11 signs a man is genuinely confident and not just faking it

Confidence is a word that gets thrown around a lot. 

But what does it really look like?

A truly confident man is all about action over appearance, and I’m going to go over what makes him stand out. 

In my own ongoing quest to become a more confident and effective man I’m putting many of these behaviors into practice in my life and you can, too!

1) He believes in himself 

The confident man believes in himself and knows his value. 

He doesn’t waver based on the opinions of others, and rejection or criticism doesn’t destroy his self-esteem. 

He knows that he has plenty to offer, and if one situation, person or place isn’t receiving him well he leaves it behind and goes somewhere his talents will be more needed. 

He believes in himself and knows that he’s a highly capable and strong man

2) He knows what he wants 

All the confidence in the world doesn’t do much good if a guy’s head is in the clouds. 

A truly confident man knows what he wants to achieve – today, this month, and for the next five years. 

He sets ambitious goals for himself and does his best to reach them or learn from the times where he doesn’t hit the mark. 

The genuinely confident man really believes he can accomplish anything, and quite often this rock-solid self-belief pays off in real results.

3) He’s not afraid of change 

Change is the only constant in life, and the truly confident guy embraces transition and change. 

He doesn’t dwell in the past or idealize the future. 

He does his best to stay grounded in the present and to accept that sometimes even upsetting changes are out of his control. 

The confident guy isn’t made of steel and he still gets his heart broken by some tragedies in life, too. 

He still gets flustered and upset, too, but he doesn’t let that control him. 

The difference is he’s accepted on a deep level that a lot of changes in life really are out of our control, so he focuses on using change to his advantage.

4) He anticipates obstacles 

The confident man is strategic. 

He positions himself in advance to deal with obstacles that are going to come up. 

This can differ depending on circumstance and includes tactics like: 

  • Saving money for a rainy day fund when he’s in need of liquidity
  • Cultivating and strengthening partnerships that are key to his career 
  • Anticipating problems in his personal relationships and doing his best to talk them over and be open about it.

5) He takes real risks

The genuinely confident man takes risks, but not recklessly. 

He weighs pros and cons and decides whether to enter a new business venture, relationship or make a move in life. 

Sometimes he decides the answer is no. 

But if and when he does decide to take a risk, he goes for it and doesn’t look back over his shoulder.

6) Challenges excite him 

Challenges are catnip to a confident man. 

Whether it’s a fitness goal or a career demand, he sees challenges and pressure as an opportunity. 

Confident guys need a break sometimes just like any of us. 

But when they’re on, they’re on, and no amount of pressure or complicated issues are going to make them give up. 

A challenge is fun, not something to be dreaded. 

7) He’s not focused on the achievements of others 

The confident guy keeps his eye on the ball. 

He doesn’t pay that much attention to the achievements of others unless they relate to his own goals. 

Jealousy is an emotion he just doesn’t waste his time on. 

As for other people being jealous of him? He honestly pities them. 

Jealousy is simply the emotion of somebody who’s not living their own life or hoping that if they wait long enough good luck will come their way. 

A confident man isn’t interested in being passive or eyeing what others have. 

He has his own goals in every area of life and he’s busy working towards them. 

8) He’s ready to learn from others 

The genuine man is ready and willing to learn

He has no shame in recognizing when he meets somebody who knows a lot more than him or has skills he just doesn’t have. 

In fact, it makes him excited because it’s a great opportunity. 

He’s amped up about learning skills from another person and he’s a good listener, too. 

The fact that somebody would take their time and energy to help teach him is a huge bonus as well. 

The world is full of learning opportunities!

9) He looks after himself 

A confident man looks after himself. 

He practices clean hygiene and grooming and dresses well. 

Even if he doesn’t have much money, he would rather buy one or two high-quality items of clothing than 10 basic shirts that fall apart. 

He has style and taste and keeps his appearance clean and in the style that works for him

10) He’s authentic no matter what

Men of confidence prize authenticity. 

This means he’s authentic no matter what. 

He doesn’t change his identity or behavior to fit one crowd or another: he’s him no matter what context he’s in:

At work, at home, at play, on vacation.

This sounds common sense, but many people shift their behavior and ethical standards depending on where they are or who they’re with. 

The confident guy doesn’t. 

He’s comfortable with who he is and self-respect is king. He’d rather be himself and stay consistent.

11) He emerges naturally as a leader in crisis

When a crisis happens, some people shine and others crumble. 

We’d all like to think that we’d step to the forefront when danger strikes or there’s an emergency, but the truth is many of us would:

Run, freeze, look around for somebody else who knows what to do.

The confident man is ready to act when an emergency hits. 

He springs into action and does what he can. If he’s not qualified he finds somebody who is. 

If somebody collapses he calls for a doctor while others are still panicking.

He emerges naturally as a leader when times are intense and upsetting. 

The mark of a genuinely confident man 

The mark of a genuinely confident man is that he’s focused on solutions instead of problems. 

He thinks of himself as high-value and knows his own capabilities without being egotistical. 

He doesn’t brag, but he is straightforward and proud about what he can do and his abilities. 

He looks after himself and keeps his word, adhering to the kind of old-world values that used to keep society together.

A genuinely confident man stands out because he’s not faking it.

His approval, wellbeing and competence comes from inside and he shares that with the outside world in his work, his relationships and his offering of energy and can-do attitude to those he comes across. 

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