10 rules boss women follow to elevate their life

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There are certain qualities and habits that most boss ladies have that others don’t.

Boss women don’t usually talk about what they do to ensure their success and badass attitude.

They don’t do so not for the sake of keeping the reasons behind their success a secret, but to avoid bragging too much about it.

Boss women seem to simply act and pull themselves together towards all of their goals in life, and people just gravitate towards them because of their authenticity and overall energy.

Here are the things they often do but never talk about:

1) Wake Up Early

It’s common for successful people to be early risers.

If you’re bossed up, you have this tendency to wake up early and integrate this habit of being ahead on every opportunity that may be presented to you within the day.

Boss women know this for a fact so they doze off at a set time and wake up before everyone else does.

Aside from being able to recognize and seize more opportunities throughout the day, waking up early also allows boss women to manage time more efficiently.

Because of this, they can dedicate time for themselves, for planning the entire day ahead, or maybe even leave room for some fun.

Most people still wonder why I bother waking up early even when my schedule isn’t that hectic for the week.

But personally, waking up early allows me some time to process things and take it slow so I don’t burn out easily.

A good morning routine is also important to help us manage our daily stress and keep ourselves grounded.

2) Dress Like A Boss

Boss ladies dress like actual bosses: pulled-back or neatly-combed hair, ironed clothes, clean nails, and overall looking presentable or well put together.

When I say that they dress like this, I don’t mean that they resemble those that are in video games or movies.

Anyone who wants to take charge just dresses like a respectable professional in their field.

Additionally, dressing like a boss isn’t just a matter of demanding respect from others.

Dressing the part is also psychological — when you look prim and proper, you also feel the same.

It’s a way of making yourself feel like a boss whether you’re a CEO of 35 years or an entrepreneur that’s just getting started.

When I give this piece of advice, my “woke” friends may sometimes call me out for being sexist.

But physical appearance does matter, and that’s true for every single person who’s longing for success.

If you want to feel and look like a boss, you have to actually dress like a boss.

3) Be Confident, or At Least Feign Confidence

In “The Art of War”, my personal favorite lesson was that deception is the key to success.

To put it simply, the first half of his quote says “feign weakness when you are strong”, while the second half says “feign strength when you are weak”.

There are times when we’re subjected to circumstances when we’re not in our strongest suit, and we just have to put on a costume to get through it.

I always tell people who ask me how and where I get my confidence that it isn’t really something that you innately have.

Instead, it’s about faking it until you make it.

Convince yourself to act like you have the guts to act, and eventually, you will have the guts to act.

If you’re always going to wait until you’re ready before doing something then there may be no more opportunities left for you to explore.

Don’t overthink and dwell on what you are and aren’t capable of.

Boss women know this secret to confidence (or feigning it sometimes) all too well.

Their ability to trick themselves into having the guts to believe and act upon their goals is what sets them apart from other people.

4) Seek Learning Opportunities

Boss women prioritize the level of knowledge and information that they possess.

They love learning and exploring new things for enrichment purposes.

A lady boss is more than just a pretty face or a properly selected outfit set.

They always arm themselves with knowledge and prove that they are qualified for their current position in a company or to be the head of their own business.

They have so much more to offer and they always ensure that these are properly demonstrated to the people around them.

Most people wonder why I still bother reading or studying when I already have an established career.

What they don’t get is that a lady boss is the captain of their own ship. A ship isn’t simply positioned in a single location.

It won’t go anywhere if the captain isn’t equipped with sufficient knowledge on how to run the ship so it would stay afloat, moving, and upright under pressure from the waves.

5) Ignore Their Insecurities

The world is filled with advertisements and norms that are created to make women feel insecure about themselves.

This is done so that brands can bank on everybody’s need for societal validation.

There’s simply too much pressure on women to be perfect that some cave into their insecurities and conform even if they don’t want to.

On the other hand, boss women know better than to dwell on their insecurities and seek validation from other people.

It’s not to say that they don’t acknowledge their insecurities.

They are well aware of their imperfections and weaknesses so they know how to conquer those from behind.

But boss women have this habit of converting their weaknesses and insecurities into assets.

They know how to get the best out of what other people may perceive as a negative aspect about themselves.

I often get cornered by some of my teenage cousins during family reunions where they ask, dreamy-eyed, why I don’t seem to be insecure about anything.

The thing is, I am insecure. It’s just my way of handling my thoughts that are different.

Indeed, being a lady boss requires a certain kind of optimism that most people tend to not have.

6) Move With Caution

Aggressiveness is one of the best identifiers of successful people.

However, boss ladies are born with an intense intuition so they know when and how to seize opportunities while being cautious of their every move.

They aim to do it right the first time, while being open to trial and error.

A boss lady automatically weighs out the benefits and the cost when they make decisions.

They always think long-term and never settle for a random solution.

This results in solutions that don’t have ethical compromises, yet are as efficient as possible.

Sometimes my male counterparts mock me for being “such a girl” when it comes to my decision-making process because I choose to slow down and think things through.

In the end, my proposals are far more feasible, effective, and efficient than almost any of the projects they had created in a span of a year.

7) Seamlessly Adapt

A lady boss is the last to complain. They only do so when they perceive something as a waste of time.

In general, they simply adapt and explore the unexpected and new situation that they may find themselves in. And they do so seamlessly.

Boss women are highly adaptable and they can always overcome almost any obstacle thrown at them.

Some people find me complacent when I don’t oppose what they perceive as an “unethical” work ethic imposed by the demands of my line of work.

Being an adaptable lady boss, I simply don’t find adapting difficult. It’s like second nature to me to see new things as an exciting challenges that I must overcome no matter how difficult that challenge is.

8) Track Their Progress

Boss women don’t compare themselves to other people’s success, they compare themselves to their own progress.

They always self-reflect and review where they have left off to see their own improvements personally and professionally.

Keeping track of their developments is something that they really take time to do.

This allows them to set more realistic and effective goals to help them achieve better success in their personal and professional lives.

My friends may find me uptight and obsessive about keeping a diary and a well-sorted LinkedIn profile that I always revisit so I can know how far I am in my own game.

I think that the worst habit of all is randomly chasing some goal and competing with other people without acknowledging the small wins that you are actually gaining in your life.

9) Celebrate Their Success

Success isn’t always about a promotion or an award. Success is something that you simply find fulfillment in.

When you keep track of your progress, it would be easy for you to find new things to celebrate that you never knew can be a cause for celebration.

I always make sure to date myself every once in a while as a reward for simply making progress in life.

Most people wonder why I still find this as a cause for celebration when every successful feat should have been nothing new in my life anymore.

What most people don’t get is that doing this helps me motivate myself to keep doing what I do best: reach my goals.

Celebrating the little success that I have leads me to reach greater heights and significant changes in my life.

Additionally, this strategic relationship with myself fuels my optimism so I can consistently keep making significant progress in life.

10) Follow Their Passion

You can’t make progress and you can never achieve fulfillment if you don’t have passion for what you do.

A lady boss knows where their hearts are set and they run their lives according to what ignites their passion in life.

They certainly know how to prioritize and allocate their time and effort to their passions so they always end up living with them.

They effortlessly move like a boss and feel like a boss at what they do because their intense desire to give it their best shot is so obvious.

This is something that I never say out loud but we always follow our passions, no matter how mundane and ordinary it may sound.

This passionate stance is what separates boss women from other people.

Not many people know this for a fact, but passion is actually one of the top reasons why boss women are so good at what they do.

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