10 rules every strong woman lives by to elevate her life

Every strong woman has a rulebook she swears by.

These are made up of conscious, empowering decisions that guide her life – day in, day out.

Learn how to live like the strong woman you desire to be by embodying these 10 rules.

1) Don’t second-guess yourself 

Strong women trust themselves. 

Rather than second-guessing her decisions, such as which way to turn in life, the strong woman is in her power. 

She’s not indecisive and unsure about who she is, and she doesn’t second-guess herself. Why? Because she has bags of confidence and belief behind her.

She’s in her stride and nothing is going to cause her to second guess herself and where she’s going in life.

Simply put: she trusts her gut and her instinct. 

She doesn’t live in a place of self-doubt. Instead, she’s got a strong trust muscle.

The strong woman knows she makes good decisions, so she has no need to second-guess herself.

She’s able to brush off comments when people throw them her way, because she’s so deeply rooted in her sense of self.

When people ask her what she’s doing or why she’s done something, she doesn’t start panicking and thinking that she’s made the wrong decision. Instead, she stands true in the knowing that she’s done what’s right for her in that very moment.

2) She treats herself with compassion 

You might have heard of the phrase: treat yourself how you would treat your best friend. 

This means you should treat yourself with love, compassion, kindness and encouragement.

And it’s what the strong woman lives by.

She values herself and she treats herself right.

The strong woman never berates herself for her shortcomings or the things she gets wrong, instead she is kind and gentle towards herself.

She is understanding of herself and her humanness. 

You’ll never catch the strong woman looking in the mirror and calling herself names, such as ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’. Instead, she looks in the mirror and tells herself she’s great. She comments on how beautiful she is.

This is exactly how you would treat a friend, right?

What’s more, by treating herself in such a loving way, the strong woman sends a message out to the universe to say this is her standard and how she expects to be treated by others. 

It means other people treat her with the respect she shows herself. Others sense this energy of empowerment.

3) She knows comfort isn’t where the magic happens

We humans all desire comfort and familiarity and that’s natural – but the strong woman pushes past her comfort zone regularly.

She knows that the ‘comfort zone’ isn’t where the magic happens.

In fact, she thinks that comfort leads to stagnation. 

She seeks to continuously push past the place of comfort. 

When the strong woman feels like she’s getting too comfortable, she starts looking for ways to push herself

She starts thinking about her next challenge – whether that’s something in her professional life, learning a new hobby or doing something that scares her. 

She’s not afraid to dive into unknown waters because she trusts that she’ll be rewarded for her courage.

She leaps into the unknown and trusts that the proverbial net will appear.

4) She sticks to her word  

Anyone can say they’re going to do great things. That’s easy!

But the strong woman executes the things she talks about – small or big. 

She’s a doer and not just a talker; she’s all about action.

The strong woman follows through with the things she talks about – be it the places she wants to go, the work she wants to put out in the world or the things she wants to try her hand at.

She does all of the things she says she wants to do! 

The strong woman can find that people criticize her because she has so many ideas – they might even doubt that she’ll follow through on all of them – but this only fires the strong woman up, who continuously proves people wrong.

Yes she has loads of ideas, but she makes them a reality!

Solo traveling? You bet she’ll do it.

Starting that business? Just watch her go. 

Volunteering in her spare time? If she said she’ll do it, she’ll be there.

5) There’s no such thing as a bad day 

The strong woman is only human and has things that go wrong. Who doesn’t?

But what’s different about the strong woman is that she doesn’t dwell on things going wrong

She doesn’t fixate on the negatives and allow them to manifest throughout her day. 

Simply put: if something goes wrong in her day, she’ll not let it affect her entire day. She would never say the day is doomed and everyone is out to get her. 

Rather, her attitude is in the right place and she’s able to rationalize that one thing went a bit wrong but what’s life without a few hiccups?

She has a sunny disposition and she looks for the positives in life. She’s an optimist! 

Despite adversities, she’s able to pick herself up and still find the good in a situation. 

People love being around the strong woman for her outlook on life and positive energy.

6) She appreciates the moment and lives in the present 

Her optimistic outlook means she appreciates each and every moment: she’s always finding the good in a situation.

You could say she cares about the small things in life. 

The strong woman appreciates all that she has in life – from her friends and family to the food on her table.

Not only is she able to appreciate what is around her but she’s totally grounded in the present moment. 

She’s present in each moment and able to see what a blessing life is. The strong woman has an appreciation for everything – from the privilege of being able to go and get a coffee and talk to a stranger to walking in nature. 

In other words, she has a true appreciation for life. 

She’s literally in awe of life – and it’s a sincere energy that other people can feel!

The strong woman might have a gratitude journaling practice that connects her to her blessings; writing down what you’re grateful for will move mountains! 

7) She doesn’t care what other people think 

Because the strong woman is fully in her power, she doesn’t spend time worrying about what other people think.

She does what is right for herself without caring for anyone else’s judgment or opinions.

She knows fixating on what other people think is a waste of time.

Although she may have cared what people thought about her in the past, today she knows that it’s wasted energy as there’s nothing we can do to influence the opinions of others.

Simply put: she doesn’t care what other people think. Period. 

What’s more, she doesn’t care to influence others to get approval because she doesn’t seek validation.

The only person she seeks validation from is herself; she is guided by her internal compass. 

She does what she wants to do when she wants to do it. She believes that as long as she’s contributing to the world positively and not hurting anyone then there’s no reason for her to change the way she lives. 

Even if people do make comments, she lets them slide because she’s happy in herself.

8) She takes responsibility for her own happiness

The strong woman doesn’t waste time waiting for someone else to make her happy. 

She knows the idea of meeting someone to make you complete is a myth.

Her happiness? That’s up to her to create. 

She believes that friends, family, and romantic interests are all complementary to her life, but they’re not the sources of her happiness. 

Her sense of happiness comes deep from within and she focuses on cultivating this by doing things that make her feel good.

She pours her energy into self-love and self-development, so she’s able to be the best version of herself. 

These look different for each person, but could include:

  • Taking up create hobbies
  • Making time for herself to relax without any technology 
  • Journaling in the mornings and evenings 
  • Getting out in nature
  • Exercising 

9) She has strong boundaries 

The strong woman isn’t someone other people can walk over. Oh, no!

This is someone who won’t tolerate certain behaviors – from rude or offensive comments to people trying to make her feel small.

If she catches wind that someone is trying to put her down or negatively impact her, she’ll stand up for herself

She challenges other people on their behaviors and even considers cutting them out of her life if she thinks they’re toxic and damaging.

Her health and general well-being – from spiritual to emotional and physical – is the most important thing to her, and nothing comes between that. 

10) She makes time for the things and people that matter

Life is busy, but the strong woman always makes time for what is important to her. 

This includes doing things that make her feel good to spending time with quality people. 

She prioritizes the people that have her back and care for her. Whether it’s a dinner or even a brief phone call, the strong, empowered woman makes time for the people that matter.

She ultimately has her heart in the right place. 

The strong woman doesn’t make excuses for why she can’t see people or why she can’t do things.

Rather, she’s a person of integrity who is true to her word.

Her priorities are in the right order, and she consistently looks closely at the ways she conducts her life.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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