12 signs a Libra woman is not interested

I am your classic Libra woman.

That means on a good day I am chatty, positive and pretty charming (if I do say so myself).

But on the flip side, I know I can also be a little bit unreliable and be cool enough at times to give you frostbite.

Yep, reading a Libra woman, especially when it comes to romance, isn’t always easy. We are a very tricky sign to understand.

So I’m here to try and give you a helping hand in figuring us out.

Understanding a Libra woman

I’m not surprised if you’re struggling to figure out how a Libra woman feels about you. Rest assured it’s probably not you, we can be super difficult to get when it comes to romance.

So I want to start by giving you a quick cheat sheet for the Libra woman in love.

On the positive side Libra women are:

  • Total soppy romantics
  • Very charming
  • Fun, friendly and flirtatious
  • Social butterflies

On the negative side Libra women can also:

  • Be slow to make up their mind
  • Hate any type of confrontation
  • Use her charm to get what she wants

So when all these traits combine it can create confusion.

For example, we might be really friendly and charming but that doesn’t mean we’re interested in anything more from you.

Or we could seem a bit distant, but only because we have yet to make up our minds about you or we are genuinely busy having fun elsewhere.

When we fall, we fall hard. But getting us to that point isn’t always an easy ride. What can I say, fun and free girls don’t give up the party life quite so easily!

Want to know whether a Libra woman is into you or if you’re just wasting your time? Here are 12 strong signs a Libra woman will give off when she isn’t interested:

Signs a Libra woman is not interested

1) She plays it a bit too cool

As social butterflies, Libra women can float around from person to person and party to party. Which can sometimes make us look shallow or flighty.

But Libras often have fun and active lives that keep them busy. As a consequence, they tend to give off this effortlessly cool vibe.

It’s not that she is playing hard to get, she just isn’t needy and that comes across in her energy towards you.

But there is a world of difference between cool independence and having a frosty attitude towards someone.

If she seems a bit too cool then you can assume she isn’t interested.

What’s the difference?

Playing it cool means she might not always reply straight away to your texts when she has other things to do. But being frosty means she will take ages to respond or leave you on read.

Playing it cool means she might not always be available to see you but will suggest another time and place to meet. But being frosty means she never seems to find the time to see you and always has an excuse on hand.

2) There is zero affection

Us Libras can be very touchy-feely when it comes to showing our affection.

It makes sense, we are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. That means we can be total cutie pies.

We can be pretty romantic and make our intentions clear when we know we want someone.

But until we’re sure, we’re unlikely to shower this attention and affection on someone. It’s saved exclusively for those whom we conclusively have our sights set on.

So if she shows zero affection or warmth toward you then at the very least, the jury is still out on whether she is interested or not.

3) She doesn’t make you feel special

Does she make you feel special whenever you are around her or do you feel kind of overlooked?

Libra women are known for being able to make anyone they speak to feel like the center of the Universe.

It all comes back to our talkative and friendly traits. We can be chatty and sociable with pretty much anyone.

Because this comes so naturally, it isn’t a good sign if she doesn’t act like that around you.

We have a bit of a way with words and can put that to good use on a crush.

So if a Libra woman isn’t using any of her charm to get to know you or show you attention it could be because she isn’t into you.

Feeling overlooked or ignored by a Libra woman could definitely mean you haven’t caught her eye. Because if you had she would be surely showering you in the warmth of her sunshine.

4) She doesn’t listen to you

Yes, Libras are talkers, but we’re also good listeners.

We’re fascinated by people and getting to know all sorts of things about them.

The more important you are to a Libra woman, the more she will want to know and understand about you.

In fact, being a good listener is one of Libra’s top traits. As a consequence, we also tend to remember the little things.

If you ever get into a relationship with us this can be annoying when we recite back every word you once said in an argument.

But it’s way worse if she doesn’t listen to you. She seems distracted when you speak to her or disinterested in what you have to say.

Or maybe she very quickly forgets anything you have already told her about yourself.

It’s a sure-fire sign that a Libra woman is not interested in you when she doesn’t truly listen to you.

5) She’s always busy with other things

Libra women are far from shy and we quickly gravitate to anywhere the parties at.

As a sociable sign, we enjoy the company of others. We can have many varied friends and busy social lives.

So yes, a Libra woman has a lot going on in her life and can find herself busy. And while she may seem like a whirlwind of activity, here’s the very important truth:

We ultimately make time for our priorities.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, so it’s important for us to spend time with those we care about.

If she had to reschedule plans once, it’s no biggie. Chalk it up to her being a Libra woman.

But if she flakes on you often or finds excuses for why she can’t make the things you invite her to, I’m sorry to say, but she probably isn’t interested.

Until we find someone we think is worth unleashing our loving side for, we can tend to give guys the runaround.

6) She doesn’t flirt

My above point about Libra women being hard to pin down leads well into this next sign she isn’t interested.

And that’s if she doesn’t flirt with you. Because here is another truth about Libras:

We’re known for being one of the most shallow signs of the zodiac.

I’m not saying personality doesn’t count, it does. But we can have our heads easily turned by a good-looking face. Yep, I’ll admit it, Libra women can be quite vain.

And our initial attraction toward someone can rest on this sexual attraction. And we’re known to be a bit picky too if we feel like someone doesn’t quite cut it in the looks department.

If a Libra woman finds someone super sexy, she is likely to be flirty with you.

I’m not saying she would lay it on really thick. But you would certainly expect some of the very basics of flirting to be covered:

  • Extra or prolonged eye contact
  • Playing with her hair
  • Lots of smiling
  • Laughing at your jokes
  • Getting more touchy-feely

It’s worth noting that Libra’s, despite how sociable they are, can sometimes take a bit of time to warm up to you. So she might not instantly start flirting.

But if there is zero flirty vibes between you, and she doesn’t appear to be coy, then take it as a lack of interest.

7) She talks about other guys to you

I mentioned earlier that Libras are very loving partners, but can tend to play the field.

Ok, I may be biased, but I don’t think it means that we are “players” or “heartbreakers”. We just rate physical attraction very highly and sometimes take our sweet time before committing to only one person.

We love to get lost in the romance of a connection, which can lead to lots of fiery flings. But whilst we’re always seemingly in love (or lust) and tend to fall hard and fast — it can take a lot to truly tie us down.

If she tells you about other guys she may be seeing or have her eye on, then rest assured you won’t be tying her down anytime soon.

Even if nothing has happened between you two yet, a Libra woman is unlikely to talk about other men to a guy she is interested in romantically.

8) She doesn’t open up to you

This is another gloriously confusing contradiction of a Libra woman (sorry!).

We can take some time before truly opening up. This is saved for the privileged people in our lives who we feel safe being ourselves around.

I think it might be because Libra women are actually big people pleasers and don’t like to rock the boat, so we can be hesitant in telling just anyone what we really feel and think.

So it’s not totally surprising if she doesn’t tell you all of her secrets in the first 10 minutes of meeting you (Although she may well tell you someone else’s, as Libras love to gossip).

But if she isn’t getting closer to you, or making an effort to do so then it’s a red flag.

The more a Libra woman opens up to you, the more interested you can assume she is. If she has felt like a totally closed book for some time now, then sadly she might stay that way.

9) She doesn’t make fun plans with you

Us Libra women really enjoy adventures and fun activities.

We love to be spontaneous and stay entertained.

So, if she isn’t dragging you off on an adventure she may not be interested. At the very least if you suggest something fun, she will be down if she’s into you.

Actually, a top tip for wooing a Libra woman is to suggest doing something a bit unusual or out there together.

We tend to have very curious natures and see doing new things together as a way of bonding with someone.

That’s why if she has already politely turned down your invitations to go to a gig together, visit an amusement park or go skydiving — she probably isn’t interested.

10) She’s hot and cold

We have already said that Libra women are indecisive.

That indecisiveness can not only tempt us to play the field, but it can also lead to confusing behavior. One day we might feel like we’re into you, but not sure the next.

Because we seem to take forever to decide, on the surface, it might seem like a Libra woman is running hot and cold.

She doesn’t want to make the wrong decision, and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings along the way (least of all her own).

But if she is a bit back and forth with you, it’s a red flag that she isn’t totally sold on the idea of you two.

Hot and cold behavior from a Libra woman can include things like:

  • Being chatty one day, but ignoring your messages the next.
  • Agreeing to meeting up or going on a date, but being illusive afterwards about firming things up.
  • Disappearing for a while but popping back up a few days or weeks later.

11) She is avoiding you

Libras hate confrontation.

So we will often do just about anything to avoid it. Sometimes that may mean not handling situations in the best way.

Rather than maturely be upfront about her feelings, a Libra woman can be tempted to avoid the situation for as long as possible instead.

We don’t want to have to disappoint people, and so it can make us feel very uncomfortable if we have to outright say we’re not interested. Far better to disappear for a while and hope it all resolves itself.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if ghosting was invented by a socially awkward and drama-dodging Libra.

If she seems to be avoiding your calls, texts, or seeing you in person, then this could be her avoidant way of giving you the message that she isn’t interested.

12) She is really flaky

I do hope I’m not putting you off Libra woman altogether, as we do have lots of good qualities.

But sadly, another of our bad traits tends to be unreliability.

This can take many forms:

Canceling last minute, saying we’ll do something and then not, or not entirely pulling our weight in a situation.

But even despite these tendencies, a Libra woman who is genuinely into you will never be consistently flaky.

That’s because our romantic streak balances us out. It means that if we were really that into you we wouldn’t cancel or fail to text you.

Remember we invest a lot of time and energy into both love (guided by our ruling planet Venus) and into our connections (as the sign of partnerships).

If a Libra woman were truly into you then she would put the effort in and show you how much you mean to her.

If she’s not interested then she might come off as unreliable and unresponsive.

Do Libras hide their feelings?

If you’re still on the fence about whether a Libra woman is interested in you or not, I don’t blame you.

I am a Libra woman and I often struggle to know myself whether I’m really into someone or not. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

We are a very indecisive sign and we can go back and forth in our minds quite a lot.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. We take real love seriously.

So we want to feel sure something is right before we make a move or commit. You could even say it’s a more responsible approach to love.

On top of that our tendency to want to avoid drama means that we can end up hiding our true feelings from others.

And then there is also the added complication that we can be nice to pretty much anyone.

And showing our charming side might mean that we like you. But not always that we like you “like that”.

Wow. No wonder when you’re on the receiving end of all that, all you see is mixed signals and confusion.

How do Libras act when they like someone?

Ok, so we’ve looked at how a Libra woman might behave when she isn’t interested in you.

But what about when she is?

Libras are romantic idealists. Maybe we’re all looking for the fairytale romance, but perhaps more so when it comes to Libra women.

We are holding out for love at first sight, our soulmate, and that happily ever after.

Until we feel like we’ve found the one we’ve been searching for, you might find a Libra gal is quite picky.

So how do you know if you are the chosen one for a Libra? Here are some of the key signs a Libra likes you.

1) She is attentive

If I’ve painted Libra’s out to be demanding, please know that we can actually be total pushovers in love.

When we have a crush that we’re sure about, Libra women are often attentive. That means they want to be around you and try to make it happen.

They listen to every word you have to say and remember the smallest details.

Libras are an air sign, so an exchange of thoughts is really important to us. So they try to get to know the real you and what makes you tick.

She will ask questions and happily talk for hours so that she can do this.

She will likely show her physical attraction to you by getting flirty.

Even if she is more of a shy Libra, she will try to subtly get close to you. So you may notice that at a party or gathering, she is constantly by your side.

And finally, flattery is another favorite of the Libran lady to show interest.

As a naturally charming sign we use flattery all the time. Our compliments are often sincere, but sometimes we’re trying to get something out of you too. Maybe both are the case when it comes to a crush.

2) All eyes are on you

Libras can be old-school romantics that believe in marriage and are looking for a partner to commit to.

Any player antics will die down when she meets someone who grabs her sole attention.

So you can tell a Libra woman is really interested if she isn’t dating other people and puts all her eggs in one basket.

She may specifically let you know that there is nobody else on the scene. She’ll also try and drag you along to all kinds of things she is doing.

I mentioned Libra’s adventurous nature. Well, she is going to want to share all kinds of cool things with you if she is into you.

3) She makes an effort with her appearance

Don’t forget, we Libra girls can have a vain streak.

So if she is interested in you, I’m going to bet she isn’t hanging around in her sweatpants whenever you’re there. Physical attraction and sex are usually important to Libras.

Any extra effort with grooming or appearance is a giveaway that a Libra girl likes you.

She wants to look good for you. And she’ll probably go to great lengths to achieve this.

What do you do when a Libra woman pulls away?

Maybe you’ve seen some warning signs from a Libra woman.

Perhaps you’ve been getting mixed signals or a Libra woman is being hot and cold.

It’s clear by now that Libras are not the most straightforward of signs. And so reading those signs is also not always straightforward.

I think that’s because some of the things we do can be a bit contradictory.

You can’t always tell the motives behind how we behave.

If you are sensing that a Libra woman might not be interested or is pulling away from you, what should you do?

Here are a 2 tips to try:

1) Step back too

Let her come to you.

Libra’s aren’t usually shy by nature (although obviously, individuals can be). So if she wants you in her life, you’ll know about it eventually.

Libra women are independent and they need space. Particularly if a Libra is trying to make up her mind, it can be helpful to step back a bit.

I know it’s tempting to try even harder when she seems to pull away, but that can make her step back even more.

If you have made it clear how you feel, but you keep getting mixed signals, then stepping back can be the best thing to do.

Keep chasing her and she’ll probably keep giving you the runaround.

2) Talk to her

Libras are technically very good communicators.

This air sign has all the skills to talk about a wide range of things. So if you want to know where you stand, it’s a good idea to ask directly.

But this advice comes with a word of warning. Libra’s aren’t great with confrontation, remember?

So my advice would be to try to keep the conversation light if you can. Maybe ask her out directly, and suggest doing something fun together.

Despite Libra’s people-pleasing nature, asking her outright if she is into you should get you an honest response.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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