10 secrets to being a people magnet

Have you ever been someplace where you’re minding your own business and then the room starts buzzing? You don’t know why, but like everybody else, you’re curious. 

It turns out that Mr. Popular has arrived! He commands attention, and he seems to just be everyone’s friend.

He makes you wonder: what are the secrets to being a people magnet?

Popularity, charisma, appeal, magnetism, charm — whatever you call it, politicians, celebrities, and even your high school’s class president or homecoming queen, have it. 

If you want to win more friends, get your co-workers to like you, have a more active and healthy social life, or just improve your relationships overall, you’ve clicked on the right article.

Here, we will talk about the advantages of having an attractive personality and the top 10 secrets to being a people magnet.

What are some secrets to being a people magnet?

While there may be other ways to cultivate a magnetic personality, the tips below will probably be the most doable, especially if you’re new at this.

1) Be open

To develop the quality of magnetism, you’ve got to be open with others. This means being receptive to thoughts and emotions they are signaling to you.

Think about it: magnets attract others to them, but they can’t do that if the magnetic field is blocked or disrupted. 

Openness is one of the secrets to being a people magnet that plays an extremely important role in the success of any kind of relationship. It helps build deeper connections, introduces us to new points of view, and helps us feel real care for other people.

In the realm of business, magnetism is having the power of influence. It’s being seen as the person people go to get things done; or as the person who can always solve problems.

It also inspires trust and a feeling of safety in others, allowing colleagues or employees to open up to you whether you’re their co-worker or their boss.  

This one’s a no-brainer: this kind of trust is key for someone with a magnetic personality

2) Strive to be approachable

Another of the secrets to being a people magnet is being approachable.

Much like openness, approachability is a component of a magnetic personality. But what is it, exactly?

Being approachable is a matter of appearing to be friendly or easy to get along with, and most of all, accessible.

When people feel you are accessible, they will be more likely to gravitate to you. You will also come across as more likable because this quality makes it easier for others to get to know you better.

Smiling, being conscious of your body language, maintaining eye contact, and mirroring the other person from time to time, are a few ways to project approachability.

3) Practice your leadership skills

Exhibiting leadership is also one of the secrets to being a people magnet. 

People with magnetic personalities sometimes already have natural leadership skills.

Admittedly, this is not an easy thing to do if you aren’t already this type of person, but fortunately, it isn’t impossible to practice.

You can do this by being more decisive in situations when you need to be, showing more initiative at work (thereby showing your superiors what you can do), motivating others instead of forcing them to perform through a reward and punishment system, and showing accountability.

Becoming this kind of leader makes people more inclined to follow you because they believe in you and respect you.

4) Be authentic in your interactions

Being authentic in your interactions with others is an oft-overlooked secret to being a people magnet.

Contrary to what you might see in the movies, you don’t need to be a slick talker to attract people. In some cases, it might even be a reason to avoid you.

But when you are authentic, you think before you act, you are transparent, you stand up for your beliefs, and you are being vulnerable.

Being unapologetically yourself is something most people admire, and it shows people the kind of person you really are.

In this way, you attract people who are most similar to you. As the saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

And who wouldn’t want to be liked for who they really are?

5) Foster a healthy amount of energy

I’m not saying you should be the Energizer Bunny, but among the secrets to being a people magnet is building and maintaining a good level of energy as much as possible.

According to a study, the level of energy you exude actually has an impact on how well (or poorly) others do while at work – and vice versa.

Have you ever had a workmate who you like being around because they gave off positive vibes? Are they always ready with a smile? Do they take on challenges at work with a ready attitude? Don’t you just like being around them?

That’s how positive energy from you can affect others.

Good energy engages others, motivates them, and it also helps you perform better at work.

How? Remember, a magnetic person attracts like-minded people. When you are energetic, you attract energetic people.

6) Show respect towards others

Respectfulness, a secret to being a people magnet, isn’t much of a secret.

In fact, it makes perfect sense.

If you want people to like you better and gravitate to you more, show them that you truly listen when they talk and that you admire their strength in being vulnerable when opening up about something personal.

7) Build others up

Another surefire way to attract people is by supporting and validating others whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Whether it’s your friend, your partner, a workmate, or even someone you just met, validating their ideas and passions –within reason – makes others feel that they have something worth contributing.

Who wouldn’t want to be near a person such as you as much as possible?

8) Work at being more social

If you’re the type to stay in on weekend nights or you instinctively turn down invitations from friends to hang out, then you might not be as magnetic as you wish you were.

No one ever said that being a magnetic person was easy. It follows then, that one of the secrets to being a people magnet is working at becoming more sociable and outgoing.

Magnetic individuals continually meet different people all the time, thereby widening their social circle. I don’t know about you, but it might be difficult to make a lasting impression on new acquaintances if you’re holed up in your home.

9) Discover your passions

People who draw other people towards them are always on the lookout for self-improvement – they’ll try anything once.

I suppose that’s also part of why people with passions or a purpose attract others. They gain a new perspective, learn new things, and experience life more fully.

In other words, they’ve got some stories to tell.

But for me, the most interesting part of this secret to being a people magnet is that their passions or purpose is often aligned with not only bettering themselves, but the world as a whole.

Like animals? Volunteer at a shelter. Got a soft spot for the elderly? Sponsor a meal or an event at a retirement community to brighten up their days. Love kids? Provide supplies at an orphanage or a home for disadvantaged youth.

Before you know it, you’ll be attracting people with similar interests and passions as you.

Who knows what you can achieve together?

10) Welcome new experiences

In line with being more social and searching for your passions in life is embracing new experiences. This is another manifestation of openness, too, going back to Secret #1.

When you are more open to new experiences and new ideas, you expand and diversify your social network.

Through new experiences, you are adding color to your life, which is something that naturally attracts other people to you.

What are the perks of having a magnetic personality?

Now that you know some of the secrets of being a people magnet, you might be wondering: Why would I want to be a people magnet?               

Apart from apparent reasons – gaining more friends, having successful relationships (personally and professionally), creating good impressions and looking good in front of other people – why is this something we should aspire to?

Like I mentioned earlier, magnetic leaders have the capacity to make others follow them, because they believe in them. They believe that this is a person that can realize his/her vision and truly make an impact in the space they occupy. They inspire creativity and camaraderie, and promote respect.

On a personal level, they help you establish trust and deep bonds with the people you encounter.

But the true benefit of having a magnetic personality is being able to effect change. What kind of change that is – good or bad – depends entirely on you. 

Remember, a magnetic person attracts people similar to them.

Make the choice to be a force for good in your own and others’ lives.

Louise Logarta

Louise Nichole Logarta is a content writer by profession, with experience crafting feature articles, editorials, and news articles. She has been published in noted Philippine broadsheets Philippine Daily Inquirer and The Manila Times. Topics of interest she likes writing about include relationships, current affairs, health, and pop culture. Travel, journal notebooks, fiction books, and iced coffee are some of the things she enjoys.

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