Saying goodbye to your twin flame? Read this first!

The most intense relationships in life sometimes aren’t meant to last – twin flame relationships are one.

It is not uncommon for twin flames to separate. Whether it is permanent or not depends on circumstances or situations you’re faced with.

So, you’ve found this article because the universe willed it so. So, if you currently find yourself in this situation, you’re precisely in the right place.

We’ll take a look at everything you need to know about saying goodbye to your twin flame.

What is a twin flame?

Twin flame relationships occur when one soul inhabits two bodies, often referred to as a “mirror soul.” These individuals have an intense spiritual connection, becoming catalysts to help each other grow.

They’re often fraught with drama, and a typical twin flame relationship follows a unique journey.

When to end a twin flame relationship

Knowing that you’ll never actually lose your twin flame is the first step.

Their presence will permanently reside in your heart and mind; they are always with you. Some people stay in touch throughout their lives. Others may never speak again in person.

Regardless, if you feel like you cannot continue on the twin flame journey any longer, some telltale signs can help point you in the right direction and help you discover if it’s time to move on.

•  When trauma takes hold, that feeling of homely comfort fades away.

•  The relationship between you is chilly.

•  Chasing and running have ceased. You might be apart; however, your partner no longer chases or vice versa.

•  A solid urge to end the relationship is present.

•  Verbal and physical abuse is prevalent.

•  Only by ending it can you heal properly.

Twin flame separation stage

All twin flames will experience a twin flame separation at one point in their relationship. It’s part of the twin flame process and is entirely normal.

It typically happens when the honeymoon phase ends, insecurities develop, and issues emerge.

When you confront your inner demons, your relationship will be put to the test, and one partner may distance themselves from the other or end the relationship altogether. There is a lot of back-and-forth going on in twin flame relationships.

Every chaser has a reward to look forward to. Unfortunately, however, one partner may sometimes pull away from the relationship, resulting in separation.

It is not uncommon for twin flames to rekindle their romance throughout the years, although not all of them do.

It may vary depending on how much work each twin flame does separately during their time apart. Sadly, some of these relationships are toxic, and they should not or cannot be reunited.

Why do twin flames separate?

1) The timing is off.

Twin flame relationships often begin with one person who isn’t ready for a relationship running away. With that said, one partner is called “the runner,” while the other is known as “the chaser” in the twin flame dynamic.

It is not uncommon for twin flames to separate. As a result, many internal reflections occur, and you realize that this relationship is more profound than anything else you’ve experienced.

The idea of loving someone despite their flaws and still having healthy boundaries is very challenging, and not everyone is prepared for it.

2) There is room for growth.

Separation can be beneficial for one or both partners because it allows them to grow and learn to come back together better and stronger than ever.

But, unfortunately, this often occurs when the twin flames meet before they are ready or have met too soon.

Both people can grow in a twin flame relationship, but. If someone feels stuck or like they’re not the best possible version of themselves, it may not be the best relationship.

3) An absence of self-love.

There is a consistent pattern among twin flame relationships leading up to their separation: self-hatred manifests itself in the relationship as interdependency, jealousy, or insecurity. Almost all twin flames will grow thanks to this experience.

As a twin flame relationship develops, self-love can become an issue since the concept can be interpreted to mean that you need to find the “perfect partner” to be whole.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that perfection is a mere construct. Ultimately, it does not exist and believing that it does can be very self-defeating.

You cannot expect someone to complete you and be the answer to all your prayers if you do not love yourself and are broken.

4) Immaturity of emotion or spirit.

Often, the runner in a relationship is not as mature as their twin flame, whether in terms of spirituality or emotion.

People will become out of alignment if one grows and matures, but the other stagnates. Therefore, divine partnerships must be based on mutual growth, emotionally and spiritually.

Relationships can only flourish when both sides are committed to growth.

5) You’ve been there and done that.

It is said that twin flames teach each other unique lessons over several lifetimes.

In this case, if you have already learned what you need to know, it may be time for you to end the relationship.

Depending on your situation, this can also factor into timing: you took what you needed to take from the experience, and it’s time to move forward.

How does the twin flame separation stage start?

A twin flame relationship is typically characterized by one person running and the other chasing.

A runner may start avoiding the chaser, pulling away, or sabotaging the relationship during the separation period.

Although the runner may trigger separation, the chaser will sometimes notice that the runner is running away. Often they will simply let the partner go and just let things be.

How to deal with separating from my twin flame?

Even if it is not permanent, separation is usually a time to focus on and nurture your growth and self-love.

Each needs to focus on finding themselves and what brings them happiness. All too often, we make our happiness dependent on being in a relationship or with someone else. This should never be the case.

Once self-love and self-work have been completed, this is when a reunion can take place because, with a renewed sense of self, you’re able to approach the relationship with a fresh perspective.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can skip this step and fast-track the process. Ignoring this step will inevitably result in delays and setbacks when it’s meant to be.

Know that if you’re meant to be together, the universe will guide you back, and if not, you will find your way there again.

Should I wait for my twin flame?

Let me put it this way:

Learn to be OK with being alone, go out on your own, deal with your emotions, practice meditation, and don’t rush into another relationship to make up for what you lost. Alone time can be a great way to find your happiness.

Additionally, it’s completely normal to have relationships with other people who teach us valuable lessons and enable us to grow. It is a good idea to nurture those relationships during the separation period, and it is helpful to have a strong support structure in place.

How to tell when the twin flame reunion stage is near

So, if you’ve said goodbye to your twin flame, chances are, you are headed for a reunion. Some telltale signs will alert you that your reunion is about to happen.

Here are the most common ones.

1) You’re drawn towards certain areas

Your instincts sharpen when you’re about to reunite with your twin flame.

If you find that you’re gravitating towards a specific place or are filled with a sense of excitement when you visit this place, it’s a big sign that reunion is close.

Listen to your intuition. It might be your twin flame who wants to meet you. Your gut is talking to you, so be sure to listen!

2) Your think about them constantly

Do you find yourself thinking about your twin flame without any logical reason for thinking like this?

It seems like they pop into your mind at the weirdest of times, and it’s like you are constantly bombarded with thoughts about them. It just doesn’t seem to stop!

If this is happening, there is a good chance your twin flame is also thinking about you.

Pay attention to what your gut is trying to tell you. You both share a profound connection, and it’s a telltale sign that you’re going to reunite with your twin very soon!

3) You are dreaming about them

It is possible to have vivid dreams about your twin flame if your reunion is imminent.

They can also take place while you are awake! You might even start dreaming about them, so much so that it starts impacting your daily routine.

It’s very likely that even though your twin flame is far from you, they’re possibly experiencing the same things.

Dreams are simply a method of communication used between the universe and our souls, so, as you dream, you’re readying yourself to reunite with your twin flame.

4) You have learned from your mistakes

The truth is, most of us overlook an incredibly important element in our lives:

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5) You’re noticing repeated number sequences, specifically 1111

You might feel a bit freaked out, and it seems a bit creepy, but it’s happening a lot!

Have you noticed the number 11:11 all over in recent months–on receipts, emails, clock hands, calendars, maps, flyers, newspapers, TV, etc.?

In terms of numerology, this number represents good fortune. In addition, the number represents the beginning and awakening of the spirit.

If you see this number, your twin flame may be nearby, and you may soon be reunited. There seems to be a cosmic conspiracy among you, and it manifests in numerical ways.

6) You meet during mediation

It is possible to detect your twin flame’s spiritual connection to the universal realm.

Therefore, meditating regularly will deepen your connection with your twin and alert you to the reunion.

Occasionally, external turmoil and noise make noticing your twin a challenge.

Focus on clearing your mind and use mediation to make a spiritual connection with your twin flame. The chaos outside will disappear as you focus on what’s within. Additionally, deep meditation raises your energetic vibration and helps you find your twin flame.

7) You’re constantly reminded of them

Are you constantly reminded of them by things around you?

An example would be the type of sneaker brand they love, their name, or their favorite movie. Everything you see reminds you of them!

Or, as you are about to leave for work, you see someone looking weirdly similar to them.  Perhaps their date of birth or name reveals itself to you during the day?

This is way more than a coincidence. These are known as synchronicities.

It’s the universe’s way of telling you that your reunion is good to go!

8) You no longer feel negative emotions and thoughts

Developing self-love and growing spiritually are the keys to reconnecting with your twin flame.

Your focus shifts from what other people are saying to what you are saying, and you find yourself free from negative thoughts and emotions.

You will no longer feel the arrogance, anger, dissatisfaction, or jealousy you felt in the past.

Material things will no longer matter to you, and you will be immune to external acclaim and criticism. It’s a massive sign that you’re on the verge of reuniting with your flame if you’re experiencing all of these things.

Now if your twin flame is ignoring you, then the below video might help you out:

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