8 signs a man is having doubts about his relationship (but won’t admit it)

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Compared to women, we men generally aren’t as expressive. 

When we’re unhappy or unsatisfied, sometimes we keep those feelings bottled up.

In the context of a relationship, sometimes a man will allow his union to drag out, even when considerable doubts are lingering in the back of his head. 

Or sometimes, he’ll have a general feeling that something is off, but not know what the issue is exactly. 

I’m here to provide some clarity.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the signs a man is having doubts about his relationship, but won’t admit it. 

Let’s get to it! 

1) He stopped communicating 

Maybe when you started dating, you were in constant contact.

Even when you were apart, you’d text or call, and share mundane, trivial details about your respective days. 

You were inseparable; you savored hearing each other’s voices. 

But as time passed, the latter behavior gradually began to fade. 

The frequency and detail of those texts and calls dropped off significantly. 

Even when he’s in your presence, his energy will be just a bit off; he will be colder and less communicative, wanting to do his own thing rather than spend time talking to you. 

These days, your man feels more and more like a stranger than anything… 

Unconsciously, this could be him distancing himself from you and the relationship, as one will often do when feelings have dwindled.

2) He avoids future planning 

Maybe he’s been daydreaming of breaking up but hasn’t quite gathered the strength and courage to execute his plan. 

Still, if you look closely, there will be subtle signs that he isn’t invested in the longer term

For instance, he might avoid conversations about future plans together. 

Trips abroad, buying that dream house together, starting a family… these are all ‘big’ topics he will seek to avoid. 

In his mind, the relationship no longer warrants such lofty subjects. 

This is mostly because he has serious doubts about the relationship’s longevity. 

3) He’s no longer as physically intimate

It’s human nature to want to touch and be close to the person we love. 

And the opposite is true: when we’re not into someone, we might instinctively recoil when they’re in our space.

So if a man is no longer as physically affectionate as he once was, this may signal something deeper. 

Not only will he avoid sex with you, but he won’t even participate in more everyday romantic gestures like holding hands or cuddling. 

And when he does relent and show affection, it will seem forced and strained. 

These are all telltale signs of emotional withdrawal.

4) He’s always gone 

When a man is no longer as comfortable as he once was in a relationship, he will usually prefer to spend lengthy durations of time apart. 

Maybe he’ll regularly make plans with friends or simply go on long walks alone… sadly, he will find more and more ways to be away from you. 

When my last relationship began to wither, I would distinctly avoid going home. 

I was no longer finding the comfort I once did being around my partner at the time, and thus would search for any excuse to avoid her.

Sometimes, I’d end up drifting through the streets or the mall aimlessly–for hours at a time. 

5) He gets irritable with you

It’s normal to become a bit less ‘lovey-dovey’ as the honeymoon period wears off… but if your man’s irritability with you seems to be the more predominant theme of your interactions, this is concerning. 

Maybe he’ll regularly snap at you… for seemingly minor things that wouldn’t have bothered him in the past but now make him seethe with anger and annoyance.

Maybe the quirks that he once found so endearing and cute no longer trigger any positive emotions in him. 

He just sees red when you’re around–a clear sign there are profound feelings of deeper dissatisfaction, even resentment, at play.

6) He no longer makes much of an effort

Remember, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. 

So if a man has serious doubts about his relationship, expect him to take a more indifferent and apathetic approach to his interactions with you. 

When you fight, rather than try to patch things up, he will no longer care, preferring to walk away without any concrete resolutions. 

Date nights? Those are all but a foreign concept to you. 

He no longer makes an effort to participate or initiate shared activities or to make you feel special.

When a man’s doubts about his relationship are serious enough, it will feel like he’s drifting further and further away

7) His social media habits have changed

Perhaps earlier in the relationship, he would post about you every so often. 

He was proud to be with you and wanted to show you off to the rest of the world. 

But one day, he just stopped. 

Posting on social media may sound like a superficial thing; but these days, dating and the internet are a way of life. 

Social media can make or break relationships. 

So if he isn’t posting you anymore, this may indicate this could reflect his inner feelings. 

Perhaps, he’s even trying to appear single again, which makes going on the prowl, well, a lot less complicated for him. 

8) He’s suddenly very secretive  

It’s healthy to have your individuality in a relationship, but there’s a fine line between having space and being downright secretive. 

Sharing and being open are hallmarks of any healthy, thriving relationship.

If you notice him being ominous or even defensive about things like his phone, social media accounts, or his whereabouts, this may indicate he’s not being open about his feelings or actions. 

He wants you out of his business. 

The worst case is that he has been seeing or communicating with someone else behind your back. 

But more likely, he’s probably just living a double life, one where he can seek solace from you and the relationship. 

Final thoughts 

I know the contents of this article can seem a little grim. But not all is lost. 

If you suspect something is going on with your man, it’s time you start speaking up. 

Sit him down and gently air out your concerns. 

Perhaps he’s going through something outside of the relationship and he struggles expressing and processing his emotions. 

Who knows. 

And if not… if he is indeed having doubts, then it’s up to you to gauge if things are still worth trying to repair. 

Either way, without communication, you won’t get very far. 

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