What it means when you run into someone you were thinking about

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Have you been thinking about someone you haven’t seen in a while only to bump into them the very next moment?

Like you, I’ve also experienced those strange serendipitous moments when I run straight into a friend who’s on my mind lately.

These random situations and unexpected meetings seem so strange and striking.

Let’s find out whether they are coincidences or perhaps there is more to them – so we can know what they mean.

Running into someone you were thinking about? Here’s what it means

If someone is in your mind lately and you happen to run into them, perhaps there is more to them.

Is it fate or chance? Or it could be your intuition telling you that you would bump into someone soon?

1) They could be thinking about you

When you share a strong spiritual connection or emotional bond with someone who is thinking about you, the Universe will let you know about it.

The Universe is sending you a message by making these situations happen.

In most cases, synchronicities occur when two people keep thinking about one another.

So if you’re thinking about this person (and this person is thinking about you too), your thoughts are manifesting into reality.

You can sense that you are running on someone’s mind a great deal.

Here are a couple of ways to know:

  • You get hiccups with no explanation
  • You feel a burning sensation on your cheeks and ears
  • You get an uncontrollable eye twitch or itch
  • A fluttering butterfly appears and landed on you
  • You get goosebumps for no reason
  • You feel an unexplained physical touch
  • You experience a sudden rush of energy

2) This could be a meaningful coincidence

If it happens once, that’s pretty cool. But if these situations keep happening frequently, then that’s a meaningful coincidence on your hands.

Meaningful coincidences are mind-environment coincidences that occur again and again.

Bernard Beitman, MD, author of Connecting With Coincidence, shares that this meaningful coincidence happens when two things with no relation to each other are connected by some sort of shared meaning.

He shares, “The coincidence often hints at an explanation not accepted by conventional science.”

And this means that sometimes these coincidences need thought and reflection before one can get clear of their meaning.

3) You’re right on track on all levels

This means that you’re spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and intentionally doing well.

The more synchronicity presents itself in our lives, the more we become included with our dreams, desires, and goals.

You’re believing and behaving in a way that the Universe is doing something to help you out.

Even without your knowledge, this experience delivers a message to your soul and higher self.

The Divine timing is at work in your life. And it works by putting people in certain places at certain times and for certain reasons.

4) You’re manifesting the person

That’s the Law of Attraction at work!

This means that whatever you attract and the energy you put in the Universe will get out.

When you think about the person, you subconsciously create the energy and manifest that they appear. And it works because you didn’t dwell on it, wait for them to appear, or constantly check if they would appear.

The Law of Attraction works when you manifest and let it go.

If someone is running on your mind and you continue to go about your normal day, they would appear so you’re not forcing it to happen.

Instead, you’re trusting the Universe subconsciously.

5) It’s a form of precognition

Thinking about someone, then seeing them instantaneously could be precognitive.

This unexpected meeting seems more precognitive than telepathic.

Through extrasensory perception or clairvoyance, one can see or perceive events right before they happen through.

There’s this possibility that you’ve awaked one of your sacred abilities like “clairvoyance” – the ability to see or sense something to come.

While this doesn’t mean you have a psychic ability, it’s something that you can develop.

Even if your rational mind feels hesitant to listen to the musings of the Universe, it will be helpful to lean into your gut instinct and trust your intuition.

6) You have this intuitive gift

Running into someone who is on your mind is a form of synchronicity combined with telepathy.

This is a clairsentient experience – one that gives you a clear feeling or ability to perceive things that aren’t normally perceivable.

Saying that this phenomenon is both a coincidence and a telepathic exchange of energy is right in both senses.

There’s science and spirituality behind these incidents.

In this case, there could be a constant exchange of energy between you and the other person. You may have sent or received a message from this person.

While you may not realize it, it could be that you have sent a request unintentionally.

Know that your intuition is the guiding factor when it comes to your abilities.

Here’s what you can do about this

Write it down. Keep a journal of your thoughts and those incidences.

This way, you won’t just remember the ones with the immediate association, you’ll also be able to spot the odds of something like this happening.

Pay attention to those thoughts, your dreams, and the times you run into this person. This will help you decipher if someone is thinking about you.

Also, take note of when you think of something random.

Do this regularly to be certain that these meaningful coincidences and the Law of Attraction work true in your life.

Open your mind to the possibilities

Some people believe in energetic transmissions and telepathic phenomena. But it’s fine whether you believe in them or not.

The thing is, there’s a lot that we can’t decipher about our minds, the energy, and the Universe.

Here could also be three possibilities about this experience:

  • It could be a random coincidence
  • It could be magical
  • It could be your intuition

Perhaps the Universe is doing you a favor or helping you through something. Perhaps, there is something bigger out there for you.

It could also be that you need to hone your intuition. So pay attention when your gut instincts are telling you something.

Whether you’re aware of or oblivious to this situation, admit that it’s amazing when you happen to experience them.

Even if this significant phenomenon is a result of your actions, it doesn’t mean the coincidence is any less profound.

Just make sure you’re open, trusting, and receptive enough to go with that path.

The key here is to connect with the most authentic part of yourself.

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