6 secrets of people who always seem to have their life together

Do you ever look at some people who seem to have their life figured out and wonder:

“What’s their secret?”

I know I do. 

So I went and found out… 

1) Scheduling their days

Scheduling is a secret power move that really works. 

Everything you know you must do, you write down. 

Everything you want to accomplish, you write down. 

It’s really quite simple. 

The key to scheduling is to write down larger goals for the week, month and year and then hold yourself accountable. 

For example: 

  • Are you hitting your financial goals?
  • Are you hitting your self-development goals?
  • Are you hitting your training and fitness goals?

Remember to leave time for some hobbies and relaxation, too!

2) Energizing themselves 

Next up in the secrets of people who always seem to have their life together is that they keep themselves motivated. 

Energizing yourself isn’t as hard as it sounds and has a three part formula. 

Part one: have a goal or mission you really want to do that means a lot to you. 

Part two: eat well and get enough rest so that your body and mind are ready to go. 

Part three: surround yourself with people, jobs and places that bring out your best. 


You want to build a house off grid in Scotland and move there with your family to start a crafting business. You’ve dreamed of it for years and now the plans are coming together. (Part one).

You make sure to do the move with enough lag time to rest and still eat well and have some downtime as you begin the construction process. (Part two).

You take time to meet contractors who share your vision and are great at what they do, tapping into the local off-grid community and making valuable connections. (Part three). 

Your motivation to get up in the morning is going to come naturally with these three parts in place!

3) Completing their goals

The next of the secrets of people who always seem to have their life together is that they complete their goals.

Follow-through means so much in life and far too many optimists start out with great dreams only to never get anywhere close. 

The reason is that they don’t schedule, they don’t hold themselves accountable and they don’t actually ensure that their goals are completed. 

Failure happens sometimes, of course, but when it does, the successful individual tries to learn from it and move on. 

When at all possible, they hit their goals and complete their work!

4) Refocusing on what’s in their control

The next of the secrets of people who always seem to have their life together is that they always refocus on what’s in their control. 

So much of life is not in our control, from the weather to the mood of the person across the table from us. 

Even our own mood is often partly out of our own control!

So what is in our control?

Our decisions and actions. The breath we are taking in at this very moment. 

That’s in our control. 

Successful people who have their life together always go back to what’s in their control and try to focus on concrete action instead of vague plans or fantasies. 

They use rock bottom as the starting point rather than a place to cry victim or ask for handouts. 

As such, their life always appears to be together because that’s part of what is in their control: projecting an image of their life which doesn’t seek sympathy or help from others.

The secret is that people who seem to always have things under control are focusing on what they can control and using their struggle as fuel. 

5) Erasing unnecessary distractions and drama

Part of having life together is about erasing unnecessary distractions and drama. 

It’s way too easy to get caught up in rumors and chatter or to focus all your attention on the problems and issues of other people. 

But one of the top secrets of people who always seem to have their life together is that they consciously tune out unnecessary noise. 

They become laser-focused on their own goals and cease to have an appetite for drama. 

Distractions, entertainment and controversy lose their appeal.

They’re more interested in improving themselves and building something real. 

6) Taking responsibility for their own happiness 

Last and most of all in the secrets of people who always seem to have their life together is that they take responsibility for their own happiness

This is often misunderstood, and it’s something I misunderstood for a long time as well. 

Taking responsibility for your own happiness doesn’t mean you stop caring how others treat you or what happens to you. 

It doesn’t mean that you just feel happy even if you feel lonely or horrible or disappointed. 

It means that you have your own goals and decisions and priorities that don’t depend on any other person and that will continue with or without them. 

It means that your own “happiness” in the sense of your own fulfillment, never ends up resting on the shoulders of anyone else, no matter the depth of your love or affection for them. 

What’s the secret?

Summarizing the secret of people who always seem to have their life together is actually quite simple:

They double down on what they can control and leave aside what they can’t.

They take charge of their own life and maximize their fulfillment and meaning by pursuing their purpose. 

The truth is obviously that people’s lives are rarely as ideal as they look on the outside. 

People’s lives are often far less “together” than they may look to us as outside observers!

But those who do have a good thing going and are approaching their life with a winning mindset do have something in common: 

The secret is that their lives may be in disarray and great difficulty, but they always keep moving. 

They never throw in the towel when times get tough, because that’s not an option.

The only option is to focus on what’s in your control, focus on what you want to achieve, and keep moving forward. 

Never give up. Never give in. Never back down.

Keep moving. Keep your head up. 

Keep your goals in mind! They’re coming.

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