10 signs a man will always cherish you, according to psychology

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The biggest relationship insecurity most women have is knowing if her partner’s love is fleeting or unconditional. 

But here’s the thing…

There is no need to worry yourself sick about your relationship status.

Psychology provides us with valuable insights into the subtle signs of eternal love.

So, to finally understand if your man will always cherish you, read on to discover the top 10 signs of devotion, according to science.

1) He always supports you

One of the most significant telltale signs that a man truly respects and values you is this – supporting you in everything you do.

Our partners should be our biggest cheerleaders.

So if your partner is always in your corner, encouraging you to step into your power and reach your potential, he truly cherishes you. 

Along with encouragement, a man who will always cherish you will show interest in your goals and dreams. 

When you achieve great things, he will be generally thrilled for you. 

And when you experience failures and losses, he will be right there, ready to give you a supportive hug.

A man who supports his women is one who also does the following…

2) He respects your independence

If your man sees you as much more than just his partner, this is a huge green flag, suggesting he fully respects and loves you.

He understands that you have a much bigger purpose than to support him. You have your own life with your own aspirations.

Therefore, when someone really loves us, they do not stand in our way. Instead, they support us in our choices, even when it doesn’t benefit them.

For example…

Let’s say you get an amazing career opportunity that requires you to travel the world for three months.

Even though your partner will miss you a lot, he wouldn’t dream of trying to stop you.

He knows you are your own person. He always knows that when you are happy and thriving, the relationship thrives too.

Another reason why he respects your independence and supports your personal goals is because of this…

3) He fully trusts you

Trust is a fundamental building block of any successful and loving relationship. 

When one partner doesn’t fully trust the other, it becomes extremely difficult to make the relationship work.

Lack of trust also creates many toxic and unhealthy behavioral patterns and builds feelings of resentment. 

What’s more, without trust, you’ll likely lack the following things:

  • Emotional intimacy
  • Vulnerability
  • Commitment

However, trust takes time (and proactive effort) to build, especially if you’ve previously experienced betrayal.

So, if a man actively cultivates trust within the relationship, this demonstrates a deep understanding and adoration for his partner. 

But trust is not just about fidelity. 

While trust in a relationship reduces the chances of cheating, it also increases reliability, transparency, and integrity.

This is because a trustworthy man has nothing to hide and no false persona to portray, which allows him to do the following…

4) He is open and vulnerable with you

If a man willingly shares his deepest thoughts and feelings with you, this signifies a solid emotional connection.


Communication is something that requires continuous effort. 

So, when a man consistently communicates with you, he is committed to maintaining your deep bond. 

According to psychology, consistent communication demonstrates a desire to stay connected and involved in each other’s daily lives. It also shows that your relationship is a top priority.

What’s more, good communication skills are linked to conflict resolution. 

Research has found that the more positively you respond during couple conflicts, the more satisfied you will feel with the relationship in the long run. 

In addition, you will feel more seen and understood, which brings me to the next sign that a man will always cherish you…

5) He truly listens to you

We feel valued, respected, and understood when someone is fully present with us. 

But we feel unseen when they are distracted (i.e., scrolling on their phone) or constantly interrupting us.

That’s why if your partner truly listens to you and makes you feel important, this is a huge sign of his eternal love.

By putting his phone down when you start a conversation and giving you space to express yourself, your partner shows:

  • He values what you have to say
  • He genuinely likes listening to you

While this might seem like a small thing, it is the hidden glue that holds a relationship together.

If your partner never listens to you, you will experience ever-increasing frustration towards them, eventually leading to resentment. 

Science backs this up, too.

This 2018 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology analyzed conversations of 365 couples. 

Researchers instructed one partner to discuss a stressful personal experience and told the other to respond as they usually would.

From analyzing the data, the researchers concluded this: 

The couples who rated their relationship satisfaction as high were those where one partner attentively listened while the other expressed their feelings.

6) He shows his commitment to you

Society tells us if our man proposes, he will always cherish us.

However, there are many other ways someone can show their commitment. And considering the rising divorce rates, marriage is not the best measure of loyalty anyway!

Here are some other ways your man may show his commitment, demonstrating his ongoing love for you:

  • Discussing and planning for the future together
  • Making joint decisions about shared responsibilities
  • Setting long-term goals as a couple and working towards them
  • Making an effort to spend quality time together regularly
  • Choosing to work through challenges rather than giving up
  • Prioritizing your well-being and happiness, even if it means temporarily sacrificing his own

So, if you think your partner’s love for you is not unconditional because he hasn’t proposed, think again.

Many people get married out of societal pressure. But no one is pressured to show their commitment in the abovementioned ways.

7) He demonstrates thoughtfulness

Another HUGE sign that your partner will always cherish you is if they do random acts of kindness. 

Often, these acts of kindness are small and personal, AKA, no one else knows about them. 

They are not like the carefully choreographed big gestures that people do to gain social admiration.

This large-scale 2020 study explored the success of relationships in the 21st century. 

One key finding was that small, thoughtful gestures are potent indicators of a partner’s affection. 

When a man conducts acts of kindness, such as surprising his partner with her favorite chocolates or making her coffee, it reflects a genuine desire to see her happy. 

These small yet mighty acts create positive associations within the relationship, fostering a sense of being cherished and valued.

But one act of thoughtfulness was regarded the highest among all study participants – saying ‘thank you!’ 

8) He shows his gratitude for you

Gratitude is a key but undervalued ingredient in any relationship.

When our partner expresses their gratitude, we feel appreciated and valued.

What’s more, gratitude demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence. 

So, if your man regularly acknowledges what you do for him, it shows he has high self-awareness and empathy.

If that’s not enough, research also shows that expressing gratitude releases oxytocin (the “love hormone”) in both partners, which helps to foster a deeper connection and bond.

9) He has a strong desire to protect you

Does your partner worry about your health and safety?

A healthy level of protectiveness towards a partner is a big sign of deep love.

I’m not talking about masking a need for control as protection, which is common in narcissistic relationships.

With genuine love, a man naturally desires to protect his woman. This could show up in various ways, such as:

  • He walks closest to the road when walking down the street to protect you from traffic
  • He chooses to drive you home late at night rather than let you take public transport
  • He holds your hand as you cross a busy highway
  • He stays within sight at social events where you don’t know many people

According to dating and relationship expert James Bauer, the desire for a man to protect his partner is due to something he calls ‘the Hero Instinct.’

Bauer argues that letting a man fulfill his desire to protect you helps him feel essential and valuable to the relationship. 

But it is also suggested that men only have this protective instinct for a woman they truly love!

10) You’ve been through a lot together

Finally, if you’ve been through a lot with your partner and you’re still going strong, there is no doubt about it – he will cherish you forever.


Challenges don’t just make us stronger as a person; they also strengthen our relationship.

Whether it’s sickness, an injury, a family death, or a shared traumatic event, the more hardships you experience with your partner, the stronger your bond becomes.

So, if your partner has already stuck by you during hard times, know that his love is unconditional and eternal. 

Final thoughts

The ten signs, rooted in psychological principles, provide valuable insights into our partner’s commitment and love for us. 

So, if you recognize these cues in your relationship, know that your man will cherish you forever. 

But remember – relationships require a consistent effort from both partners. 

So, to continue building a lasting and fulfilling connection based on mutual love and respect, ensure you do these ten things for your partner, too!

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