the great things in their past.

But one of the surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you is that he will admit his past romantic misadventures.

Even if he had a relationship where it went wrong because of him, he won’t try to hide it.

This radical honesty is just the way he operates, and by laying it all out on the table with you he’s doing two things:

He’s being vulnerable and letting you see his dirt;

And he’s also inviting you to do the same.

8) He makes excuses to see you

Sensitive guys often tend to go the indirect route.

He usually isn’t great at flirting or showing romantic or sexual interest, so instead, he’ll just try to be physically close to you.

When a sensitive guy likes you he will make excuses to be around you more.

If you’re in class together then it will usually be him suggesting that you work on homework or a project together.

If you work together he’ll stop by your desk or work area more often than he really needs to.

Still, these signs of interest can be subtle so you have to pay attention.

9) He’s overly interested in your dating life

Sensitive guys aren’t all sunshine and roses, let’s be honest.

One of the potential drawbacks of a sensitive dude is good old jealousy.

Sensitive souls are often more afflicted by things like jealousy because they feel things on a deep level.

One of the more surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you is that he may be interested in your dating life to the point of jealousy.

Even if he’s very stable in himself, he often can’t help but push the line just a bit…

 “Now it’s pretty obvious that if he asks you, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ then he’s clearly interested in being your boyfriend,”

writes relationship expert Marilyn Liles.

“However, not many guys are going to be that direct. Instead, they’ll ask indirect questions to figure it out. Maybe, he’ll mention that he’s single in the hope that you will say ‘me too.’”

10) He goes to bat for you when it counts

Another of the most surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you is when you’re in a sticky situation and he comes through to save you.

This is usually the kind of thing where nobody seems to be taking your side.

You feel like a boat against the tide and everyone is telling you you’re wrong, but this sensitive guy comes along and finally gets you.

He not only seems to understand, but he’s also willing to go to bat for you.

It’s not just that a sensitive guy can be such a “nice guy” or what have you.

It’s that he’s been where you’re at and as a sensitive soul he can empathize with that feeling of being “the only one” and being on the outside.

But would he really go out of his way to be there for you if he didn’t like you at all?

Probably not.

11) He’s ultra curious about your life and interests

Sensitive guys are usually really curious to know more about their partner, and they show their affection with their curiosity.

Conversations and interactions with the guy will have him asking lots of questions and probing deeper on your answers because he wants to know more.

“He’ll want to know more about you, what your favorite book is or your favorite vacation spot—he’ll want to know what makes you tick,”

says Cortney Rene.

If you’re used to men who are very upfront, flirtatious and seductive, then this sign can be easy to miss.

You might even think he’s just being friendly or nice.

But for a sensitive guy, curiosity means that he’s willing to go out on a limb a little and find out more about who you really are.

This leaves the possibility of disappointment or confusion if you have a lot of different values than him or interests that completely clash.

So if he’s asking a lot about you then he’s probably into you.

12) He texts a lot – with emojis

Sensitive guys are often really good with words. And that translates over into texting.

If he’s a sensitive guy there are usually two trends you’ll notice with texting:

He’ll either be on the ball responding quickly almost all the time;

Or you’ll notice big pauses in his responses but thoughtful and engaging texts.

This is because he’s either so into you that he’s overcome with excitement or he’s so into you that he doesn’t want to dive in too fast and get burned.

Both of these are good signs, and you can just go with the flow on either one.

If you like a sensitive guy then you can be quite confident he likes you too when there’s a steady flow of texting going on.

“A guy who like you will send you a lot of texts. He replies almost immediately if you have initiated a conversation,”

writes eHarmony.

“Getting all those heart eyes smileys? Be sure love is in the air.”

13) He pays attention to your quirks and jokes about them

One of the surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you is that he’ll pay attention to your quirks and sometimes even lightly tease you for them.

Things like allergies, dietary restrictions, odd habits and more will be things he respects, but he may also rib you from time to time.

Don’t take it the wrong way, this is just his way of showing that he likes you and finds you enjoyable to be around.

He’s inviting you to poke a bit of fun at him too.

This is like an invitation into the trust zone, because as a sensitive guy he’s likely been hurt before.

But he’s showing you he’s not scared and telling you that you can be comfortable around him and vice versa.

14) He treats you like a queen

If a sensitive guy is into you then he will treat you like a queen.

He’ll help you out, have your back in a pinch and make sure you’re happy and doing well at all times.

Make no mistake, however:

A sensitive guy is not a “simp”.

Simp basically means the type of guy who will do anything for a girl even when she treats him like dirt.

It means a guy with low self-worth who puts women on such a pedestal that he devalues his own time, money, and energy in pursuit of her or any attention from her.

Sensitive men are not necessarily low self-esteem individuals by any means.

It is more so that once their romantic inner nature is kindled towards you it will burn brightly and consistently.

You won’t have to worry about where they stand because they’ll make it clear on a daily.

15) He flirts cautiously and sometimes awkwardly

Sensitive guys aren’t always the same thing as the typical nice guy, loner, or romantically inexperienced man.

They may be quite good with women.

But they tend to proceed cautiously in the flirting department because they’re usually pretty self-critical and a little socially awkward.

For this reason, sensitive men sometimes express their attraction a bit more hesitantly or slowly than most.

You can sometimes even feel like a sensitive guy is detached or aloof, but in most cases, it’s just his big brain whirring along and his refined heart processing all those big feelings.

“Remember, he’s processing more information, more thoroughly than most. Even when making little, seemingly insignificant decisions, his brain is working like a NASA supercomputer,”

says Ben Neal.

Does he like you or not?

Ultimately it’s going to come down to every individual situation.

But if you’re wondering whether a sensitive guy likes you then the above list is a good way to start getting some guidance.

If all or many of those signs are true then his deep soul is probably stirring with desire for you in some way.

Perhaps he is waiting for you to ask him out.

Although being sensitive isn’t without its drawbacks, if you have a sensitive guy who’s got feelings for you then you can rest assured that he has lots to offer.

I’m reminded of this quote by the author Anthon St. Maarten.

“Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods. To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate.

It is not the empath who is broken, it is society that has become dysfunctional and emotionally disabled. There is no shame in expressing your authentic feelings.”

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