24 Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her

Is there a girl in your life that you secretly like?

Has she been dropping hints that she likes you too – or, at least, you THINK she is?

Do you stay up all night wondering how she REALLY feels about you?

Hey, I know how it feels. It’s like drowning – like you MUST find out if she really does like you, and fast. Otherwise, you just might miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Well, worry no more. This article will give you 24 signs a girl wants you to notice her.

First, let’s ask the obvious question:

Why is it Important to Know the Signs?

Keep in mind that women typically DON’T say how they feel out loud. That’s not how feminine energy works.

Instead, feminine energy manifests in magnetism. That is, she attracts the men, enticing them to approach. That’s how it’s always been, and it won’t change anytime soon.

Now think about it: If women don’t use words to convey how they feel about you, what do they use instead?

They use their actions, of course.

More specifically, they’ll drop little hints, show little signs, and leave a trail of breadcrumbs, hoping you’re smart and manly enough to get the message without her saying anything.

These are the signs you should look out for. There are 24 of them in all, and we’ll cover all of them in this article.

So how many signs is she showing you right now?

1. She always hangs out around you

The first sign is that she always seems to go where you go. This doesn’t count the classroom or the office if you study or work together, of course. But you’ve noticed that she frequently hangs out in the places you go, even when she has no reason to be there.

If she goes where you go, then she wants you to notice you.

Studies have shown that proximity – that is, being close to each other – increases the chances of a relationship actually starting. You might have noticed that you’ve been getting chummier over the weeks. And that’s a great sign.

The more attracted she is to you, the more she spends time around you. Better reward her efforts by making the move and taking the lead.

2. She laughs at your jokes – Even when you’re serious

Have you ever said something without even meaning to be funny – yet she laughed anyway? Then she caught herself and said: “Sorry, don’t mind me,”?

What happened? A dead giveaway happened, that’s what.

Here’s a little secret about women…

They have this unusual ability to interpret a single statement in two or more different ways. When you made your statement, she might have interpreted it as being lighthearted and humorous – as she’s meant to do when she likes you – and so she laughed as a reflex.

When she laughs at your jokes even when you’re serious, it means she’s paying very close attention to the things you’re saying. She’s instinctively finding ways to make you like her, and laughing at your jokes is one of those ways.

3. She cares about what you think

This is related to sign #1. The more she’s around you, the more she cares about what you think. So if she asks for your opinion often – especially on personal matters – you can bet she wants you to notice her.

Watch out if she starts asking for your opinion on:

  • Her job options
  • Her family
  • The men who are trying to date her
  • Philosophical and political matters
  • Etc.

If you work or study together, pay close attention when the group is forced to decide on certain matters. If she always takes the position you take, it’s a sign she cares about what you think – and, by extension, she cares about you.

4. She sways her hips more when she walks close to you

Did you notice she’s sultrier and sexier when she walks close to you?

Did you notice she often walks by you, strutting like a model on a catwalk, for no reason at all?

And as she walked past you, did you ever find your eyes trailing after her?

Most women know that swaying their hips make them look more attractive. So they do it consciously in front of the men they want to attract. So if she’s doing it to you, consider yourself lucky.

And here’s the funny thing about hip-swaying – some women don’t even consciously do it. They see a man they like, and they instinctively walk in a sexier, more feminine, more alluring way.

Enjoy the view, but don’t wait too long before making your move, my dude.

5. She’s touchy-feely with you

Does she touch you a lot? They may be “harmless” touches like high-fives and shoulder taps, but you’ve noticed she touches only you, and none of the other guys.

If the touches aren’t so “harmless” – such as hand-holding, shoulder rubs, or looping her arm around yours – that’s an even BIGGER sign.

Studies have proven the link between touch and emotional intimacy. And in a society where touching is a step away from being a crime, touching is a huge risk on her part – and you can bet she’s hoping for a huge reward in return.

6. She plays with her hair

Ah, the classic sign of attraction. You’ve heard about this one before, right?

The reason you keep hearing about it is simple: It’s true. When a woman plays with her hair, it’s her instinctive, uncontrollable reaction to being in the presence of a man she’s attracted to.

When she plays with her hair, she’s doing three things:

  • She’s trying to make herself look prettier
  • She’s exposing her neck, a sign of submission and surrender
  • She’s inviting you to pay more attention to her.

So go ahead – give her what she wants. She’ll be glad you did.

7. She makes lingering eye contact

What if she makes lingering eye contact with you, especially when you talk about personal matters? Then it’s a clear sign she wants to build a deeper relationship with you. Not even joking.

Lingering eye contact is a big deal because people tend to dislike it, even in business settings. The fact that she makes it with you should say a lot.

Eye contact results in less uncertainty and more intimacy. It nudges you closer and closer to a relationship.

8. She reacts to all your social media posts

Is she Liking and Hearting all your social media posts?

It’s not just a sign she notices you – she’s quietly angling for your attention. She wants you to notice her back without her having to post a comment or slide into your DM’s.

In other words, she wants you to notice her, but she doesn’t want to be too forward about it.

Reacting to your social media posts is the equivalent of sending those sweet “secret admirer” notes back in middle school. She’s trying to be as anonymous and low-key as she can while hoping you’ll notice her and start a conversation.

9. She mirrors your body language

Let’s say, while you’re in a conversation with her, you shrug your shoulders a bit. Then, a few seconds later, you notice her shrug her shoulders too.

Or let’s say you crossed your legs. A few seconds later, she crosses her legs, too.

What’s going on?

She’s mirroring you, that’s what. And it’s one of the biggest tell-tale signs she wants you to notice her.

And here’s the kicker – most of the time, mirroring is unconscious. Human beings have this strange quirk where they mirror the body language of people they admire or are attracted to.

So if she’s mirroring you, it means she’s attracted to you – even if she doesn’t say it, or even know it.

(NOTE: Mirroring is just one of the many hidden signs of attraction. Check out the other signs here, too.)

10. She hints about being alone together

Signs can’t get much clearer than this. She musters her courage, takes a huge risk, and directly hints about wanting to be alone with you. She doesn’t just want you to notice her – she wants you to TAKE her, body and soul.

What do you do when this happens to you?

It’s a make-or-break situation – once you decline or even hesitate, she’ll take the offer off the table. You won’t get a second chance.

Worse, she’ll hate you from then on, too. After all, she took a huge risk by being direct with you – and you rejected her.

My advice? If you’re not attracted to her, pretend you didn’t hear or understand what she said. Let her withdraw the offer with a “just kidding” and leave with her dignity intact.

If you ARE attracted to her – well, don’t disappoint her, champ!

11. Her fashion sense gets an upgrade when you’re around

In the dating scene, there’s a saying that goes: “Women don’t dress up for the men, but for the other women.” While it may not be always true, it underlines the important aspect of the dating arena being a competition. Women are out to get the best men, and the fastest and prettiest ones win every time.

So if you’re single and available, and you noticed her dressing up and putting on makeup whenever you meet up with her, it means she’s not just looking pretty – she’s doing her best to make sure you choose her and no one else.

Here are some of the signs her fashion sense is getting an upgrade around you.

12. She says she misses you

“I missed you.”

“We missed you at the party this weekend.”

“It’s not the same when you’re not around.”

These sand similar lines mean one thing – she wants to spend more time with you. Now, if possible.

As it turns out, absence does make the heart go fonder. It’s the reason why long-distance relationships last so long and are often more intense than their geographically-close counterparts.

So don’t just take it as flattery. Take it as a hint – a hook you can latch on to if you want to take things to the next level.

13. She stammers

Let’s say you’re in a group, and she’s telling a story. In the middle of the telling, her eyes meet yours, and she suddenly forgets what she was saying.

Or when she tries to tell you a joke, she flubs the punchline.

What does it mean? Why does she lose her composure when she’s talking to you?

She simply wants to make sure she doesn’t say anything stupid in front of you. And you know how it is when you try too hard – you end up making the very mistake you try to avoid.

So when she stammers in front of you, give her a knowing smile. You’ll be surprised at how quickly she’ll warm up to you.

14. She tells you her deepest and most intimate details

Imagine you’re having coffee with her, and for some reason, she starts getting really personal. She starts telling you her secrets, hopes, fears, and dreams. She even whips out her phone and starts showing you photos of her family.

What does it all mean?

She’s being vulnerable, that’s what.

Vulnerability is all the rage right now. Women do it with men they trust – and when she trusts you, it means she likes you.

Plus, if she’s showing you photos of her family, it means she sees you as a potential boyfriend.

And, yes – she’s hoping you notice it.

15. She’s shy, but she talks to you

You’ve always known her to be a shy girl, but she seems to be a totally different person when she’s with you. She’s bubbly, she’s open, she’s talkative, and she even does favors for you.

Yes, that’s another sign she wants you to notice her. And not a very subtle one, either.

Now, she may not open up to you in person, but instead, she opens up to you over text.

16. She has a higher-pitched voice around you

Do you notice a change in her voice when she talks to you? It’s almost like she’s chippier, happier, or preppier whenever you’re around.

Well, as it turns out, it’s a sign of attraction, and she doesn’t even know about it. Women naturally sound younger, happier, and more feminine when they’re in the company of a man they’re attracted to.

So if you want to know if she’s trying to make you notice you, take note of the tone of her voice when she’s with others, and compare it to when she’s with you.

17. She tells others about you

Do other people tell you about the things she says about you?

“She told me you were a football fan.”

“Hey, she said you needed help with the month’s paperwork.”

“Yo, she said you were going camping this weekend. Not to meddle, man, but why don’t you take her along, you know what I’m saying?”

What does it mean when she tells others about you?

It simply means she likes you. There’s some chemistry between you, and it’s so obvious that other people are noticing.

(NOTE: Check out the other signs there’s chemistry between you.)

18. She puts on lipstick whenever she’s with you

Just like dressing up, putting on makeup is an attempt to make you notice her. Lipstick is the most obvious sign of all. It draws your attention to her lips, which is a subtle way to make you imagine kissing her.

Is she wearing red lipstick more and more whenever she meets up with you? Take the hint. Get her into a one-on-one conversation and see how deep you can go.

19. She’s mean to you sometimes

Is she mean to you sometimes? Does she treat everyone else nicely, but when she’s with you, she teases you and even throws mild insults your way?

You might be surprised to hear this, but believe it or not, she might be attracted to you. To her, other men are friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

But you? You’re someone special, someone she’s actually interested in. In fact, she’s interested enough in you to check whether or not you’re as manly and confident as you show yourself to be.

That’s where the meanness comes in. She’s not really bullying you – instead, she’s testing to see how savvy you are at handling stress.

My advice? Learn to not take anything personally. Instead, agree with whatever she teases you with, and even go one step further.

For instance, if she teases you: “You’re a liar, I can tell,” respond with: “Yes, I’m a liar. Now was THAT a lie?”

When she’s being mean to you, wit is the name of the game. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the teasing stops after a few witty retorts.

20. She has open body language

Open body language includes:

  • Legs uncrossed (or crossed away from you)
  • Arms unfolded
  • Leaning toward you
  • Neck exposed.

Contrast this with closed body language, which includes:

  • Legs crossed toward you (like she’s kicking you)
  • Arms folded
  • Leaning away from you
  • Neck hidden by her chin or hands.

Reading body language is perhaps the fastest way to sense just how comfortable a woman is with you. Her words can lie or mislead, but her body never lies.

21. She glares at other women around you

When you’re talking with other women and she sees you, does she frown? Does she lower her eyes? Does she seem like she suddenly slipped into a bad mood?

That’s another dead giveaway. When her mood sours whenever other women are around you, it means she feels threatened – she’s worried she’s about to lose you to the “competition.”

22. She goes out of her way to spend time with you

So let’s say you’ve had one date with her so far. Is she super-excited about the next one? Is she looking for excuses to spend more time with you?

Yes – it’s a sign you’re special to her, and she’s hoping for more dates to come. Spending time with you is the highlight of her week, so make the most of it.

(NOTE: Want to know if your first date went well or not? Check out these signs.)

23. She remembers little things you say or do

Let’s say you sneezed twice in a row in her vicinity.

“Excuse me,” you say.

“That was just two,” she replies.

“What?” You ask, bewildered.

“You only sneezed twice. You always sneeze three times in a row.”

If she takes note of the little things you say and do, it means she’s paying extra close attention to you.

Why don’t you return the favor?

24. Blushes when you do something out of the ordinary

Let’s say she’s a co-worker of yours, and you’re slogging through a long, boring Wednesday meeting. As the presenter struggles with his PowerPoint, you decide to glance over to her with a smile on your face.

At first, she doesn’t see you, but when she turns her head, she sees you smiling – and she suddenly turns away, trying to hide a smile.

If you were nobody to her, she’d probably raise her eyebrows, puzzled at why you’re smiling at her.

But since you’re special to her, she blushes. Try it out.

Notice her back

And there you have it: 24 signs she wants you to notice her. If that’s not enough, here are a few other ways to tell if she likes you.

You really only need to spot a few of these signs to know for sure she wants your attention. Whether or not you’ll give it to her is up to you.

Just remember that by showing you she likes you, she’s taking a HUGE risk. You’re free to reward her by giving her the attention – and perhaps affection – she wants.

On the other hand, whatever you do, don’t ruin her reputation by telling other people about the signs she’s showing. Even if you don’t like her that way, let her down easy by letting her know her secret’s safe with you.

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