10 rules classy men live by to elevate their life

Being a classy guy comes with a certain set of standards. 

This is how a classy man lives his life at the absolute highest level. 

Here are the top rules classy men use in their lives. 

1) Caring for appearance and hygiene

The first of the key rules classy men live by to elevate their life is they look after their hygiene and personal grooming.

Every man is different and has a unique style he wants to go for as well as the way to style his hair and so on, but the following are some important items.

  • Keeping hair or scalp tidy and clean
  • Combing, trimming and cleaning facial hair
  • Shaving hair in the neck area, both front and back
  • Maintaining and trimming eyebrows 
  • Plucking hair from ears and nose 
  • Caring for skin and the face
  • Showering with high quality soap
  • Using deodorant and cologne if desired

Each man will have a different level of time and attention he gives to his personal grooming and hygiene. 

The classy guy just makes sure he’s feeling and looking at his best as much as possible. 

2) Looking after bodily health and optimizing fitness

Next up in the rules classy men live by to elevate their life is taking care of their body and fitness level. 

Not every man has time to go to the gym on a regular basis or walk and jog. 

But every classy guy has the time to at least pay attention to the basics of his own health and what he’s eating and doing in his life. 

This can include: 

  • A workout routine that’s manageable with his schedule
  • A healthy diet that ensures long-term health
  • Plenty of rest and relaxation to give the body time to recover
  • Taking holidays and breaks in order to let himself rest
  • Taking supplements such as vitamins and minerals to maximize health
  • Getting out and enjoying nature when possible for the good of his physical and mental health

Whatever his mode of caring for his fitness level and body, the classy guy understands that it’s up to him to make this a priority. 

He does his level best to consistently look after his body because he knows it’s the only one he’s got. 

3) Maximizing style and wearing comfortable, classy clothing

Having a style of your own and clothing, shoes and accessories you like wearing and using is definitely important. 

A classy man does care about his health and appearance and he seeks to wear clothing that he feels good in. 

A man doesn’t have to be rich or dress in name brand labels to be classy

He simply has to find clothes that accentuate his best qualities and leave him feeling confident, comfortable and powerful. 

As Josh Sims writes:

“Genuine style icons are those who go their own way with a self-confidence that comes from their clothes being a second skin, not a costume.”

4) Eating slowly and chewing his food

Many of us might not think a lot about the way we eat our food. 

I know that especially when I’m hungry I tend to wolf it down voraciously.

A classy guy doesn’t do this. 

Quite to the contrary, he eats slowly and chews his food. If he talks while eating, it is after having swallowed his latest bite. 

He eats as if he is not in a rush, and even if he is, he makes sure not to make a mess or look like a human vacuum cleaner. 

5) Speaking clearly and powerfully

Another of the rules classy men live by to elevate their life is speaking clearly and powerfully

A man who wants to stand out from the crowd and hold himself to the highest standard will ensure that he’s speaking clearly and at a volume that others can hear. 

He won’t bellow like a football hooligan, nor whisper submissively: he’ll talk at a moderate and audible volume and make sure his words are understandable. 

He will also tend to use words that say exactly what he means instead of being vague. 

A classy guy doesn’t use overly flowery vocabulary or complicated words unless there’s a reason to. He’s not trying to show off, he’s just trying to be understood. 

Which brings up the next point… 

6) Looking people in the eye and having strong body language

A classy guy looks people in the eye and faces them head-on. 

If he doesn’t like someone, he doesn’t smile. 

That’s because a classy guy is authentic and doesn’t try to go through life faking how he feels or what he wants.

He tends to maintain a fairly neutral disposition unless there is actually a reason to smile, laugh or engage warmly with someone. 

It’s not that he’s cold, it’s just that he has limited energy to spend on people who are not part of his life, and he reserves his warmest self for those closest to him. 

His body language is confidence, posture upright and his habits are easy going but purposeful. 

He sits down in one fluid motion, with intention, and breathes deeply. 

7) Having discerning taste

Next up in the rules classy men live by to elevate their life is that they have discerning taste

What does discerning mean? 

The definition can depend a lot on a guy’s social and cultural background and what crew he runs with. 

But more or less it means that he likes music, movies, books, artists, food and styles that are meaningful to him and not just because they are popular. 

Classy men tend to be trendsetters. They influence and inspire others. 

Of course they care what their friends and colleagues love and are interested in, but more often than not it’s the classy guy himself who’s digging up fascinating new literature, music and films, rather than the other way around…

8) Making decisions and sticking to them

The next of the rules classy men live by to elevate their life is that they are able to make tough decisions and stick to them. 

While others waffle back and forth between options or try to get somebody else to decide, a classy guy faces choices head on and makes them. 

Should he move or shouldn’t he?

Should he take this job offer or not? 

Should he marry this woman or not?

He doesn’t try to put tough choices on anyone else. He makes a choice based on the best of his ability and judgment and then he sticks to it. 

9) Handling conflicts gracefully but firmly

Another of the rules classy men live by to elevate their life is that they’re willing and able to handle conflict with minimum drama. 

They do not panic under pressure and they face conflict with a neutral disposition and the ability to respond. 

If they have to fight to defend themselves or others they absolutely will. But they don’t seek it out, nor do they get provoked easily into emotional or angry reactions. 

They’d rather leave fighting and arguing for someone else, because it’s a waste of their time and energy. 

If at all possible, the classy guy avoids conflict and negative interactions. But he’s also never afraid to ruthlessly deal with intrusive or aggressive individuals who break into the space and boundaries of himself or those close to him. 

10) Being willing to be single when necessary 

One of the key rules classy men live by to elevate their life is that they are selective in romance. 

They give a prospective partner a chance and they’re willing to date. 

But they also understand the value of being single and staying single when necessary.

They use this time to build themselves up and to get clearer on their goals in life, including their personal goals. 

The classy guy doesn’t date or sleep around just because he’s a bit lonely or feeling the urge for a relationship. 

He gets in touch with himself and raises his level internally so that if and when he meets the right partner he’ll be the right one for them as well. 

Most of all, though, he raises his level because it’s what he would do regardless of any external outcome or potentially meeting anyone. 

It’s just the way he operates. 

The classy code

There is no manual for being classy

But the above habits and rules will help every man achieve a high level of classiness and self-respect. 

If being classy could be boiled down into one simple formula, however, it would be this:

Make the inside match the outside. 

What does it mean?

It means a man must look after his body, style, hygiene and manners while also developing a rock solid core of integrity and purpose inside himself.

A man who’s truly classy does two things:

He looks the part and he is what he looks like. 

Take a very successful man of integrity who knows what he wants from life and lives by the highest principles, enjoying refined art and literature; but he dresses like a slob and leaves his hair in a limp puddle while smelling like yesterday’s trash.

He’s only getting half of it right…

On the other hand, take a sharp dressing and well spoken executive who looks very classy but spends half his time lying to others, cheating on his partner and avoiding responsibility.

He’s also missing half the picture…

The solution is to put both halves together: the internal and the external.

At the end of the day, being classy is about being comfortable in your own skin, holding yourself to a high standard and being a goal-focused and high-energy individual. 

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