12 rules every sophisticated person follows to elevate their life

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What makes a sophisticated person “sophisticated?”

In this social media-driven world, it can be difficult to tell the difference between someone is genuinely sophisticated, and someone who is just faking it.

Sophistication can come in many forms, but it largely stems from a person’s sense of self and how they make other people feel. 

As elusive as it is, there are common identifiable traits that are often emulated by sophisticated people that could help you understand whether you are one.

Here are 12 characteristics of a sophisticated person. 

1. They Empathize And Connect With Others

When there’s someone feeling discouraged and unsure how to process their feelings, they are there to help them.

They don’t judge or criticize others. Instead, they listen to them and give them the attention they need.

They might go so far as to cancel their plans just to comfort a friend.

This is also why sophisticated people tend to have very deep and intimate relationships around them.

Their relationships are important to them, so they invest their time and energy in keeping them up.

2. They Don’t Discriminate

While they may have felt discriminated against before, they don’t take revenge for it.

They’re the better person.

To discriminate is only to follow in the line of hatred and inequality. By being welcoming and accepting of others, they break the chain and stand as a model for others.

Whether it’s someone who spoke against them or someone that didn’t believe in them, they have the strength within them to forgive them.

They see that in the grand scheme of things, grudges and small arguments aren’t worth dividing people for.

3. They Look After Their Mind

Another of the top traits of a sophisticated person that separates them from everyone else is that they look after their mind.

They know that caring about mental health isn’t something that makes them “weak.”

They understand that your emotional and mental well-being is key to everything else in your life.

And that if you let yourself become enmired in a toxic pattern of reacting to difficult emotions and situations you can torpedo your life.

That just won’t do. So sophisticated people commit to improving and optimizing their mental health as much as possible.

4. They Support Their Friends

A sophisticated person sticks by their friends through thick and thin.

The only thing they don’t do is that they don’t brook betrayal and backstabbing.

But if you get sick, disagree with them, have a hard time, or are apart for a long time, they’ve still got your back.

They will stick by and support their friends no matter what happens and they will look after them however they can.

This includes financially helping out when necessary, taking friends to doctor’s appointments, helping research topics that friends need to know about, and offering timely advice.

A person who’s worth their salt never lets down their friends.

5. They Have a Great Sense of Humor

A sophisticated person is playful and fun to be around.

They are living their life to the fullest. They know how to lighten up and not take everything too seriously.

They understand that playfulness and a sense of humor are essential to happy and lasting relationships.

People, get drawn to their welcoming and easy-going personalities. They can interact freely with anyone and see the fun side of a situation.

They can crack light jokes and isn’t afraid to laugh their heart out.

And this makes them more desirable and irresistible.

According to an article from WebMD, having a sense of humor leads to better psychological health.

6. They Don’t Play Games With Others…

Good communication is essential to forming good relationships with friends and with colleagues.

No riddles. No games. Just the authentic truth.

A high-quality person says what they mean and mean what they say. They don’t expect people to read their minds.

Instead, they clearly express their ideas and feelings.

When someone disappoints or angers them, they don’t bottle it up and hide it.

They maturely discuss it with the other person, still being respectful and kind.

They don’t try to manipulate others with their words either.

They can respectfully share their opinions without imposing it on others.

7. They Show Respect To Everyone

A sophisticated person understands that everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect. We’re all humans, after all.

While there might be people who have had bad histories and a record of less-than-ideal behavior, they still interact with them politely and with their manners.

This is the same attitude they bring when interacting with higher-ups as with interns, receptionists, and customer service personnel – people who are conventionally above and below their position on the corporate ladder.

Showing respect and kindness to other people costs nothing, but for others, the price might still feel a little high.

They greet people using their first names. They remember what they said to them and they are generous with their compliments.

They aren’t doing it to win favors: they’re doing it because they genuinely like others.

8. They Carefully Choose Their Words

Think to yourself, what’s more sophisticated: someone who dominates the conversation, who goes on and on and on without thinking about anyone else, and says whatever sudden thought pops up in her mind?

Or someone who encourages discussion from others, and thinks deeply before sharing their thoughts, just to make sure their words are true to them.

Obviously, sophisticated people are often the latter.

They possess the self-awareness to think before they talk, and don’t feel the need to go on endlessly.

While there’s nothing wrong with being talkative around people you love, it can come across as a bit obnoxious to people you’re less familiar with.

9. They are True to Themselves

Sophisticated people aren’t always the most popular people, and that desire for integrity and independence is precisely what makes them high-quality. 

In a world that forces people to adapt to systems and fit in, they’re not afraid to ascertain who they are, even if it’s not the most popular option.

They’re not afraid to embrace their quirks and be a little different.

They’re sophisticated because they keep their head held high and don’t try to pretend to be anyone else but themselves.

10. They’re Kind

A sophisticated person possesses a real beauty that radiates from within for they know how to treat people with respect.

They live with compassion and kindness and understand the power that these virtues hold. And this is evident from how they treat people.

With their big heart, they have a deep concern and sympathy for others and value helping people above all else.

They aren’t afraid to show that they genuinely care about people, whether it’s towards their family members, friends, or people they encounter throughout the day.

And they know how important it is to extend that kindness to themselves.

11. They’re Emotionally Intelligent and Stable

A sophisticated person’s emotional stability is a desirable trait as they know how to handle their emotions well.

It doesn’t mean that they never get mood swings. They do. They cry and get angry too.

But one thing that differentiates them from the others is the way they deal with those emotions. They feel their emotions and acknowledge them, without letting them take over.

Being a sophisticated person means being able to understand and act on one’s emotions and that of others.

12. They Don’t Put Up With Drama 

For a sophisticated person, any form of lies and drama creates stress and unpleasantness.

Thus, they don’t tolerate toxic and narcissistic people whose behavior brings negativity to their life. 

Because of their healthy self-love, they know their worth and don’t thrive in dramatic relationships.

They understand that a relationship has to be based on mutual trust, honesty, respect, and loyalty.

Thus, they’re after a partner who has morals and integrity.

As they respect people’s boundaries, they expect others to do the same for them.

Being the strong person that they are, they can stand up and move on from someone who causes them too much pain and dishonesty.

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