10 things people with integrity always do (but never talk about)

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Nowadays, it’s easy for people to judge others based on their choices and actions.

One wrong move and your reputation can change in the blink of an eye.

That’s why it goes without saying that personal integrity is among the most important traits that you should value.

In this modern world where each individual is becoming a reflection of their own decisions and beliefs, sticking to your principles and acting with integrity is the only way you can live genuinely.

It also helps you to pursue your own path and discover your true purpose in life.

If you’re wondering what it takes to be a person with integrity, here are some of the commandments that they live by:

1) Valuing Open Communication As The Best Way to Connect With Others

One of the common ways that you can display integrity in your life is to communicate openly with others.

Some people confuse open communication with basic interpersonal skills.

However, there are significant differences between the two.

Interpersonal skills are naturally inherent to us, but open communication is a life skill that you develop as you grow and encounter different types of individuals.

Having strong interpersonal abilities is necessary to be able to clearly express your thoughts to another person, but it takes another skill to actively listen and recognize their opinions.

We all know that it takes two to tango in a conversation, and someone who values open communication doesn’t immediately dismiss the ideas or feelings of the other person.

As an introvert, it’s definitely reassuring when I’m talking to someone who listens and respects my views.

They make me feel heard and secure which makes me want to pursue a closer relationship with them.

I’ve encountered several people who are naturally good at conversations, but only a handful of them are empathic and they are the perfect picture of integrity.

2) Embracing Honesty All The Time

Another trait that distinguishes people with integrity from other individuals is that they’re honest.

When you find yourself caught in a troubling situation, it’s easy to think of an excuse to hide the truth of the problem.

Although telling a little white lie seems permissible, a person with strong integrity will never give in to even the slightest temptation to deceive.

Being honest means always telling the truth, no matter how uncomfortable the situation or outcome may make you feel.

But more than that, honesty also means adhering to your morals and principles.

It’s having the courage to stand up for what you think is right and defending your choices and decisions.

I know it’s hard to change your personality overnight, but you can practice honesty one step at a time to slowly build your integrity.

3) Giving Credit Where It Is Due

One common display of honesty is recognizing other’s successes and giving credit to where it is due.

This is usually seen in school or workplace settings where you can encounter working on a project with other people.

A person with integrity won’t take sole ownership for a task that they worked on with a team.

When you give credit to other people, you’re also making them feel recognized for their efforts and hard work.

I’ve experienced working on an important project with a team and my leader not only consistently supported us throughout the process but also praised our individual contributions at the end.

That simple act made me feel really accomplished and motivated me to do my best.

It was also a great act of integrity that improved my perception of my leader and I respected them more for it.

4) Being Accountable for Their Actions

People who value honesty and integrity also take responsibility for their actions.

They don’t try to escape from the consequences of their decisions or blame it on others, but they face it head on even if it’s a hard thing to do.

If you want to live with integrity, you should be courageous and own up to your mistakes regardless of the repercussions that come with it.

By doing so, you’ll not only avoid conflicts that may trouble other people but you can also expect to learn from your actions and come out as a better person.

It will also increase your credibility and people will put more of their trust in you.

5) Respecting Other People’s Boundaries

A person with integrity has also developed the awareness to respect other people’s boundaries.

Generally, a personal boundary is a limitation set by an individual that defines how they want others to approach or treat them.

If you’re in a romantic relationship, you should make a mental note of the boundaries that your partner has set.

This will make them feel safe, secure, and respected whenever they’re spending time with you.

You should also be sensitive to the boundaries set by your colleagues at work.

If someone says you can only communicate with them during work hours, try to be professional and avoid calling or emailing while they’re at home.

Just like how you want others to respect your personal time, you should be considerate of the moments that they spend with their family.

6) Never Going Back On Their Word

Another example of living with integrity is staying true to your word.

What makes virtuous and honest people different from others is that you know you can always rely on them.

Whether it’s showing up to an event or accomplishing a prior agreement, they always see to it that their promises are fulfilled and will never leave you disappointed.

A person with integrity also only makes promises that they can keep.

They value your emotions and trust which is why they’re a bit more careful and considerate in the commitments that they set.

Personally, I find people who are able to keep their words more trustworthy and reliable.

I don’t ever feel anxious or worried if I make plans with someone who has a track record of meeting their responsibilities.

In fact, I notice myself also adapting their habits of making their promises which has helped me become a better person.

7) Avoiding Gossip and Sharing Fake Information

If you want to be a person with integrity, you should learn to let go of your habit of gossiping.

It’s hard to live an honest and authentic life if you’re constantly up in other people’s businesses and spreading sensitive or fake information.

Gossiping is toxic and it can create a serious dent in your relationships with other people.

It’ll also make you look untrustworthy and damage your reputation.

So the next time you hear of an interesting rumor, avoid the urge to join the conversation and hold on to your integrity.

If someone also shares you a secret, keep it to yourself and respect the trust that the other person placed in you.

8) Stepping Up to Take Initiative at Work

People who value their integrity also know their personal worth and capabilities.

For this reason, they’re not afraid to take action without waiting to be told what to do.

They’re also perceptive and continue to look for areas of improvement in the workplace.

Those who live with integrity also don’t sit idly and wait for opportunities to come their way.

They strive to go beyond expectations and won’t hesitate to share their thoughts and suggestions for the betterment of the organization.

By taking the initiative at work, you’re establishing how capable and reliable you are as an employee and teammate.

This also increases your value, puts you ahead of the competition, and opens doors of opportunities for career growth and development.

9) Supporting Colleagues and Fostering Collaboration

Integrity is also seen in how you interact and work with your colleagues.

Nowadays, many people chase individual recognition and have no qualms with working on their own.

However, a person with real integrity won’t think twice about lending a helping hand to those in need.

What I’ve learned from working with individuals who value their integrity is that they never hesitate to put others’ needs above their own.

No matter how busy they can be, they’ll make time to reach out and assist you without asking for anything in return.

They’ll also guide you to make sure that you’re doing the right thing and won’t take credit for your successes.

People like them are the foundation of a collaborative and inspiring work environment.

10) Keeping Calm and Polite in the Face Of Conflict

One of the kindest people that you’ll ever meet are those who live with integrity.

Whenever they get caught in arguments or conflicts, they’re not the type of individuals who’ll get carried away by their emotions and say something rash in the heat of the moment.

They’re also not the type to backstab someone who’s hurt their feelings or done them wrong before.

Those with integrity have mastered how to assess situations carefully before doing anything and be level-headed as much as possible.

Instead of walking away from a disagreement, they’ll likely try to resolve the matter immediately by communicating openly and honestly with the other party.

They’ll respectfully listen to your opinions without invalidating them and will work with you to reach an agreeable solution.

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