Relationship goals: Here are 10 stages of every successful relationship

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Relationship goals. We all have them. But while you might think they’re all positive, this isn’t necessarily the case.

In this article, we’re going to cover every goal, or stage, that a relationship has to go through in order to be successful.

Some of these you might have already experienced in previous relationships, and some you may have not yet encountered.

Here are 10 different goals that you will encounter during your romantic relationships.

1) Infatuation

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This is the stage of any new relationship that everyone enjoys and looks forward to – it’s the butterflies and goose pimples stage.

If your heart skips a beat when the phone rings and you change three times before your date, you’ve achieved this goal 🙂

It’s fun and exciting and full of possibility.

2) Disturbance

While infatuation is a fun stage, it doesn’t last long. In fact, many couples soon return to their routines and everyday life sets in pretty quickly.

Regardless of how long you have been together when this stage hits, you will find things to pick fights about, new annoyances will pop up, and suddenly, you find yourself daydreaming about slapping your partner if they don’t stop chewing so loudly!

While not people will want to achieve the goal of disturbing each other, the real merit in achieving the goal is getting past all of this without breaking up.

3) Changing

Every couple goes through some form of change in the life of their relationship. Sometimes, only one partner changes or experiences a change.

Sometimes one partner expects the other person to change and it is causing issues in the relationship.

This is also a delicate stage of the relationship because each partner will be weighing their options when it comes to how much change they can take on and are willing to commit to.

4) Understanding

If you have made it through the disturbance and changing stage, you are likely in a good place in your relationship because you have come to understand your partner in a new way.


A lot of compromise comes up during this stage as couples try to navigate what they other wants and needs in order to stay together for the long run. But it’s a goal well worth achieving 🙂

It’s a project worth investing in for the two of you.

5) Discovery

Discovery stages in relationships are about give and take. It’s about finding out what your life will be like as you continue to be in this relationship.

You may find that your needs and wants have changed over the years, but because you are both open to making the relationship work, that is okay.

If you achieve this goal, you’ll learn more about each other than you ever dreamed of.

6) Connection

It is in the connection stage that couples come together in a closer way. Regardless of the situation, issue, or event, they find their way to each other and work through the problems together.

They celebrate harder and look for the good in things together. This goal is about sharing life at this point, not dominating it.

7) Doubting

Even the best couples have their doubts about each other and their relationships. It’s only normal that humans compare and contrast relationships, people, and partners.

It’s hard not to think about how an old flame made you feel or how a previous partner cared about your interests.

When you have been in a relationship for years and are starting to fall into routines, you might find yourself wondering if this is all there is for you.

It’s important to talk about those feelings with your partner to overcome those doubts together.

8) Sexual

You might think this one is good, but it usually turns out to be bad news for a couple. As people age, their sex drives change, and one partner might not be interested in sex the way they used to be.

It could also be that after many years together an affair starts up and threatens the relationship altogether.

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship and this is a tough goal to confront, but if you get through it, your relationship will be much stronger for it.

9) Trust

If you make it to a point where you trust your partner complete, be sure to not take that trust for granted.

Even if things are smooth sailing and you have been getting along famously for years, be sure to spend time telling each other that you care and show them so that they don’t feel like the relationship has become routine.

10) Spiritual

As you get older, relationships change and go through many different stages, but many older couples will tell you that their older years were the best years because a new type of relationship blossomed: the spiritual relationship.

All of the unspoken thoughts and emotions come to the surface here and it becomes clear that partners for life is about give and take, support and trust, and continuous improvement and growth.

Whether you are in a relationship now or are looking for one, keep these 10 goals of relationships in the back of your mind.

If you find yourself struggling in your relationship, consider how these goals are playing out in your own life and how you can use them as a jumping off point to start a discussion with your partner about the cycles of life in your relationship.

If nothing else, they will help you realize that we are all in this together.

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