32 clear signs a girl is checking you out (the only list you’ll need!)

You’d think only guys get to check girls out, but girls do it, too. A lot!

It’s just that the body language can be a bit different.

She may be, might be, definitely into you… but you can’t be too sure.

Well, I’m here to help.

In this article, I’ll give you 32 clear signs a girl is checking you out from the subtlest to the most obvious moves.

1) She stares in your general direction

When you catch her staring your way blankly and she doesn’t look away, her head must be lost in the clouds daydreaming… and it’s most likely about you.

If you notice it more than once, it’s safe to assume you’re the object of her stare.

With a stare-back or a wave, you can let her know that you’re aware, and see how she handles it from there.

2) Too many quick glances

This is characteristic of the shy type.

She finds you interesting so she can’t help but look at you. But the moment you catch her eyes, she looks away so as not to get too obvious.

Does she smile as she looks down? Or maybe she starts fidgeting or suddenly pretends to be doing something else?

It’s because looking at you gives her a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but she’s too shy to do anything else.

3) She looks at you like she’s sizing you up

She’s moving her eyes with laser-point precision all over your body. She moves her eyes down on you like you’re going through a scanner.

Unless she’s the police, don’t worry.

She’s just gathering all the info on you and playing different scenarios in her head. She’s making notes mentally on what she’s seeing about you and picking up hints on how to interact with you.

If she’s staring at you long enough to be thinking all those things, you can bet she’s into you.

4) She finds a way to be near you

You grab a cup of coffee in the pantry on your break and she gets up to get one, too. But she already has a fresh cup in her hand. Hmm.

Coincidence? Of course not!

She’s making up all these excuses just to be near you. Sometimes it can even be funny how she’s going to such lengths just to get a good look at you and breathe the same air.

If she’s following you around like that, it’s pretty much confirmed she likes you.

5) She reacts to your body language

When you stare at her, she stares back.

When you rub your chin while talking to her, she blushes.

When you have this much effect on her, then you’re already so close to winning her. All you need is just more confidence to actually make her beg for you.

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6) Lots of hair touching and twirling

The twirling of the hair around the fingers is already a well-known body language that means she’s into you. Or she’s just shy about something. Or both!

So when you catch her doing that as she looks at you, you know the answer. And if she’s consciously doing this, it means she’s not being shy about it at all.

Hair is one of the most attractive parts of a woman, so she’s using it to her advantage and trying to get your attention by acting cute about it.

7) She shifts in her chair

You catch her looking at you, so she gets uncomfortable. She suddenly takes her elbow off the table, or looks down at her work, shifting from side to side or adjusting her dress.

She’s actually embarrassed you caught her checking you out!

Sometimes, it’s just a knee-jerk reaction, or she could be doing it on purpose.

As she moves in her seat, she might add a sound like clearing her throat or a hum to make everything seem like it’s nothing.

8) She gets a little self-conscious

I know she’s supposed to be the one checking you out, but she’s also trying to look good in case you pay attention.

So she starts looking at herself and will be particularly sensitive about any comments regarding her appearance or anything she does around you.

She fixes her skirt and reapplies lipstick for the nth time.

And when you go near her, you can feel she’s holding her breath.

9) Her friends pay close attention to you

She’s told her girlfriends about you (trust me—most girls do this!) so now they’re curious what you’re all about.

You see, she values what her friends think and trusts their opinion. It won’t be just her sizing you up, they’re also picking up bits and pieces about you so they can give her their honest advice.

So if they see you worthy, they can encourage her to make bolder moves to catch your attention.

10) She checks out the people you’re with

We all know this. You can tell a lot about a person by judging the people they’re with.

She’ll study them to get more hints about you.

Who are you—really? She wonders.

If you’re out with your guy friends, she might be figuring out your role in the pack.

If you’re with a girl though, she’ll be curious to know your existing relationship and she’ll definitely size up the girl you’re with, too. Are you still single and available?

Trust me, girls are excellent detectives when they’re crushing on someone.

11) Your friends can confirm she’s checking you out

Sometimes, it can be hard to believe someone is interested in you. You don’t want to get your hopes up so you tend to deny when someone of the opposite sex finds you attractive.

So you check multiple times trying to gather evidence and not just imagining it.

It’s one thing if you’re the only one who can see her looking at you. But if your friends can see it too? Your hunch is pretty much a fact, brother.

12) She wants you to notice her “assets”

Not being a creep, but you’re sure that she’s trying to seduce you by flexing her assets. She stretches her arms to show her flat tummy. She sits in a way that showcases her smooth legs.

Don’t worry. If she’s enjoying the attention (and if she’s doing the other signs in this list), then you’re free to look.

And if she stares back at you with eyes that want to undress you, it’s pretty much mutual flirtation.

And once flirtation is established, do something unpredictable to drive her crazy.

Pull away!

That’s right, be a little “hard to get.” Flirtatious, confident women tend to dig guys who are a challenge…those who are not so “nice.”

This will make her fear that she’ll lose you before you even started.

Women have no “fear of loss” with a nice guy… and that makes them pretty unattractive.

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13) She does something that calls for attention

Recently you’ve observed that she’s dressing a bit differently— she’s bolder and wears more flashy outfits than usual. Watch her reaction when you praise her and she’ll be blushing like a schoolgirl.

Other women actually go beyond and grab your interest intellectually.

She might be working to collaborate with you on a project. Or she could be extra competitive in her achievements and try to race you to the deadline.

Let’s face it, getting one-upped by is hard to ignore, so kudos to her! Make sure to acknowledge and congratulate her, she’ll be squealing inside.

14) She finds a way to be alone

Walking up to a group of girls can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re just trying to single one of them out.

By now she knows much about the male psyche and understands that she can be more approachable when she’s alone. So she does just that.

Just in case you’re the shy type, she’ll ditch her friends, ask them to leave, or make any kind of excuse to try and get away from them in the hopes that you’ll follow her and talk to her.

15) She checks for your reaction

She’ll look at you particularly when something funny happens, or something goes wrong. She’s paying careful attention to how you react to certain situations.

She’s taking notes on the things that make you smile or laugh. She’s also taking notes on what riles you up or what gets you angry.

This is a way to find out if you have things in common and something to talk about later on.

16) She’s a little awkward

You think nothing of it but whenever you’re around, she gets all jittery and can’t seem to look you in the eye even when you’re just standing there.

When you approach her, does she stutter or blurt out random stuff? Or is she trying to hide her reddening cheeks and ears?

The thing is, she’s not normally like this with other guys.

This is probably because she has a crush on you. Being around her crush is making her all tense and sending her brain into overdrive.

17) She laughs louder than usual

Laughter can sound so sweet and attractive to a man that you’ll be drawn like a bee to the flower’s nectar.

There’s just something about the way a woman laughs that can make her either cute or sexy or both.

Actually, I’m not making this up. When a girl is generally happy, it makes her more pleasing and confident, more relaxed and open, and thus more attractive. This will have a stronger effect when she’s laughing at your jokes.

She knows this so she’s appealing to your sense of humor hoping you’ll pick up on it and reach out to her.

18) She starts a small talk

If she’s daring enough to get close enough to talk, she’ll do it.

You’re probably too shy to break the ice yourself so she’s taken the mantle to start a conversation.

It’s not a bad thing if the girl makes the first move. This just means she’s locked you in as her target and doesn’t want the opportunity to slip by.

And this is a wonderful thing, obviously, because it saves you the trouble of having to decide if you should walk up to her or not.

19) She finds a way to keep the convo going.

If she wants to get to know you on a deeper level, she won’t stop at just one-word answers from you. She’ll ask follow-up questions and keep probing or share some stories herself.

She’s encouraging you to talk more so she can feel you out. She wants your opinion on some things because you fascinate her.

If you’re into her, you should also do your part. Try and follow her lead by asking her questions to see if she’s willing to take it even further.

20) She gets a little too close then she backs away

Sometimes, because she’s fond of you, she can’t help herself and gets too close. But then when she notices you’re acting a little uncomfortable, she backs away an inch or two.

She’s probably embarrassed and worried you found out she’s into you.

To ease her burden, talk to her in a friendly manner—as if nothing happened— to make her relax and feel more at ease.

21) She acts drunk

Shakespeare once said that alcohol provokes desire. And he’s not entirely wrong, because many studies support this claim.

A bit of alcohol loosens inhibitions, making her act bolder and crazier than she normally would. Being drunk can make us do outrageous things.

By exaggerating her intoxication, she has an excuse to act out of character, forgo her shyness, fluff up her feathers and be more brazen.

And when you meet again, she can just easily tell you she didn’t remember anything.

22) She compliments you

Well, you’ve certainly made it in her good books if she sings praises about you.

While it doesn’t always translate that she’s checking you out because she could just really admire you as a colleague or friend.

Take note of how she says her compliments to know for sure.

If she’s saying it in a very personal and intimate way, and she’s making it a point that you’re special, she’s stroking your ego because she likes you.

23) You feel that she doesn’t want you to leave

Making conversation is one thing, and stalling is another.

It’s as if she’s desperate to keep you from getting to your next appointment.

She’ll think up all kinds of excuses to spend more time with you like asking you for small favors or talking about an “important” topic.

She feels like if you walk away from this chance encounter, you’ll both miss the opportunity to spark romance.

24) You feel that she wants you to ask for her number

Now that she’s stalled you and she seems to have exhausted all her cards for this one-time meeting, she probably won’t want to let you go until she’s sure you’ll keep in touch.

But she still wants to play coy and have a little more restraint— so she’s waiting for you to take the next step.

She doesn’t want to appear too eager by volunteering her number. You’ll have to get it from her.

So what does she do?

She shows you her phone and takes you to her socials hoping that you’d say “hey, can I add you?”

25) She gets touchy

Some people are actually just born touchy. But you can tell that her way of being touchy is beyond friendly when the touch lingers, and it happens often.

She leans a little bit closer so you can get a better view, or she “accidentally” brushes her arms against yours.

And the final straw?

When she maintains eye contact while touching you, she’s into you without a shadow of a doubt.

26) She teases you

Teasing is a lighthearted way to get to know someone.

It certainly cuts the tension and eases the pressure when someone does a bit of a playful tap or a little joke to make you laugh.

She’s also pushing your buttons to get a feel of where your limits lie. You can play along if you’re up for it.

But be careful. Teasing can make everything non-committal. She can just put her hands up and say she was only kidding all along.

27) She tries hard to find your common interests

If she’s held you for quite a while and it looks like you’re still not hitting it off, you’ll see some desperation in her eyes as she scrambles for anything that can spark your interest.

She’ll talk about random stuff from the news to check if there’s something you’re both passionate about. She’ll talk about her favorite music, favorite movies, her hobbies, hoping there’s one where you’d say “hey, me too!”

I bet that even if you don’t have a lot of common interests for now, she’ll be willing to try new things with you.

28) She gets playful

She’s had enough of watching you from the sidelines so she drops the serious act and changes her style.

Being playful means that she’s already trying to flirt with you. You’ll notice that she’s more relaxed and confident, more open and smiling.

She’s doing this hoping that you’ll do the same and get comfortable with her, too.

29) Her friends tease her and make it too obvious

If the meaning behind her gaze is still a mystery to you, you can shift your attention to her friends. How do they act around her when you’re around?

They’re probably trying to help her out by making it more obvious to you that their friend likes you.

They prod her and tease her because they’re having a blast watching her blush.

Thanks to her friends, you don’t have to think twice because it’s crystal clear that she’s crushing on you.

30) She tries to be friendly with other men (to see how you react)

When she talks to other guys, does it mean she’s no longer interested in you?

Not exactly. Not when she’s talking to them but her eyes are fixed on you. She’s definitely testing you and watching your reaction.

Relax. Her attention is not on them but 100% on you.

Some may find this uncomfortable since this play is not for everybody. So it’s up to you if you want to go along with this game or not.

31) She wants to see you again

If you’re hitting it off nicely, she’ll want to keep the momentum going even when you’re about to part ways.

She’ll probably say “It’s nice talking to you. Maybe we should keep in touch.” or she might even ask “So… when can I see you again?”, hoping you’d casually ask her out for a date.

32) She does a bold gesture

If you’re in a bar, she’d buy you a drink. If you’re co-workers, she’d give you a cup of coffee.

These aren’t really BIG gestures if you know each other well enough.

But since you’re practically just strangers, by doing these things, this girl is telling you she digs you.

You have to hand it to her for being straightforward about it.

She’s not trying to speak in codes or playing games anymore. She wants you, plain and simple.

Last words

It’s a fact of life that men and women check each other out.

Now that you know she’s really into you, you can respond to the way she looks at you any way you like with a little more confidence…

Don’t hesitate because you’re clearly dealing with a woman who knows what she wants. 

Clifton Kopp

Welcome to my writings on Hack Spirit! I'm a bit of a "polymath" in that I like writing about many different things. Often I'm learning from the process of writing. I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment on one of my articles.

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