The top 6 soulmates for Sagittarius (and which signs to avoid)

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Adventurous with a wild streak, the Sagittarius is all about passion.

This fire sign, otherwise known as ‘the archer’, is considered one of the hardest signs to pin down in the zodiac system.

Find out why and which signs might just be in with a chance, plus which won’t!

What is a Sagittarius person like?

If you know a Sagittarius you’ll probably agree that they’re somewhat restless and always looking for their next challenge to throw themselves into.

Born between November 22 and December 21, the freedom-loving Sagittarius is considered the traveler of the zodiac for their passion for exploring. 

In fact, it’s said that Sagittarius’ tend to end up with people from different cultural backgrounds due to their curious natures. 

The Sagittarius is smart and philosophical, while also fun to be around and a great addition to the party. 

Not only that, but they’re filled with desire and wild at heart which means things get pretty spicy in the bedroom too! 

All in all, they’re a great catch – but they’re only interested in a few signs. 

Let’s start with those that are most compatible. 

1) Sagittarius and Leo

When a Sagittarius crosses paths with a leo, passion gets a whole new meaning. 

Leos, born between July 23 and August 22 are fierce, ambitious, loyal and big-hearted. They have a lot of love for life and others.

Sparks fly when these two fire signs get together, and it doesn’t fizzle. Their initial connection and chemistry has the potential to grow into a long, loving relationship.

The intensity between these two people will be like nothing else they’ve experienced. It will almost be totally overwhelming!

Both of these zodiacs are spontaneous and filled with adventurousness, which extends to all areas of their lives together. 

A lover for new experiences and travel, and fearless in nature, the leo is perfect for the Sagittarius who loves to explore the globe. 

Both of these people love discovering faraway lands. And although they’re perfectly happy doing it by themselves, they love the idea of sharing experiences with another person.

Similar in nature, these two connect on levels across the board – from sexual to romantic and emotional.

Leo loves the zest for life and positivity of Sagittarius, while Sagittarius thinks Leo’s warm personality and ability to light up a room is incredibly charming.

In the bedroom, these two are quite literally on fire. It’s likely that the Sagittarius partner will want to experiment with new ideas, while Leo will hold an intensity that makes every experience memorable.

These two in the bedroom are a concoction of fearlessness, adventure and boldness. 

What’s more, they simply just get each other, and often feel like they were made for one another. 

So long as a Sagittarius and Leo pair learn to communicate effectively their relationship has great long-term potential. These fire signs don’t hold back about voicing their issues (generally at the time of annoyance), which can be a good thing if they’re not too sensitive and spiky, and instead hear each other out. 

It’s fair to say that these two are highly compatible and a perfect fit. But there are other signs that pose competition… 

2) Sagittarius and Aries 

Another fire sign, Aries is known for bringing the heat to their relationship.

Sagittarius and Aries have also been described as a perfect pair, as Aries is also a curious person by nature who loves exploring.

These two have a lot of common interests, which suggests the potential of an enriching and fulfilling relationship. This pair has a lot to talk about.

Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries are also passionate people who are spontaneous and courageous. All of these qualities get a big fat tick from Sagittarius! 

This translates to a sense of adventure, which the traveler of the zodiac loves.

Meanwhile, under the sheets, this equates to fanning each other’s flames. Things get steamy, let’s just say!

Aries is enthusiastic and optimistic too, meaning they’re a great collaborator with a Sagittarius. They’re incredibly similar in energy and outlook.

You see, Sagittarius likes their cheerful disposition and determination to get things done.

Just like their Sag partner, they love initiating and working on new projects. They love a challenge!

On the other hand, they’re just as strong-willed as each other and known for having short tempers. It means bickering might happen from time-to-time, but because of a mutual understanding, they’re able to get to the bottom of issues and iron them out.

Their shared love has the potential to stay alight for years.

That is, if an Aquarius doesn’t get in the way… 

3) Sagittarius and Aquarius 

Not another fire sign, the Aquarius is the most suitable from the other signs.

A water sign, Aquarius people (born between January 20 to February 18) are full of ideas and inspiration, and they’re creative types.

These are all the qualities that Sagittarius likes.

Free-spirited and eccentric are some of the words used to describe this sign, who has a reputation for expressing themselves creatively through clothes and unusual hobbies. 

The Sagittarius who is full of a zest for life loves this expression – it fills them for inspiration!

Their energy is infectious.

Aquarius helps Sagittarius unlock parts of themselves by showing them the way. You see, Aquarius is original and it’s an incredibly inspiring trait.

This pair both have endless opinions, so conversations flow with ease and it makes for an interesting dynamic where there’s a lot of opportunity to learn from each other.

Not only in sync when it comes to a mental connection, these two have great physical chemistry too. 

In the bedroom, this pair will be experimental and full of surprises. Their imaginations will take them off into uncharted territories. 

But they also like their independence and time apart – if both people can understand this and not take it personally, this relationship has the ability to run a successful source. 

 As long as they communicate effectively, this duo should be strong enough to stand the test of time!

If you’re a Sagittarius reading this, you might be wondering: how can I really know which sign is my soulmate?

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4) Sagittarius and Libra

This air sign has been described as an effortless match with Sagittarius.

This is because these two signs share a strong connection across mental and sexual realms, and air and fire are highly compatible.  

Libra people, born between September 22 and October 23, have sharp minds and they enjoy analyzing and thinking about the world around them.

This is a big turn on for the Sagittarius!

Just like Sagittarius, Libra are independent, so they get on with things themselves. This means they don’t feel the need to rely on their Sagittarius partner, who will run a mile at any neediness. 

They’re also creative at their core, which has the potential to spark Sagittarius’ passion.

They’re also incredibly ambitious people, which Sagittarius can get behind. It’s a very similar energy!

What’s more, Libra are big on facilitating connection and getting in the mixer with people, which works well for the sociable Sagittarius.

This duo has the potential to be a very dynamic pair.

A dynamic nature also has the potential to follow Libra and Sagittarius into the bedroom. It’s never boring between these two!

Now, on the other hand, let’s look at the sign the Sagittarius is least compatible with.

5) Sagittarius and Taurus

The compatibility between these two is incredibly low for a number of reasons. 

It’s because these two have many polarities.

For Taurus folks, born between April 20 and May 20, they take a rational approach with matters, while Saggitarius acts on feelings. 

Unlike the fiery sag, full of spontaneity, Taurus does things at a slower pace. Life in the Taurus lane is steady and stable.

For example, while Sagittarius loves hopping on a plane and getting to know new cultures, sights and smells, Taurus is much happier with a routine.

They would rather stick to what they know and like. 

It’s quite literally the opposite of what Sagittarius craves, and, while it’s said that opposite can attract, two people need to share similar values and goals.

It won’t work if one person wants to spend the year remote working around the world, while the other would rather be grounded in one location.

Of course there is the argument that Sagittarus could encourage Taurus to get out of their comfort zone as Taurus helps Sag ground down – but these two aren’t a usual pairing.

Essentially, there would have to be a lot of adapting for these two to work well together.

Taurus would rather stay home and be cozy (and they can tend to be a bit possessive), while Sagittarus craves freedom, and needs to feel like their partner supports their decision to go and have fun solo.

Naturally, these two are bound to have a lot of conflict between them because of their differences, so if they wanted to make it work, they would really have to put the work in.

They’re not the only sign that is destined to have a hard time with a Sagittarius… 

6) Sagittarius and Virgo

Similar to Taurus, Virgo are home-bodies. 

They also crave stability like their fellow earth sign.

They’re the sort of people you would describe as ‘grounded’, which is a great quality… just not for Sagittarius!

Virgo people, born between August 23 and September 22, have a completely different outlook from Sagittarius. How they approach things is completely different too.

Truth is, these two don’t have as much in common as other signs.

For example, Sagittarius are generally much bigger picture thinkers, compared to Virgo who are more focused on the finer details.

What’s more, Sagittarius doesn’t have much patience for these details. 

This manifests as the pair not really seeing eye-to-eye and being able to identify with each other. 

In love, this doesn’t make for a good combination. As such, the pair are generally very incompatible.

If you’re feeling confused because you’re a Sagittarius who’s dating a Virgo and it’s going well, speak to an expert who will be able to tell you if your relationship has the potential to succeed long-term or not.

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They’ll be able to tell you what they see for your future together, which might help guide you in the right direction!

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