8 signs a man has completely fallen for you, according to psychology

Have you ever wondered whether your man is fully invested in you? If he has fallen head over heels for you? 

According to psychology, many different signs could show that this is exactly what has happened. Read on to find out what they are.

1) Increased attention

Has a man in your life begun to show you more attention than he used to? Does he try to sit near you and chat with you over anyone else? This could be a sign that he is really into you.

This article explains the definition of romantic love, as “a state of intense longing for union with another.” So if your partner or a man you know wants to hang out with you all the time, they may have fallen in love with you.

I know I feel more loved when my partner wants me around and wants to sit next to me or asks me to come out with him, even if he’s going out with his friends. 

These are nice little signs that I’ve noticed that make me feel confident that he’s really into me.

2) Introducing you to others

How many times have you been out with someone and they see a friend or someone they know and they don’t introduce you? It can feel a bit embarrassing, can’t it? Like you don’t mean much to that person.

How about when someone introduces you? “Hi, this is my girlfriend…” It’s a nice touch and makes me feel like he’s proud to have me.

If a guy introduces you to his friends, he might try to get their opinion of you. I mean, we’ve all done it too, haven’t we? But if he’s met a new woman, for example, and he introduces you, he’s letting her know that he’s not available, which means he’s keen on you.

Another sign is when speaking with others, and he uses the phrase ‘we’ to explain something instead of saying ‘I’. He’s acknowledging you and that you went and did something together.

3) Constant affection

Does your man give you constant affection? Or maybe it’s a guy you think might be interested in you.

Affection comes in many shapes and forms, for example, little touches, hugs, playful pokes and prods, even extra smiles, and coming closer than normal when he’s listening to you.

If you’re noticing some of these things consistently, then you might just be in luck! Try to reciprocate some of the affection he’s giving you if you’re also interested and see what happens.

In this article, the psychologist explains that often men will be affectionate rather than express their love with words. So it’s a sign to watch out for.

I was dating someone once and met one of his friends who told me that this guy must like me a lot because of how affectionate he was with me in public. It was both a nice compliment and a sign to be aware of.

4) He’s protective of you

Have you noticed the guy in question suddenly standing up for you more, offering to walk you somewhere or maybe even telling a creep where to go? This could be a sign that he is protective of you and wants to look after you.

When a man is protective of someone they are showing that they want to care for them. This article explains that according to psychological research, protectiveness is a male instinct. It says that ‘providing and protecting’ is one of the 3 natural instincts.

So basically when a guy is into you he won’t be able to help but be protective of you.

I don’t know about you, but when a man is looking out for me I feel more loved and safe and I quite like it.

5) You’re included in his plans for the future 

This is a big one. Often men don’t verbalize these plans. But if he’s including you in his future he’s absolutely fallen for you.

Men can often find it hard to commit, so when they are asking you to come along to something in the future, or even better, just assuming you’ll be coming, you’re on to a winner.

It means he wants more than just a fling, and that he sees you as a major part of his life. It’s another time when he might use the word “we” a bit more meaning he’d like you to come along for the ride too.

My friend’s boyfriend made me laugh the other day. He’s so into her, but he never verbalizes it. 

They were talking about what their plans were for the next year because they’re both living overseas at the moment, and he was explaining his plans but didn’t explain to her that she was included in them until she asked.

Once she asked if she was included as well he said “Of course”. He’d planned it all in his head but just hadn’t told her.

If he’d said no, then she’d have known he wasn’t committed to her.

6) He prioritizes your needs

One thing about men is they can be inherently selfish. Not all of them obviously, but they often grow up thinking about themselves and being looked after by others. 

So, if suddenly there is a man in your life prioritizing your needs over their own, wow, go for it because he’s clearly head over heels for you.

When he prioritizes your thoughts and ideas, he’s saying that he respects you and values your opinions. 

This article says that if he prioritizes you then he will make sure to make decisions with you, remembering and including your dreams and desires as well. Basically, he will begin to compromise because he cares about you so much and wants you to stay in his life.

7) He opens up to you

This is quite important but often happens over time. Men aren’t usually known for their openness like us women are. I’ll meet someone on a night out and by the end of the night they’ll know who my best friend was when I was five and my dreams and desires for the next ten years.

It can take a bit longer for men. But if you notice that slowly, over time he’s letting you slowly in then this could be a sign that not only does he trust you, but he wants to let you in. He wants you to get to know him too.

8) Respect and appreciation

I think this one is a big sign that a man has completely fallen for you. Men often don’t like to be wrong about things, so respecting you, your decisions, and your opinions means he has to trust you. 

Appreciating the things you do means he has to say thank you. He has to recognize that you’ve been there to help him. It can be a hard thing to do. 

Both of these things combined can be hard on the ego, but a great sign that this man loves you big time. These are also traits that a man values from a woman. So if you’re noticing this, reciprocation will go a long way.

An article about respect in relationships explains that when a man expresses appreciation towards his partner he actually can boost the happiness of the whole relationship. 

So if you’ve met someone who you’re not in a relationship with yet, but is showing appreciation for the things you do, then they may really be into you! 

Louisa Lopez

Louisa is writer, wellbeing coach, and world traveler, with a Masters in Social Anthropology. She is fascinated by people, psychology, spirituality and exploring psychedelics for personal growth and healing. She’s passionate about helping people and has been giving empowering advice professionally for over 10 years using the tarot. Louisa loves magical adventures and can often be found on a remote jungle island with her dogs. You can connect with her on Twitter: @StormJewel

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