9 rules elegant people live by to elevate their life

“Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani

Elegance is a forgotten and often overlooked quality. 

In the rush of our modern life, far too many of us have forgotten what it means to truly enjoy the finer things and live to elevate our lives with taste, selectivity, and class. 

Here’s how to rediscover elegance in your life in a powerful and profound way.

1) Have your own style 

Elegant people have style. 

Whether male or female, tall or short, rich or poor, the elegant individual cares about what they wear, use, drive, drink, eat and smoke. 

They don’t just pick up any old scarf or throw on shoes they found in the back of a store somewhere. 

Even if they have only a small amount of money, they make it go far. 

They develop their own unique look and never let the TV or other people tell them what’s cool, unique or beautiful. 

They make an impression wherever they go for their force of personality as much as their appearance. 

As Audrey Hepburn said, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” 

2) Orient your attention

One of the most important rules elegant people live by to elevate their life is to respect other people

Arrogance is not elegant, in fact, it’s the opposite. 

The elegant individual gives others their respect and attention unless or until they lose that right. 

They are cordial to all and actually listen to what somebody is saying in order to be able to respond thoughtfully. 

As Tony Leigh writes:

“Even if it’s only for a minute, look them in the eyes and offer them grace and attentiveness.”

3) Watch your mouth

There is no doubt at all that elegance has a lot to do with how you speak. 

In many countries from Pakistan to Brazil to the UK to the United States, people are judged by their accents and dialects. 

But the truth about elegance is that it’s not just about where you’re from or the stereotypes about your culture. 

Elegance is about how you choose to express yourself, not just the words you use or the accent you were taught growing up. 

Do you consider what others are saying, go light on profanity and use humor and wit to add spice and verve to a conversation?

You’re well on your way to becoming truly elegant. 

4) Watch what you put in your mouth

Next up, let’s get to food. 

Whether you’re eating caviar or Ramen noodles, elegance is about the way you eat, how much and how you prepare it. 

I’ve seen expensive foods wolfed down like a live-action shot from a pig sty and poor foods eaten with care and grace. 

Eating smaller or medium portions, eating at a moderate pace, chewing fully and savoring each bite are all hallmarks of the elegant individual. 

Culinary arts are truly one of the great pleasures of life, and the elegant man or woman fully understands and celebrates this fact.

5) Appreciate the actions of others 

Another of the gold standard rules elegant people live by to elevate their life is that they thank others for what they do

They are grateful for the energy and time of others. 

Whether eating at a restaurant, being helped by a teller at the bank or interacting with a hotel concierge, they are truly grateful. 

No matter how rich or poor, an elegant person appreciates others!

They have a sense of the whole and everyone’s important role in it, hence their personal style and attitude combines into a well-liked and influential whole. 

6) Listen to music that ennobles you

Musical taste is a very personal thing. 

There are elegant people who like heavy metal, hip hop, opera, or scream core. 

It’s not about genre, but it is about selectivity. 

The elegant individual does not just flip on the radio and rock out. They have playlists. 

They have music they love and music they hate. 

7) Hone your curiosity 

Perhaps one of the best things about an elegant person is curiosity. 

Elegant and classy individuals are interested in the world around them, not because it can make them rich, but because it’s inherently fascinating. 

A new experimental performance art project? They’ll be by to check it out!

An ex-convict telling them his business pitch about a new way to organize social media apps? They’re listening!

The elegant person wants to know more, discover more, and break barriers. They’re not sedentary. 

Which brings me to the next point…

8) Broaden your horizons…

Elegant people’s curiosity takes them to new places and meeting new people. 

They tend to have friends from all walks of life, all sides of the political aisle and meet them in unique situations. 

They love cultures around the world and love to travel when they get the chance, even if it’s just to the state capital or a local art gallery. 

The elegant individual likes to broaden his or her horizons, and if they have a family they love to take the kids out too and show them all the colors out there in our wide world. 

9) Quality over quantity (every time)

One of the most important rules elegant people live by to elevate their life is that they choose quality over quantity (every time). 

They’d rather one t-shirt they absolutely love than 10 which they find to be “meh.”

They’d rather go on one vacation a year which is extraordinary than five shitty vacations. 

They’d rather have four excellent close friends than 30 bad and rude ones. 

And so on and so forth!

A touch of class

The above rules elegant people live by to elevate their life are a starting point for living a life of discernment and taste. 

This isn’t about money or wearing famous brands, it’s about shifting your outlook and your way of interacting with the world

Still, you may wonder about starting the piece with the words of a style icon.


I began this article with a quote by the great Italian fashion designer Giorgi Armani for a reason. 

Armani is right about elegance: it’s not about looking great, impressing people or being rich…

It’s about leaving an impression, a memory, about making the world a little bit better by slowing down and bringing more beauty and taste to the world around you, for yourself as much as for anyone else.

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