15 undeniable signs a divorced woman likes you

There’s a divorced woman you’re attracted to, but you’re not sure how she feels about you.

While this woman may not be ready to date or start a new relationship yet, she’ll give off hints to show she’s into you.

In this guide, I’ll give away some undeniable signs a divorced woman likes you, and how you can win her heart.

Let’s jump straight in:

15 undeniable signs a divorced woman likes you

Whether you’ve just met or known each other for a long time, she’ll likely show most of these signs if she’s interested and feels something for you.

1) She makes prolonged eye contact

A divorced woman makes eye contact because she’s interested in you and she knows you’re checking her too.

She’ll have that sparkle in her eyes and she’s confident enough to express that.

Eye contact is very intimate as it opens up the windows to the soul. It also creates a strong emotional link with the right person.

If she’s holding your gaze and locking eyes with you, that’s a clear sign of strong feelings of attraction.

If you’ve known her for quite a while, there’s also a possibility that she’s beginning to trust you and waiting for you to make a move.

2) Her body language is inviting

Body language is like the key to someone’s feelings and thoughts.

Most experts advise paying closer attention to a woman’s open body language signals since it’s something that can’t be faked. But most men miss those subtle signs that a woman gives away through her body.

So if you want to know if she’s into you, you’ll notice these obvious signs:

  • Licking or biting her lips softly
  • Exposing her neck
  • Flaring her nostrils
  • Flashing a genuine smile around you
  • Preening or fixing herself in front of you
  • Leaning towards you when you’re talking
  • Crossing legs and feet pointing towards you
  • Playing or running fingers through her hair
  • Fiddling with random objects

Also, take notice of the change in her voice when she talks to you and when she talks to others. If her voice sounds softer and seductive when you’re having conversations, that’s a sign that she’s attracted to you.

3) She makes time for you

If she finds time to make plans and meet you regardless of her busy schedule, it means that she’s making herself available to you.

This is one of the best ways to know if a divorced woman likes you.

Even if she cancels dinner with you as it overlaps with family night, she’ll ask you to reschedule it. She has this eagerness to squeeze you into her schedule.

This is because she’ll get to know you better when she spends more time with you.

If she’s not interested, she won’t waste her precious time with you and would let you know that she can’t be bothered.

So if you’re thinking of asking her out for lunch or coffee, I’m sure she’s worth spending your time with.

4) She’s responsive to your messages

While some guys are waiting for a reply from girls they like or following that 3-day rule, your situation is different.

Whether you’re sending a text message or a message on her social media account, you’ll receive a reply from her.

When she becomes preoccupied and doesn’t get to see your message right away, she’ll let you know what’s keeping her busy for not responding right away.

You can always tell if a woman likes you over text.

So if she’s responsive to your messages and responds positively, it’s a sign that she’s interested in you. She wants to build that connection with you and keep the communication going.

5) She’s attentive during conversations

You can tell a lot if a woman is interested when you talk to her.

When she looks into your eyes and smiles, asks personal and deeper questions, or responds with you, it could mean something.

Conversations with her are always engaging and effortless. You notice that every conversation flows naturally.

You can talk about anything under the sun – and nothing seems boring at all. It seems that when you talk,  neither of you seems to be unaware of where the time went.

She’s also comfortable laughing at your jokes, even when not all of them are funny.

She also remembers every detail you’ve shared from your past conversations.

Also, pay attention to her behavior during the conversation:

  • Mirrors the way you talk or the tone of your voice
  • Leans or comes closer to you
  • The excitement in her voice

If this is happening, she’s not just being nice because it’s clear that she likes you.

6) She puts more effort into her looks

Like every woman who subconsciously preens themselves when around the person they’re attracted to, you find her doing the same thing.

You can see that she puts on light make-up and wears outfits that flatter her figure.

Do you also find her checking her appearance on her phone screen or freshening up her make-up after eating lunch?

That’s because she wants to show off her best attributes. She’ll do her best to look good in your presence – and wants you to notice that.

When you pay her with a compliment, see how her face lights up and smiles.

7) She’s frequently communicating

Whether it’s through text message or in person, she’ll make it an effort to continue the conversation.

She would even initiate texting or calling you, in hopes that the attraction will be mutual.

And think of the conversations you’re having and where it’s going.

If your conversations are more than surface level and turning to be deep, it’s a sign that she doesn’t just like you.

She trusts you enough and she isn’t afraid to share more personal stuff with you.

You’re not just exchanging talks about each other’s favorite food or Netflix movies. You’re even talking about each other’s biggest goals and dreams.

The more she opens up with you, the more likely it is that she likes you.

This is a huge sign that she’s feeling something more.

8) She wants to find out more about you

She’s interested in your life. You find her being determined to know everything about you.

If you haven’t talked about these things yet, you find her asking questions. It can be about your family, the things you love to do, or how you spend time with friends.

She wants to know your dreams and goals in life. She might also ask what you like in a woman or the relationships you value most.

A divorced woman has two goals here:

  • She’s interested to know what matters to you
  • She wants to see if you’re a good match

The signs are clear, she has feelings for you and likes you more than a friend.

9) She initiates touch and physical contact

People usually touch the person they like.

How often does she tend to brush against your touch, place a hand on your knee while you’re sitting, or nudge your arms as you walk together?

She could also be fixing your hair or brushing specks of dust off your shirt.

But if her touch isn’t accidental and she initiates it when you’re around, that’s a clear sign of attraction.

Pay attention if these light touches happen a couple of times. This means that she’s breaking down the touch barrier.

It means that she’s asking you to come in a little bit closer.

Behavior analyst Jack Schafer shares:

“Women may lightly touch the arm of the person they are talking to. This light touch is not an invitation to a sexual encounter; it merely indicates she likes you.”

If you try touching her in safe places and she’s fine with it, it’s a great sign that she’s comfortable with you.

10) She contacts you during odd hours

You receive messages from her at odd hours of the day.

Even if you’re not sick, she’ll call to know how you are or ask if you’ve eaten already.

Don’t find this weird. This divorced woman cares a lot about you and wants to keep the connection with you.

This could mean a lot of things.

If she sends messages about her family, her kids, or pets, she probably wants to share what matters with her and wants you to know them.

She could send you song lyrics or links to articles she knows you’ll like just to know what you think about it.

And if she texts you the words “I miss you,” you know that she’s thinking about you. If this is the case, tell her how you feel and go meet her.

11) She can’t keep her eyes off you

You find her stealing glances when you’re near and you can always feel her eyes on you.

That’s because she’s interested, she’s mesmerized by you and finds you attractive.

Are you also looking at her the way she’s looking at you?

When you like a person, you find them attractive and you can’t stop staring at them.

Psychologist Marc Hekster shares that this is an obvious sign that you’re falling in love with someone.

Does she look into your eyes with intensity? Can you feel the passion behind her gazes?

Without a doubt, she doesn’t just like you. She’s starting to fall for you.

12) She shares personal, intimate matters

If a woman likes you, she’ll share things that she doesn’t normally share with anyone or the rest of the world.

She knows that she can trust you and she can be vulnerable with you – and believes that you’ll never judge her and her past.

As you get to know her, she feels comfortable opening herself to you. She’ll share her fears, worries, innermost thoughts – and even her “dorky” side.

She wants you to know everything about her. She might even get to share her heartache from a past relationship.

This could mean that she’s worried and she’s telling you what she wants in a real relationship.

Maybe she’s also trying to figure out whether you will work as a couple.

13) She starts flirty conversations with you

She’s taking her vulnerability out there.

She’ll start with her body signals followed by compliments about how you look.

According to a Psychology Today article when it comes to flirtations, women use “subtle nonverbal signals first.” This can be in the form of eye contact, hair flipping, or angling her body towards you.

She could also be asking flirtatious questions like, “Are you turned on by a black or red dress?” or “How would you describe a perfect kiss?”

You can hear her saying these words:

  • I keep thinking about our last conversation
  • I want to see you again
  • I feel better hearing your voice

If you like her, acknowledge and respond subtly. Show that you’re interested in getting to know her better.

14) It’s all in the details

If a woman likes you, she’ll show it even through the little details – and wants you to notice it.

  • She compliments you and makes you feel good
  • She invites you to hang out for coffee or over dinner
  • She’s giving you her undivided attention
  • She cooks your favorite food and sends it to you
  • She asks you to walk her come or to her car
  • She introduces you to her family and friends
  • She buys you a thoughtful gift
  • She’s interested in everything you
  • She makes herself look good to you

You can feel that she likes you and has feelings for you by the way she treats you.

15) She lets you know she’s ready to date

A divorced woman can date and find love again.

While this could be scary for her, it also means that she’s given herself time and space to heal. Now, she’s already open to new experiences – and she’s welcoming you into her life.

A woman who experienced divorce can come back stronger, sexier, and more confident than ever. She knows what she wants.

Since she’s comfortable with you, she’ll tell you, “it’s time to get back out there.”

And if she hints at checking out the new restaurant, going to an event and she needs a date, offer to go with her. It’s a dead giveaway.

Chances are, she’s waiting for you to ask her out.

Win the heart of a divorced woman

While she may have trust issues, she’s a realist with a strong sense of independence. Her experience makes her mature and wiser beyond her years.

Remember too that she has higher expectations from a new partner and couldn’t be swayed with superficial words.

And keep a check on your expectations too. Don’t expect her to give you all the time and attention, especially when she has kids to take care of.

Since you know that she’s more than interested in you, gain her trust even more.

  • Don’t take advantage of her vulnerability
  • Give her space and the time she needs
  • Compliment her genuinely
  • Offer help when she needs it, and even if she doesn’t
  • Show her your love, not your sympathy
  • Be completely honest with her
  • Be with her in all the good and bad times
  • Be supportive of her career and decisions

While falling in love isn’t easy for her, it’s not impossible.

It’s also possible that she loves you but is scared to admit it right away.

The battles she’d won and lost, the kinks in her armor, and the wisdom she gained makes her more interesting and appealing.

The key is to show that you care enough for her, that she’s something special, and that she’s a very important person in your life.

Let her know that her past doesn’t make a difference, and you will be there for her nonetheless.

Make her feel that you’re the man she’s been looking for all her life.

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